Marriage Equality: Gay Divorce

October 29, 2014


  Soon, Gay People will be able to get married in every state in the nation.  Unfortunately, the flip side of marriage is divorce and divorce can be expensive.  1.2 million if your ,Jane Lynch who was married to Lara Embry for less than two years. Click the Link to Read the Rest of the […]

Honey Boo Boo Scandle: Mama June in love with the man who molested her eldest child?

October 28, 2014


    By CityFella A little more than 10 years ago, Mark McDaniel was sentenced to prison for molesting Mama  (June Shannon) June’s eldest daughter who was eight years old.    McDaniel was recently released from prison after serving a 10 year sentence for his child molestation conviction. Alana (Honey Boo Boo) Thompson is 9. […]

102 year old Violent Stalker?

October 27, 2014


That is what 65 year old Michael Pavelek told a Neshannock Township ,Pennsylvania Police officer who was called to Jameson Care Center Saturday. Pavelek said as he walking his mother down the hallway,  102 year old Ruth Houston started following him in her wheelchair hitting him and kicking him and he simply put his foot up in […]

Poor: How Austria deals with begging

October 26, 2014


A woman begging. Photo: APA/BARBARA GINDL Begging is seen as an increasing problem in Austria’s cities, and some provinces are trying to tackle the issue with social measures. Some parts of the country, such as Tyrol and Salzburg, tried banning begging altogether, and Graz tried to restrict beggars from certain areas of the city. However […]

Four Things You Think Are Sexy That Really Aren’t

October 24, 2014


By: Elizabeth Marie/ 1. Showing all your skin at once. Sometimes women get a bit overly excited when choosing what to wear, or more specifically, what not to wear and we think it’s a genius idea to wear the tiniest articles of clothing in our closets if we want to attract a man. I think […]

Want to know why French kids don’t get fat? Read this

October 23, 2014


By Emma Williams/ au A typical Monday lunch might be a cucumber and tomato salad, veal marinated with mushrooms and broccoli, cheese and an apple tart. Picture: Carine Duflos. Source: Supplied This sneak-peek into the weekly school lunches provided to French schoolkids not only gives us a cool glimpse into another culture but also shows […]


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