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Russian Sitcom Star Says Gay People Should Be Burned Alive

December 17, 2013


Ivan Okhlobystin (left) with co-star Svetlana Kamynina in the sitcom “Interny.”  Moscow Times A star in Russia’s popular answer to U.S. medical sitcom “Scrubs” has added to mounting mood of homophobia in the country by saying he wants to burn gay people alive as they pose a danger to his children. “I’d put them all alive in the oven … it’s a living danger to my children,” Ivan […]

Ikea dumps lesbians due to Russia anti-gay law

November 21, 2013


Ikea’s interview with Clara and Kirsty can’t be read by customers in Russia. Photo: Ikea Live Swedish furniture giant Ikea has been slammed for removing an interview with a lesbian couple from the Russian edition of a customer magazine, citing Russia’s law prohibiting “gay propaganda”. By:David Landes /The Local The interview between Clara and Kirsty […]

Russia Sends Three More Warships to the Syrian Coast

September 14, 2013

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The missile cruiser Moskva, part of the Black Sea fleet. Russia is strengthening its naval presence off the coast of Syria by deploying three more warships to the region, bringing its total fleet in the eastern Mediterranean to 10 vessels. Admiral Viktor Chirkov said Russia is beefing up its military presence in order to protect against the “slightest threat to national security,” BBC Russia reported. […]

Russia: Fewer Auto Workers Making More Vehicles

August 14, 2013

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Andrei Makhonin / Vedomosti Workers having a rest at automaker AvtoVAZ, which has downscaled its human resources by a quarter since 2008. The total head count in the automobile industry has shrunk, but output has grown, a testimony to improving labor productivity in the country, a news report said Monday. Companies that produce cars and car components have reduced their staff by 29 […]

Edward Snowden: A view from Moscow

July 3, 2013


Snowden Hits Hurdles in Search for Asylum American fugitive Edward Snowden’s best chance of finding refuge outside the United States may hinge on the president of Venezuela, who was in Moscow on Tuesday meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela told reporters in Russia on Tuesday that his country had not received an application for asylum from Snowden and dodged the question of whether he would take […]

Melting ice pushes Norway closer to Asia

June 24, 2013


The town of Kirkenes in northernmost Norway used to be further away from Asia than virtually any other European port, but it suddenly seems a lot closer due to the global warming.  Melting ice has opened up the Northern Sea Route along Russia’s Arctic coastline, changing international trade patterns in profound ways — even if so far […]

Soviet Era Hotels Awaiting Capitalist Saviors

June 6, 2013

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A computer rendering showing the Pekin hotel on the Garden Ring in 2017, after a $100 million refurbishment. Hulking, bleakly grey and occasionally claustrophobia-inducing, Soviet-era hotels are ready to be spruced up — if investors will have them. Many Soviet-era hotels in Moscow and other cities have undergone large-scale reconstruction in recent years and are now in the hands of international operators. The advantages of undertaking […]

The World’s Largest Money Launderer

May 5, 2013

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PresidentVladimir Putinis continuing his program of “nationalizing the elite,” bringing them further under his control. With this goal in mind, Putin signed two decrees in recent days, one mandating that officials report their incomes and expenses and another requiring that they declare all foreign assets. The laws, which go into force on July 1, will significantly change the rules of the game for the country’s political elite. […]

Junkie Russian Bears

March 18, 2013

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Junkie bears are getting out of their tree by rolling out the barrel – and sniffing aircraft fuel. They have become addicted to fumes in discarded canisters of gasoline and kerosene. The huge creatures inhale deeply before digging a shallow hole and lying back as the effects kick in. The Kronotsky Nature Reserve, South Kamchatka, in […]

Moscow Waiters, Don’t Snatch My Plate!

February 25, 2013


Save for price, Muscovites should be proud of their developing restaurant scene. But there is one inescapable thing from an expat perspective that drives me crazy about Moscow restaurants: Plate Snatching by Moscow waiters. Plate Snatching is the senseless criminal act of a waiter prematurely snatching a customer’s plate during the dining experience. Moscow waiters have an enshrined compulsive obsessive need to snatch away your […]


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