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Hit and run wife who deliberately mowed down ‘violent’ husband avoids jail because couple are still in love

December 11, 2013


Sally Stickland, 72, had an 18-month jail sentence for hitting John, 73, suspended for two years and the couple hugged as she walked free. How deep is your love: Sally Strickland deliberately ran over her husband John – but has avoided jail By: Vicky Smith/UK Mirror A pensioner who ran over her husband then drove […]

Ending Early Marriage In India

October 23, 2013


Boys and girls from the Saraniya community wearing garlands pose for pictures after their engagement ceremony. (Amit Dave/Reuters)  BY MALLIKA DUTT, SONALI KHAN/The Daily Beast Getting fathers on board to combat the practice is key to changing widespread cultural attitudes, say Breakthrough‘s Mallika Dutt and Sonali Khan. Last week India made the baffling decision not to co-sponsor […]

Hoping the hitting will stop

September 28, 2013

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Craving something sweet, I stopped at one of my favorite Markets in Natomas.  While I was cruising the bakery, a woman ran into the store saying a man was attacking a woman outside.    The Security Guard and  a few us  ran outside and found a man aggressively yelling and pushing a crying young  pregnant […]

The Best Soap Opera in San Francisco: ” The Sheriff and the Soap Star” The Final Chapter Ross Mirkarimi is still Sheriff

October 11, 2012


t Time to close the book, turn off the lights on the Best Soap Opera in San Francisco “The Sheriff and the Soap Star“.  After a year of international coverage, with more twist and turns than Lombard Street we have reached the end, or have we? Last year former San Francisco Board of Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi was […]

Could You Date A Man With A Violent Past?

August 18, 2012

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ONCE AN ABUSER, ALWAYS AN ABUSER? COULD YOU DATE A MAN WITH A VIOLENT PAST? - By Brande Victorian- Madame Noire As you get older, you outgrow a lot of labels. Perhaps you were a nerd in school because you were smart, or dated a guy seen as a jock because he valued athleticism, or maybe […]

The Sheriff and the Soap Star (Part 6) Sheriff Mirkarimi pleades guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment

March 13, 2012

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The best Soap Opera in San Francisco has reached the final curtain or has it? Yesterday the Sheriff,agreed to a plea bargain on a misdemeanor domestic violence and two related charges.  He will be officially charged Monday. The plea deal calls for him to be fined $400, given three years probation and undergo a year of domestic violence […]

The Sheriff and The Soap Star (Part 5VA) The Video is in…..for now

March 10, 2012

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The many twists and turns of the Best Soap Opera in San Francisco has taken a new turn today. The Superior Court‘s three-judge Appellate Division rejected a claim by Mirkarimi’s wife, Eliana Lopez, that she made the video in a confidential discussion with her neighbor, whom she believed to be a lawyer, according to a […]

Sheriff and the Soap Star (Part 5V) Attorney wants out of San Francisco

March 5, 2012

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As jury selection gets under way in the domestic violence trial against San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, his attorney requested a change in venue this morning. “Extensive pre-trial publicity and the unique factors of this case make it difficult to seat a fair and impartial jury or inoculate a panel from publicity,” said Lidia Stiglich, Mirkarimi’s lead […]

The Sheriff and the Soap Star (Part 5B) A bruised Soap Star

February 25, 2012

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SHOWTIME, the much awaited trail of the Best Soap Opera in San Francisco has begun. The Sheriff’s attorney Lidia Stiglich, testified in a hearing earlier Friday that she did not think the judge who had heard all the pretrial proceedings, Superior Court Judge Susan Breall, could oversee the case impartially and without bias against either her […]

The Sheriff and the Soap Star (Part 5) That Damm Video Tape!

February 24, 2012


What happens when the wife and the husband doesnt want the prosecution to use  the video tape  the wife  made to protect herself from her husband? It’s SHOWTIME in the city by the bay.  The curtain rises today on the Best Soap Opera in Town.  The presiding judge is unknown, jury interviews should follow sometimes next week.   […]


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