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Adventures in online Dating 2014E: ” Why be lonely there is always Craigslist”

April 12, 2014


By Cityfella: If you’ve been in a relationship for twenty years or more.  The world has change. There are dating sites, hook up sites, sites for gays, sites for heterosexuals, sites for a combination of everything.  However, Craigslist, a site based in San Francisco could almost be a clearing house for nearly every thing known […]

Edith and me

March 19, 2014


I met Edith 35 years ago in  her home in  Lodi California.  She and my future father in law lived in an upstairs apartment in a building where she worked, a few blocks from downtown.  Her first indirect words to me, was “does IT have an off switch?  A victim of my non stop chatter. Our […]

Your friend had married and idiot. Now what?

February 19, 2014


What to do if your best mate marries a prat: Rebecca Holman runs through how to keep your mouth shut and play nice while your friend works out she’s shacked up with a total chopper By: Rebecca Holman/UK Telegraph In the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Sarah dumps her boyfriend of five years and gets with […]

7 alarm signs of a needy, desperate man

February 11, 2014


May be your man is ready to be awarded this title already. Read on to see the signs… By: Simi Kuriakose,TNN You must have heard from women who harp about how their men can’t do without them. While a part of you goes ‘Aww’, there’s another part that wonders how clingy their man really is. […]

When Ok Cupid introduces you to people you know

June 4, 2013


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  If you’ve been married or in a relationship 20 years or more.. Try to make it work, take a salsa class,  wine tasting, beer making.   Because if your starting over BEWARE!  There is a new world out there. Initially, meeting people via the net was exciting and new . You can […]

3 Signs Your Online Date Isn’t Actually Single

January 27, 2013

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Is the guy you met online already in a relationship? Here’s how to tell. You’ve joined an online dating site and are excited to meet new people and explore possibilities. Finally, you discover one person in particular with whom you have a lot in common and feel that wonderful bubbly sensation of looking forward to […]

Summer Wedding Crisis: What To Do When Your Ex Attends

May 24, 2012

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Therapist Rachel Sussman has 8 tips on how to handle the situation at a wedding.   Wedding season is coming up. If you and your ex were very good friends with any of the brides in your life, there’s a chance that you’ll bump into him. Here are some of Rachel’s expert tips for avoiding […]

3 Texts You Should Never Send

March 16, 2012


A few weeks ago, my friend got a text from a guy she’d just met: “I so want to do you right now!” Horrified, she called me. “Can you believe it?” she asked. “No!” I said. “Finally, a guy who says what he means when he texts.” Here’s the problem with your text messages, guys: […]

Newlywed Confessions-What The First Year of Marriage is Really Like

February 23, 2012

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Married life is definitely not like the movies After being married for about a year, it’s funny to reflect on what the experience has been like. It’s flown by, and the majority of the time, it’s been pretty fantastic. Although I’ll admit there have been a few moments when smoke actually came out of my […]


February 19, 2012


You’ve heard the saying before: “Keep you friends close and your enemies closer!” And while you might hope that you only have people that love you and want the best for you in your circle, sometimes we can ignore the signs that we’ve got a friend who likes to bring negative energy or drama into […]


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