Is Newark the Next Brooklyn?

March 28, 2015


The “homeless billionaire,” a world-renowned architect and the future of Brick City. By JASON NARK/Politico Newark is building again. Yes, that Newark—the city in Jersey that burned after the ’67 riots, the one that helped to define “white flight,” that struggles still with almost impenetrable unemployment and homelessness and crime. That city is building. And […]

Shaneka Monique is going to Jail for Bacon…..

March 27, 2015


By CityFella… Before you read this. Gently place your hands on the sides of your face and say “Oh Lawd”   This is Shaneka Monique Torres   Date: February 10, 2014 Time: 3am Location:  McDonald’s, 28th Street near Madison Avenue SE, City: Grand Rapid State: Michigan   Details ONE DAY BEFORE Ms Torres, with a friend. […]

Norwegian Putin satire goes viral in Russia

March 26, 2015


The clip shows alternative scenarios to explain Putin’s absence. Screengrab: NRK Humor/YouTube The Local/Norway A Norwegian animated satire on this month’s 11-day disappearance of Russian President Vladimir Putin has hit a nerve in Russia, winning almost 900,000 views on YouTube, almost all of which came from the former Soviet Union “Where did Putin go?”, a […]

Social Experiment: What happens when a man hits a woman in public or when a women hits a man?

March 25, 2015


The group Ock/TV filmed this last fall in NYC.

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March 25, 2015


“I am a man who simply enjoys dancing and needs money to have a better life, and being a woman is the way.” By Elizabeth Griffin/Marie Claire Cloaked in a vibrant red sari, a veil covering his fully made-up face, 27-year-old Waseem Akram has become “Rani,” a female dancer. “I am not transgendered,” Akram asserts […]

Photo Fun with Senator and Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz

March 24, 2015


By CityFella In a second, it annoys you.   Just a single second. I’m channel surfing and there he was in HD. Grabbing a black student for a photo opp.   Who could be a supporter, but from the body language, he was the most convenient  black. The poor guy looked loss and it annoyed […]


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