BITCH! She’s Madonna!!!

July 3, 2015


Observaton: BIG PEOPLE Abusing Electric Shopping Carts In Wal Marts

July 2, 2015


Photo: Google Images    A few weeks ago there was yet another fight in a  Wal Mart.  Rebecca Mills was cruising in a suburban Wal Mart in Indiana on one of stores courtesy electric carts.  At one point ,Ms Mills became annoyed at a worker who was stocking shelves for blocking the aisle.    Amber […]

Adventures in Online Dating 2015D “The First Date ” Featuring Brenda”

July 1, 2015


Photo: Google After a few days of chatting online, Danny and Joel agreed to meet for coffee. The first date is the 3D getting to know you date.  Veterans know to order a small coffee. ( If the first few minutes is tolerable you can always get a refill, However if there is no chemistry […]

This is how you become a white supremacist

June 30, 2015


(Casarsa/iStock) I spent seven years leading hate groups and getting other angry white people to join. By Arno Michaelis/via the Washingon Post Since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with the idea of being a warrior. I learned to read early and would sit in the library poring over books of Greek and Norse myths, […]

Airline Travel: Passengers Treated Like Manure

June 29, 2015


This is Robin Hayes CEO of JetBlue Airlines.  He is seated one JetBlue’s newest plane the Airbus A321.  This picture is in current USA Today (6/29/2015) and I noticed the arm rest is up in the picture. Mr Hayes, seems like an average size man. Yet in the seat, he looks a bit Snug. JetBlue is […]

Views From Shreveport: Gay Marriage Ruling

June 28, 2015


The State of Louisiana is not issuing licences to Same sex couples  By Zach Beaird/Shreveport Times Caddo Parish will “wait on the state” before issuing any same-sex marriage licenses, said Mike Spence, Caddo Clerk of Courts chief deputy. Staff said no same-sex couples had been to the office since the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to […]


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