RHOA: s7ep3 ” All Tea All Shade”

November 24, 2014


For our international readers we are going to take a moment to define “American Slang” What is  All Tea  and All Shade” ? Pencils up From the Urban Dictionary All: 1.Everything summed up into one word; 2.The equivalent of reaching spiritual enlightenment Tea: gossip or personal information belonging to someone else; the scoop; news Spill the […]

Are Children Better Off Today Than 25 Years Ago?

November 23, 2014


Yes and No, New Report Says   Kurdish refugee children from the Syrian town of Kobani in a makeshift classroom at a refugee camp in the border town of Suruc on November 18, 2014. OSMAN ORSAL/REUTERS By: Lucy Westcott/Newsweek Twenty-five years since the United Nations ratified its Convention on the Rights of the Child, have the […]

Germany: Burger King closes 89 franchises over scandals

November 22, 2014


WFollowing earlier reports of poor hygiene, the fast food giant announced Wednesday that it was terminating contracts for 89 franchised outlets because of continued poor treatment of staff. The move was effective immediately, Burger King Europe said at its Munich offices. But German franchise holder Yi-Ko said it will keep operating the outlets at least […]

Jane the Virgin is the best new show of the season!

November 21, 2014


By CityFella, Okay, I’m late.  I have a Hulu account and Jane the Virgin was in my queue.  There has been a lot of Hype sounding this show and have to admit, I usually avoid Hyped shows.   The other problems is it was on the CW, so here it is. Hulu reminded me the […]

Bill Cosby America’s Dad: Is Silence Golden?

November 20, 2014


By CityFella If your over 40 years old ,your probaley not familiar with the  Australian born rapper/singer Izzy Azalea.  She is the current “IT” girl and newest celebrity.   Fame is what she wanted, what she is rapidly learning is the price of fame, her privacy.  In the you tube video she simply wanted eggs. […]

Black Friday 2014: Are you in or Over it?

November 19, 2014


Arden Fair Mall-Sacramento  Black Friday,2013  picture KCRA By CityFella Last year holidays shopping season wasn’t a good one for the nations retailers. Black Friday sales were down. Shoppers held out for bargains and found them throughout the season. Urban Camping Black Friday has become a tradition for many families. Generations armed with turkey cran, and […]


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