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Does this happy marriage make me look fat?

January 8, 2014


BY MISTY HARRIS, POSTMEDIA NEWS Marital bliss may bulk up your well-being but it also tips the scales when it comes to weight, according to a new four-year study. Reporting in the journal Health Psychology, researchers find that relationship satisfaction is linked with an increase in body mass index over time. By contrast, when couples are […]

Life has 10,787 sore points-the average person has seven accidents per year

July 30, 2013

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If you live to the ripe old age of 80, you can expect 483 cramps, 868 headaches, 2,898 bumps and bruises and 725 backaches Getty Images Most people will suffer 10,787 injuries, illnesses or accidents during their lifetime, a survey has found. You can expect 483 cramps, 868 headaches, 2,898 bumps and bruises and 725 […]

Pumping Iron with Grandma: That’s how I got this body

March 26, 2013

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Fitness instructor Bonnie Oliver of Maple Grove enlists the support of her family and friends to provide moral and physical encouragement. She’s surrounded by, from left, Peter Villagomez Jr., Peter Villagomez Sr., Areanna Villagomez, Paul Herskind, Felicia Vill and Dre Oliver. Bonnie Oliver was riding the bus to meet her boyfriend one day 15 years […]

After The Affair

November 25, 2012


Cheating happens more often than you might think. How do couples get past it? Sam and Mari had been married for two years when Mari learned Sam was having an affair with a co-worker. Sam was working incredibly long hours in his job as a first year law associate at a very large firm. In […]

The Office Party: Everyone loves Cocktail Franks right?

November 3, 2012

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    In the brain of Lily Tomlin lived a 73 year old evangelist names  Sister Boogie Woman she was one of the radio shows.  A letter was sent to Sister Boogie Woman from  lady who lived in a nursing home.  The lady complained about the home always serving  Jello.   Sister Boogie Woman advised […]

How Losing My Hair Helped Me Find Myself

July 1, 2012

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“Is my HAIR falling out?” I was trying to quell the panic in my voice and my head as my husband and I stood in the bathroom mirror. I think he muttered some niceties, you know, the way husbands do in an effort to keep the dust down. But I didn’t need him to confirm […]

Shopper held Captive in Dept Store ( We made up your face so u cant leave until you’ve bought some make up!)

June 29, 2012


“Free” make up lesson after buying beauty products Allegedly ‘held captive’ until she purchased two products  Demanding an apology from Myer  A WOMAN who says she was unlawfully detained at Myer in an Adelaide,Australia mall until she bought two beauty products is demanding an apology. Yan Yu Zhu said she was kept in a small […]

HIV-positive women in Argentina mainly infected by stable partners

June 7, 2012

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he immense majority of women diagnosed with HIV in Argentina in the last two years were infected through unprotected sex with their stable partners, a new report says. “In some cases, they are couples who have been together for years,” María Eugenia Gilligan, an activist with the Argentine Network of Women Living with HIV, told […]

Man blocks ambulance ‘because he needed a cigarette’

June 3, 2012

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Two brothers have been sentenced to eight months in jail after blocking an ambulance which was rushing a 7-year-old to hospital near Paris. One of the pair blamed his actions on the fact that he hadn’t had his first coffee and cigarette of the day. In Viry-Chatillon, south of Paris, a 7-year-old pupil swallowed a […]

Donna Summer laid to rest today.

May 21, 2012


Donna Summer‘s was a private person.   Her name wasn’t a fixture in america’s tabloids, in fact, few of her fans were aware she moved from Hollywood to Nashville nearly 18 years ago.    Mr’s Sudano ( married her husband Bruce  more than 30 years ago) was diagnosed with lung cancer 10 months ago( Donna did not smoke)  only the immediate […]


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