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Kevin Johnson Vs S.T.O.P (Round 1?)

December 14, 2013


By CityFella As the Sacramento County Department of Voter Registration and Election begins to validate signature collected by Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork(STOP) . Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson started a new round or words saying S.T.O.P and not the city should pay the estimated  $100.000 to validate the signatures. Is the mayor suggesting the city’s dollars […]

Sacramento City Council Approves Budget and gives themselves a bonus.

June 12, 2013

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Sacramento City Council members earn $55,000 a year.  Last night five members (plus the mayor) voted to gift themselves $43,500 in discretionary monies. The bonanza was cleverly drafted into a budget proposal that would increase police and fire personal as well as restore other city services. When citizens passed  Measure U  to temporarily increase taxes, […]

The mother and son election, is only a moment away

April 8, 2013

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Tomorrow, April 9th  is election day  in Dixmoor, Illinois .   Two of the four  candidates share the same name, Casey.  Wendy and her son Randall are one of four candidates vying for the mayor of Dixmoor.  Dixmoor, is 23 miles south of Chicago and home to 3600 residences. Randell lives with his mom,  Randall Casey’s father is Donald Luster, […]

Conspiracy? Sacramento Kings/Arena Forum locations favor Mayor

March 20, 2013


With the exception of the fans of Sacramento Kings, the city hasn’t asked for input from the taxpayers .   Last year with little debate, city leaders were prepared to lease city owned garages to private investors  for several decades to help finance a new arena in the Railyards.   Those private investors could set prices for […]

Top 5 Sacramento Based Stores for 2012

December 31, 2012

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Most of the top local stories had involved Mayor Kevin Johnson.  Sacramento‘s biggest story was the collapse of the Downtown Arena.  Mayor Johnson went for broke and the deal collapsed in the eleventh hour, when the Maloof family, owner of the Sacramento Kings withdrew .   The Mayor’s aid and friend Lisa Serna Mayorga  was recently arrested […]

DisneyGate: Lisa Serna Mayorga Jailed

December 19, 2012

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Lisa Serna Mayorga,  daughter of the late Mayor Joe Serna and is the sister of Sacramento County Supervisor Phil Serna was arrested yesterday. She is accused of misappropriation and grand theft of public funds, forgery and making worthless checks. Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s’ former council operations manager charged over $19,000 for personal items, trips and vacations including a Disneyland vacation. […]

Who is Citizen X and Y does he or she want to recall Mayor Kevin Johnson?

September 22, 2012

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“Money can buy you everything”  “But money can’t buy you love”   Its tough being Kevin Johnson.   Re-elected for a second term he should be dancing in the streets of Sacramento.   A series of embarrassing events and vengeful city council had put the party on hold. Outside the city limits, some think le mayor is cool.  Inside the city and […]

Lisa Serna-Mayorga embezzler? Credit Card Probe Widens……

July 25, 2012


The summer of 2012 hasn’t been kind to Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson.  The  newly re-elected mayor was shunned by the City’s Democratic  leadership.     The Oakland A’s public embarrassment, the Sacramento City Council voting to strip  his authority to appoint the office manager.   Now a credit card scandal involving  his good friend and former office manager Lisa Serna-Mayorga.  Mrs […]

Mayor Kevin Johnson, Sacramento’s Sports Leader (just saying)

July 10, 2012


The hits or strike outs keep coming for the re-elected Mayor of California’s Capitol. The Construction  of  an Arena for the Sacramento Kings was priority one  during his first four years in office. In the eleventh hour, the owners of the Kings pulled out of the Arena Project thus leaving the Arena without a principal tenant… […]

Sacramento’s Grand Dame “Anne Rudin” Endorses Jonathan Rewers for Mayor

June 1, 2012


Sacramento‘s Mayoral Race is one of the quietest on record.   With the primary less than a week away, the local media has been relatively silent.   Much of it has to do with low profile candidates running for the office. Mayor Kevin Johnson‘s war chest  is 10 ten times of his rivals.    However there is […]


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