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Consumer Reports Unravels Cell Phone Plans (Video)

February 12, 2014


One year, one price, family plans, free phone, bring your phone, buying you out of your plan . Bring your plan.   Consumer Reports unravels the various plans. About these ads

2014 Ford Fiesta ST (The Sleeper)

February 7, 2014


What is a Sleeper? One that achieves unexpected recognition or success, as a racehorse or movie. Others may call a sleeper an overachiever.  Datsun 510, Pontiac G8, Dodge Neon, American Motors AMX, Mazda RX7 are just some of the overachievers of the day.   Back in the seventies, some called the old Buick Skylark a […]

How do you turn on the Radio ?

December 27, 2013


Auto Infotainment systems problematic for renters and automakers  By:CityFella For decades, the left knob turned on the radio and the right knob changed the station. By the eighties automakers added a  power button. Well that was so 2007.  In many cars the power button and the knobs have been replaced with touchscreens and interfaces. You’ve Entered […]

Consumers Reports Step by Step Guide to Facebook Privacy Controls”

July 9, 2013

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Facebook’s  Privacy control making you crazy?   Let  Consumer Reports Magazine simple  step by step guide to  Facebook sanity.

Confessions of an ex-car salesman

April 16, 2013

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How to avoid the trickery and get a good deal on a new car I’m a disgruntled ex-car-sales guy. Which means I know all the gimmicks car-sales guys and dealerships use to increase their profits. My intention here is to help people negotiate better car deals by having more tools available when they walk onto […]

An Electric Sports Sedan? Can Someone say Tesla?

November 23, 2012


The Tesla Model S has been heaped in praise lately, awarded as Car of the Year by Motor Trend magazine, Automobile Magazine, and Yahoo! Autos. Now, even Consumer Reports has joined in. The independent, consumer-oriented magazine has given the Tesla Model S an initial review, and it’s almost all good. In a short video, auto engineer Tom Mutchler explains the basics of […]

Thank you for making it easy for me to steal from you……

June 8, 2012


How many social networks friends do you have?   How many of those people do you actually know? Imagine getting a call from a friend, who tells you she has received a letter from a collection agency asking if they knew where you lived and worked; and that you owed them a considerable amount of […]

Now in Theaters: ” The Scariest”

March 27, 2012

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Hold on to yourselves

Oh Lawd, won’t you buy me a 80inch screen, My friends all have 50′s I have to be seen

February 20, 2012

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Logic Smogic!  Consumer Reports and all the leading  Audio/Video magazines  say’s based on my room size I shouldn’t buy a TV larger than a 46 inch set.   A screen too large could cause eye strain and headaches. Hell, I’m a man, when it come to size we  want the biggest.   It’s like a car, […]

Chrysler? Chrysler! (Revisiting the Shotgun Marriage to Fiat)

December 16, 2011


My love affair with Chrysler began with the 1968 Dodge Charger  from its front end to its rear, its didn’t look like a GM or Ford, it was Mopar.   Of course some of my friends liked the square Roadrunner   the  corporate twin of the Dodge.   I was a Dodge kid until Chrysler introudced the Plymouth Superbird  sure Dodge had version called the Daytona, but they didn’t […]


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