Do Female Breadwinners Need Special Relationship Rules?

July 23, 2014


  According to Pew Research, the number of men whose wives outearn them is in the rise. A nice car, expensive dinners, owning a home—back in 1996, these were just a few of the expenses that led Alisa Bowman to assume her now-husband earned more than she did. It wasn’t until the couple moved in […]

Kendra Koger: Why Phaedra Shouldn’t Ride For Apollo Anymore

July 22, 2014


  I’m very hesitant to speak on other people’s marital problems.  Marriage is very easy to discuss when you’re not married.  Everyone seems to have the answers and easy solutions to what married people need to do, but when you’re in a marriage, the lines are muddied by the waters of love, expectation, family and […]

No one is scared of Tom Cruise or Scientology anymore

July 21, 2014


By: Richard Johnson/Page Six No one is afraid anymore of Tom Cruise and his Church of Scientology disciples, or his army of lawyers. The National Enquirer came out with a front page story this past week blaring, “Tom’s Secret Gay Life Exposed!” and Cruise’s pit bull lawyer Bert Fields didn’t, as he is wont to […]

Eight Friends Who Hurt Your Finances

July 20, 2014


Learn to spot friends who might wreak havoc on your finances – and how to keep them in check. Your wallet will thank you! “You should so buy that dress. It looks like it was made for you!” “Nice purse. How much did that cost?” “Can you spot me for dinner? I’ll get you back next […]

US Airline Travel: Who’s Obese Now?

July 19, 2014


 If you weigh 170 pound or more, you maybe Obese or Airline Obese.   This figure could change as the US Carriers look for more ways to cram more seats on aircraft.  If your looking for room, your choices are few its Alaska or Jet Blue.  Southwest was on the list for many years, however […]

Listen to the customer service call from hell from the “Worst Company in America”

July 17, 2014


So this is what it takes to be voted the worst company in America. Anybody who has ever disconnected a service or canceled a gym membership over the phone knows just how stubborn representatives can be in their quest to keep your patronage, but tech media host Veronica Belmont and former Engadget editor-in-charge and (oh, the irony) […]


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