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Real Housewifes of Atlanta(Ep19) The Old “G”s Dusty Dust UP

March 24, 2014


By CityFella: If there a take away from Episode 19, It’s Kenya Moore, love her or HATE her, she is a force to be reckoned with.  With the exception of Kandi and Cynthia she demolished Nene, Porsha, and her arch enemy Phaedra Parks.    The dust up with Peter and Gregg left me a bit uneasy. […]

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (ep17) Peter Thomas the Newest Housewife?

March 10, 2014


By CityFella: Perhaps I’m confused.  A few weeks ago Bravo teased us with a confrontation between Peter Thomas and Gregg Leaks.  Wuh Happened? Nene on the shores of Denial Bravo saved us from a long rehash of the Bailey Bowl Brawl ( say that three times fast). Nene and Cynthia who haven’t seen each other since […]

Real Housewives of Atlanta: The Brawl part 2( K is for Kandi)

February 10, 2014


By: CityFella Superbowl vs Nene Leakes  The good people at Bravo decided to make us wait an extra week to see the most explosive brawl in RHOA’s history.  Episode 14 did not disappoint.  A shirt less Apollo went after a retreating Brandon, who asked the question a lot of us are asking why?   This […]

Real Housewives of Atlanta: A Nasty Nene Ignites Brawl

January 27, 2014


By CityFella Pillow talk, Pillow fight, it went down in last night in Atlanta (Season 6. Episode 13 RHOA). Nasty Nene was the instigator, make no bones about it!  Meanwhile there was a shady and timely remark that maybe remotely connected to an current news item, I wonder how many caught it? The episode began […]

Real Housewives of Atlanta: (EP10) The Auditions Continue

January 20, 2014


Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey,Natalie Williams By CityFella, Let’s not get it twisted. Kenya Moore is a smart woman.  Her marquee is fading at Bravo.  She knows this.  But what she does know is how to keep it moving.   She is irritating, funny, and touching.  She knows how to light a fire and than sit […]

The Real Housewives (RHOA) of Atlanta (Season6 Episode7) Props to Ayden

December 16, 2013


Last nights episode (12/15) may bring the Monster Joyce era to a close. (throwing holy water on the TV Guide-tis time to move on)   After talking to Cynthia, who has had first hand family wedding drama, Kandi finally grew half of one and shut monster down.   She called monster on her lies and […]

(RHOA) Season 6 Episode Six Memo to Monster Joyce: Carmon is not the one!

December 12, 2013


The embers hasn’t died down from  Monster Joyce attacking Todd. Sunday nights episode began with Kandi telling Carmon about the Todd beat-down.   She goes on to tell Carm0n about her mother accusing  she and Todd of  messing around. (Somebody, call Dr Phil Kandi and her Monster needs help) Leaving Carmon to once again remind […]

RHOA: “All in a Day’s Twerk” The Wisdom of Riley

November 18, 2013

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By: CityFella With Mom-ster Joyce back in her cave, a wounded Kandi shares the detail of the argument.  Her assistant said  he knows exactly what her mother is going through. He said her mom probably doesn’t know where she fits in. He feels the same.   He feels like he may get cut out of her slowly […]

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Season 6 off to a good start (It’s Gone with the wind Fabulous)

November 4, 2013


By:Cityfella Let hope Bravo gave Kenya Moore a raise.  Last season (her first) she was drama central.  No housewife (and we will have to use the term loosely) has burst on the scene quite like Ms Moore.   She has manage to have a confrontation with nearly every person on RHOA except Gregg Leakes. This […]

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale “Broke down, Busted Boring

September 30, 2013

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By Cityfella The episode that began with drama, fizzled out leaving views wanting their hour back. With no where to hide Teresa was busted. Every one heard Penny Karagiorgis, say Teresa set her up last year to destroy Melissa.  Penny and her husband Johnny knew too much detailed information  to be ignored..  Penny claims Teresa specifically […]


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