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The Real Housewives of Atlanta (ep17) Peter Thomas the Newest Housewife?

March 10, 2014


By CityFella: Perhaps I’m confused.  A few weeks ago Bravo teased us with a confrontation between Peter Thomas and Gregg Leaks.  Wuh Happened? Nene on the shores of Denial Bravo saved us from a long rehash of the Bailey Bowl Brawl ( say that three times fast). Nene and Cynthia who haven’t seen each other since […]

Japans Gay Community wants better living conditions

November 19, 2013


As the number of countries legalizing gay marriage has risen, the gay and lesbian community in Japan has been encouraged as well to engage more and more in activities that will improve their living conditions. Japan does not have an anti-gay law or legal protections for homosexuals. Some in the gay community are actively seeking […]

FIRST: Jason Collins

May 1, 2013

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A few weeks ago my daughter and I saw 42, the movie about Jackie Robinson .   It was a very moving  as I know the loneliness and the ongoing emotional line one walks when he is the first. The first person stands straight, he or she measures their words because we know the expectations, we know […]


February 17, 2013

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Although a majority of young adults support same-sex marriage,  a bunch of young straight guys still don’t. And to those straight guys, know this — if you vote against gay guys marrying each other, we’ll still get married… only it’ll be to your girlfriends instead. That’s right. As the boys in the video below attest, gay guys make awesome boyfriends! No, we’re […]

Why Do Gay Guys Hate Other Gay Guys?

December 15, 2012

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Are hating the elements of stereotypical gay men just a form of self-hate? One young filmmaker tries to find out. Blake Pruitt  decided to make a short documentary, 20MALEGAYNYC, after hearing each of my gay male friends say, “I hate gay guys,” or at least, “I hate stereotypical gay guys.” I wanted to talk to gay […]

Philippine rally demands Lady Gaga ban

May 19, 2012

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HUNDREDS of protesters marched in the Philippine capital today to demand a ban on pop phenomenon Lady Gaga’s upcoming concerts, claiming her lyrics were anti-Christian. About 50 riot police blocked a major Manila intersection to stop the marchers from reaching the shopping mall complex where the American singer is due to perform on May 21-22. […]

Celebrity Apprentice 2012 ( Week 11 the Best show of the season) The Ghost of Nene Leakes

April 30, 2012


Clay Aiken, CLAY Aiken, CLAY AIKEN roared, yes Mr Nice went off…..  This would be news by itself if it weren’t for the eruption of Mount Lampanelli (Mt Lisa to her friends) .    The source of this anger is the beautiful ravishing former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza. Snippets of Mt Lampanelli anger towards  the beautiful and […]

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that it was “better to be a dictator than gay”

March 13, 2012


 Alexander Lukashenko president of the former Soviet republic of Belarus. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that it was “better to be a dictator than gay,” in reference to German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, after his human rights record was questioned. The 57-year-old had already come under fire last year when stated that he, “did not like […]

Bisexual boar ‘head over squeals’ for breeding bull

March 1, 2012

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“He became completely smitten with him and jumped the fence to the pasture and started to court him, or rather, tried to mount him” said farmer Magnus Nyman to The Local. “The bull was very embarrassed.” About a year ago, Kalle, the breeding boar at the Källunda farm near Käglinge in southern Sweden, spotted the […]

Southaven Mississippi’s Mayor Outted by his Credit Card

December 19, 2011

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It’s gonna be a long week for the mayor, a purchase using the city’s credit card had gone viral.    Greg Davis is the Mayor of Southaven Mississippi, the city is a  suburb of  Memphis Tennessee.  Nearly fifty thousand people call Southhaven home.  Conservative,Southhaven is Mississippi’s fourth largest city and one of the fastest growing cities in the area.  […]


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