Throwback Thursday 2010: Jacuzzi Disaster in 2E or When Jacuzzi’s Attack!

August 27, 2015


Can you imagine? Calgon (how old am I)  take me away…….. All I need is a remote, room service and Cheetos. Of course after two days in the Jacuzzi I would look like a raisin, BUT my wrinkled black skin would be soft The following story is true, I should have changed my name but, […]

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Fresh Organic Disneyland Underneath the Freeway

August 26, 2015


Photo:Google In the last few months. Some of my friends (Tech Refugees) have relocated to Sacratomatoville from the Bay Area.  Four different households have taken the money and ran to the river city.   I have been drafted at the official Sac go to person.  Looking for fresh and organic food I suggested the farmers […]

Automakers’ dependence on China sharpens share declines

August 25, 2015


A man reacts as he looks at stock markets at a brokerage house in Shanghai China, Monday.  The Shanghai Composite index fell by 8.5 % Monday.  Photo Associated Press On what is shaping up to be one of the ugliest days ever on financial markets, General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler are taking body blows […]

I’m black, but I’m uncomfortable around black people

August 25, 2015


Growing up in lily-white Wisconsin, people often told me, “You’re not black.” Eventually, I started to believe it By:Danielle Small/ Salon It happened. I failed the “black” test. My hair stylist and I were chatting while she was taking a break from retightening my locs. I made a funny quip, and she extended her palm […]

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China: Coffee consumption booms as culture emerges

August 24, 2015


A file photo of a cup of hot coffee. [Photo/Xinhua] China may historically be a nation of tea drinkers, but over recent years coffee has been becoming increasingly popular, particularly among young people in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing. The Shanghai Free Trade Zone has just established a Coffee Exchange Center to boost the […]

Studio Movie Grill “A game changer”

August 23, 2015


Going to the movies changed in Sacramento last fall with the opening of the Studio Movie Grill in Rocklin Before SMG, moviegoers needed to choose a restaurant near the theater.  Locating a parking space, a possible wait.  Then drive to the theater, locate a parking space and buy your ticket. At Studio Movie Grill (SMG) […]


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