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Kevin Johnson Vs S.T.O.P (Round 1?)

December 14, 2013


By CityFella As the Sacramento County Department of Voter Registration and Election begins to validate signature collected by Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork(STOP) . Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson started a new round or words saying S.T.O.P and not the city should pay the estimated  $100.000 to validate the signatures. Is the mayor suggesting the city’s dollars […]

Wal Mart Raining on Sacramento Politicians may result in more Wal Marts

July 15, 2013

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Wal Mart hasn’t built a superstore in Sacramento  in years…   But that might change…..  As the city is considering changing its big box store policy.     Will those members of the council who accepted money from Wal Mart abstain? According to the Bee,  Wal Mart has donated $800,000 to Mayor Kevin Johnson and […]

Friday’s Mashed Potatoes 06/14/13

June 14, 2013


Sunday: Neil Patrick Harris is Bigger!  Harvey Fierstein and Cyndi Lauper are going to be Richer! After winning six Tonys — including Best Musical — this past weekend, Kinky Boots will kick off a national tour beginning in Las Vegas in September 2014. Monday:  Good thing we live in the US of A.  The Russians and Chinese people […]

DisneyGate: Lisa Serna Mayoraga Sentenced

March 12, 2013

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Lisa Serna Mayorga was sentenced in Sacramento Superior Court Monday  to five years of probation and 27o days in jail for felony misappropriation of city funds Ms Serna Mayorga, daughter of  the late Joe Serna former mayor of Sacramento. Serna-Mayorga ,received a city credit card when she was the council operations manager for the current mayor Kevin Johnson. Serna […]

It’s the 12-12-12 Mash-Donald Trump-Sacramento Kings-Psy Sillyness and Indian Rap

December 12, 2012


It’s December 12th Twenty Twelve, a lot of people all over the world are getting married today.   Did you get an invitation for cake today?  Neither did I ..  Moving on… I can’t believe I missed the Trumpster’s Announcement for the cast  of 2013 Celebrity Apprentice  (All Stars) back in October.  They are currently shooting in […]

Who is Citizen X and Y does he or she want to recall Mayor Kevin Johnson?

September 22, 2012

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“Money can buy you everything”  “But money can’t buy you love”   Its tough being Kevin Johnson.   Re-elected for a second term he should be dancing in the streets of Sacramento.   A series of embarrassing events and vengeful city council had put the party on hold. Outside the city limits, some think le mayor is cool.  Inside the city and […]

Lisa Serna-Mayorga embezzler? Credit Card Probe Widens……

July 25, 2012


The summer of 2012 hasn’t been kind to Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson.  The  newly re-elected mayor was shunned by the City’s Democratic  leadership.     The Oakland A’s public embarrassment, the Sacramento City Council voting to strip  his authority to appoint the office manager.   Now a credit card scandal involving  his good friend and former office manager Lisa Serna-Mayorga.  Mrs […]

Sacramento’s Grand Dame “Anne Rudin” Endorses Jonathan Rewers for Mayor

June 1, 2012


Sacramento‘s Mayoral Race is one of the quietest on record.   With the primary less than a week away, the local media has been relatively silent.   Much of it has to do with low profile candidates running for the office. Mayor Kevin Johnson‘s war chest  is 10 ten times of his rivals.    However there is […]

Despite Very low Poll Ratings a confident Mayor Kevin Johnson refuses to debate or attend voters forums

May 23, 2012


He has the cash, the celebrity.  So despite record low poll ratings Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson blew off  Sacramento League of Women Voters   North Laguna Creek Neighborhood Association, River Park Neighborhood Association  as well as other groups….. Johnson’s campaign manager told media in numerous interviews leading up to the forum that Johnson would not attend because […]

Sacramento Does Deserve Better-Someone other than Mayor Kevin Johnson

April 18, 2012


Friday, April the 13th 2012 was one of the darkest days for Sacramento Kings fans.   The  owners of the team,the Maloof  family decided at the eleventh hour to bow out of the downtown arena deal.  The family reportedly had full access to the complex financing plan before the handshake and most certainly before the public announcement  […]


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