Black Friday 2014: Are you in or Over it?

November 19, 2014


Arden Fair Mall-Sacramento  Black Friday,2013  picture KCRA By CityFella Last year holidays shopping season wasn’t a good one for the nations retailers. Black Friday sales were down. Shoppers held out for bargains and found them throughout the season. Urban Camping Black Friday has become a tradition for many families. Generations armed with turkey cran, and […]

Table for one

November 18, 2014


A woman dining alone in France gets a better welcome than one in Italy. By: Jennifer Allison/The American in Italia t happened again. If no one noticed and continued eating and talking it would be one thing. But Italians notice everything. It’s in their DNA. I notice things too, but more discreetly. So what was […]

RHOA: “No Moore Apollogies” Moore Tired, Shady Apollo

November 17, 2014


It’s Ovah? After two seasons, two reunions, the Kenya-Apollo story maybe coming to an end.   I say maybe because Kenya Moore doesn’t have much of a story line and she may need to extend this tired tale for two more episodes. Apollo is making amends before going to the big house. First stop (on […]

Why Some Men Catcall

November 16, 2014


You believe you’re being nice—but she thinks otherwise BY THE EDITORS OF MEN’S HEALTH MAGAZINE  When a woman complains about being catcalled, you might not think it’s such a big deal. After all, it’s always nice to hear compliments, right? But you never really understand the full extent of what women experience on the street—just how […]

Why British Muslims need a ‘poppy hijab’ to remember World War One

November 15, 2014


British Muslim student Tabinda-Kauser Ishaq (24) has created a new headscarf decorated with poppies for Remembrance Day. She tells Radhika Sanghani why and about the 400,000 Muslim soldiers who fought alongside UK troops Three Muslim models wear the poppy hijab Photo: ROOFUL ALI/ALIWAY.CO.UK     By:Radhika Sanghani/UK Telegraph Poppies have become the symbol of Remembrance Day. Anyone […]

Visiting Sacramento for the Holidays? A Bottle is all we ask?

November 14, 2014


In case you didn’t know. California is in the midst of a drought.  While there are other parts of the country with too much water. California is dry. Dry,Dry,Dry,  Feel free to bring  some of  that excess water to our parched state.  So Pack a bottle (or two), you choose the size.       […]


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