Against the Water

September 17, 2014


 Sacramento River (Just outside of Downtown)  By CityFella A few weeks ago, I posted this picture of the Sacramento River on my Facebook page.   Many people including a few Sacramentians asked were it was taken?   I was struck by the number of people from the Bay Area, who didn’t know Sacramento had a […]

“Us” barbarians

September 16, 2014


American and Europe-style etiquette differs when it comes to fork and hand usage. By Jennifer Allison/The American The dinner party included me (the American), a lovely German woman, a French couple and two Portuguese men, one of them the host of the soirée. We sat beneath colored lights on a small patio, the warm Lisbon […]

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Owning a Dog

September 15, 2014


No more all-night outings, last-minute travel, or sleeping in.     By Sarah Burstyn/Marie Claire   1. There’s no cute way to pick up poop. 2. “The dog ate my Louis Vuitton” is not a valid excuse for a refund. 3. You might have to cut a great date short to go feed the dog. […]

Why is CBS punishing Rihanna instead of the NFL and Ray Rice?

September 12, 2014


    By: Francois Marchand/Vancouver Sun It hasn’t been a good week for the National Football League. Thanks to the whole Ray Rice domestic abuse fiasco , the spotlight has been squarely put on the league, who has been criticized for its mishandling of the affair as well as having other issues such as drug abuse, bullying, and inadequate […]

Racism Pays? One NBA owner may know the way?

September 11, 2014


By CityFella, Setting the ground rules,I am bit of a cynic. Moving on………… It wasn’t planned (or was it? ) but the notorious Donald Sterling may be on to something. The National Basketball Association would not allow a notorious racist control its franchise and IT was going to force the sale of the Los Angeles […]

Cheating ‘Satan’ assaulted wife after holy water was thrown on him and agreed to EXORCISM

September 10, 2014


Tony Berry, returning home from the pub after up to eight pints, snapped and lashed out at wife Claire when a crucifix was also thrust in his face Bizarre marriage problems: Claire and Tony Berry   By: Paul Bryne/UK Mirror A cheating husband who had an exorcism to save his marriage attacked his wife after […]


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