New Zealand: Come Cuz, Buy Something!

October 21, 2014


Concern over home sales trucks By: Nigel Moffiet/Stuff-New Zealand DEBT FREE: Mii Daniela, pictured with daughter Noovai William and granddaughter Euodia Puaha, is working hard to clear her debt to truck shops. Home sales trucks are “a killer for people on low incomes”, Pacific Island Budgeting Service Trust manager Vai Harris says. Harris has more […]

Ebola Joke Causes Panic

October 20, 2014


By: CityFella Sometimes its timing For 60 year old Emanuel Smith,last Wednesday  night may not have been a day time to joke about the Ebola Virus.     Its the day, the nation learned Amber Vinson was the second nurse who has tested positive for Ebola had flown on a commercial flight from Dallas to Cleveland. Smith playing […]

Happiness ‘about making right choices’

October 19, 2014


Can happiness be learned? And can you measure how happy certain people are? An international conference in Innsbruck is looking at these questions.  From: The Local The Conference of the European Health Psychology Society is examining the emotional and social aspects of well-being and looking at the latest research into what makes people happy. The Local […]

Funny and Controversial Movie: “Dear White People”

October 18, 2014


By CityFella: One of the primary issues about race is the inability to talk about race. The movie “Dear white people” kicks open the door.  The movie, opened to good reviews yesterday in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC. “Dear White People” opens Nationwide and in Sacramento next weekend. LA Times Review: By […]

Crime Quickee: Perhaps they will be Cellmates

October 17, 2014


Andre Pearson and Cortez Quinn “But you got to have friends The feeling’s oh, so strong You got to have friends To make that day last long” Twin Rivers Unified trustee Cortez Quinn and his DNA bud Andre Pearson plead no contest.  They both face jail time.  Whats the hubub? Read the Juicy Details below […]

No on Measure L- Keep the Power with the People

October 16, 2014


  In an Apple world, lets keep this simple….. Sacramento like most cities in the country has a council-mayor government where the mayor is one vote.  A simple majority makes the decisions for the city. Under the current system, Eight Council Members are elected by people in their district, giving all Sacramentians a voice. Under […]


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