The Real Housewives of Atlanta S10 Reunion Pt 2 A-G-O-N-Y! Waiting for Kim

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Lawd have mercy, Lawd have mercy, LAWD HAVE MUR-CEE!!   This effing rapegate may FINALLY BE OVAH!  Between Kandi and Porsha.  I think after one apologies this one my have stuck.

Speaking of stuck, Bravo has stuck us with this lame reunion.  They are holding some of us captive, until next week when we finally see Nene and Wig go at it…  And fuck! (yeah I said it) it better be Epic!

This reunion much like this season has been much to do about Nothing.  Speaking of nothing why is Marlo still here?   Marlo doesn’t appreciate, Kenya calling her a HO. (not a garden tool)   When Andy, (who I might add is keeping this reunion afloat with his own shade) ask Marlo how does she make her money?   She tells Andy, she dated a billionaire. Who is not Ted Turner.   The billionaire, bought her home and her mothers home and her Aston Martin.     And she has a LLC ” Simply Marlo”.    Kenya!  “We see each other”


Andy asked Nene about her epic breakdown in Oakland. (Telling a heckler-she hoped she would get raped by a  Uber driver)   Nene seemed sincerely sorry.  Sheree was offended. Next.

Eva, came out  having contractions. (Dr Jackie is on call)  She and Cynthia had a few moments regarding Will.  Was he seeing someone the same time as he was seeing Cynthia?  Of course this is one more example of this stupid season.  Cynthia and Will weren’t anything to each other, so WHO CARES IF HE WAS DATING ANOTHER WOMEN!!!!!

Cynthia has moved on and is seeing someone else. Shady Andy suggested that Cynthia explore her clear attraction to women.

7 Minutes

Bravo played us!

It was all a tease. The sit down with Wig (Kim to her friends) was saved for the last few minutes of last night’s episode.

Nene’s back was erect. She came out looking good in a red dress and her red solo cup (Houston is there a problem?)

Andy, an equal opportunity shade master asked her “What the end game on the lip”  (This destroyed twitter)

They began with the Elephant Room . Where Kim told Cynthia to be quiet and look pretty.  Kim says she never suggested that Cynthia is lucky she’s beautiful because she’s not capable of much else.   The Receipts says your a lier.  The footage shows  Kim saying that Cynthia is lucky she’s beautiful because she’s not capable of much else.

Another dig from Andy:  He  compares Kim’s pivoting tendencies to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Then Kim asks, “Who the hell is that?”

A moment with Dr CityFella:  I’ve always suspected Nene rage towards Kim is love. Outside of Sheree, Nene has known Kim more than 10 years.   It was Nene who suggested  Kim come on to the show. and Unlike Sheree, these two had a genuine friendship.  Nene said, she saw Kim at the mall and she believes Kim saw her and didn’t acknowledge her.  The Elephant room was another attempt to patch the hole in there friendship. 

Kim, insist she never say Nene at the mall. or took a photo of her car in the handicapped  Then we see the footage of her doing what she said she didn’t do.   Bleep, Bleep, Bleep,


Southern Charm “New Orleans” Premiered after the Housewives has promise.   The Real Housewives of the Potomac, looks good this season.   Beverly Hills has one more episode before the Reunion and its about to go down at the Hampton’s in New York (read my review)   Bravo is going to have overhaul Atlanta, we deserve better.!



The Real Housewives of New York City S10 Ep3 “Til brunch do we part”

If last night episode is indicator of the rest of the season, I’m all in!  I like my reality with a mix a drama, fun and laughter.

Its a weekend in De Hampton’s and our girl Sonja is taking the bus.  She calls it the Jitney, for the rest of us its the BUS.    There she is, the owner of an multi million dollar East Side Townhouse, with her Louis Vuittian bags being loaded on the Jitney.   Now why Sonja is taking the bus (I mean Jitney) isn’t clear?   Dorinda had room in her big SUV, and others had transportation…..anyway!

Perhaps its her gums….her gums have been flappin and Dorinda, Tinsely, Carole and even her bestie, Ramona is not amused.

Sonja told Dorinda that Tinsely is basically a kept woman, as she never pays for anything.  Sonja has been stabbing Carole and Dorinda through her words which ends with a smile, they call her Nice Nasty.   She and Bethenny are cool for now, so her only ally is Luann.

Meanwhile, Bethenny who is in real estate heaven is miffed with Carole.   Carole and Tinsely friendship has blossomed and the two are not staying with anyone in Hamptons’s  they are staying at a hotel.

Sonja is staying with Luann.   No one would evah call Sonja a perfect house guest.  Last year she rummaged through Dorinda’s things and put on brand new pajamas that her late husband bought for her.    This year, she arrives with two dogs, including one that was dyed. True to form, she goes through Luann’s shoes and takes out a random pair of slippers. From Luann’s expression these may have been her comfy house slippers.

Ramona’s new single life continues with a new Maserati, she is renovating her East Side Condo and her large home in the Hampton’s.    The thing that kills me with Ramona is she is upper east side without the help  She treats everyone as her servants including an Artist who she is clearly using.   She wants his artwork on her walls before she buys.   Hey, this is just for this weekend.   The artist and his friend are unloading her car and moving furniture for her.

Sonja’s delivery has never been good and the ladies have long giving her a pass.  However, some of her words has ended up in the press and that pass has been torn up.

At a brunch at  Luann’s house,  Sonja pissed Ramona off, after she said  Ramona “loves them hard and leaves them easy.”   What I think she meant to say, was Ramona flirts with men to get something out of them.  Like the artist and his friend unloading her car and moving furniture.   Either version was going to piss Ramona off and it did.

Well shit, if Ramona is going off on Sonja, Dorinda wants a turn.  When attacked, Sonja sometime goes into victim mode.  Being sued, her divorce, her daughter going off the school.   Dorinda tells her to live in present, like bitch, we’ve all heard this before!   Dorinda says hey, I had a husband that died. Then Sonja, compares her life to Dorinda’s and her dead husband and well ,the Gangster (lady M) came out and Dorinda went low and deep, saying Sonja’s husband left her cause Sonja was sleeping around the South of France.

Tom and the Receipts

Its Bethenny’s birthday.  Luann (without Autotune) sings Happy Birthday(her breathy  Marilyn Monroe rendition)

Bethenny and Luann has come far.  On this night its fun and laughs.   The the world slowly stops when Luann says “You were fucking right,” about Tom.  Luann tells her how hard it was for her to move on and admit that she was wrong.  Then she opens up, to rest of the ladies about Tom, its a good night.

Not completely, Sonja had a bone to pick, Carole.  Sonja, sent Carole a congratulatory text for finishing the marathon and said she only received a “thxs” from Carole.    Luann said she did get a “Thank You”   Bethenny said she called Carole several times and didn’t get a response at all.   Carole said no, and  they both take out their phones to show the receipts.

Carole and Tinsley personalities are similar, no one would call them timid but they aren’t Ramona and Bethenny’s A plus alpha women.  Bethenny and Carole are still tense during the morning brunch .Carole and Tinsley arrive and the two are in super chat mode.  Beth is clearly annoyed, while the two are immersed in conversation with Bethenny on the outside.  Has Bethenny been replaced?  She and Carole were once very close.  But things have been tense between the two. .Bethenny can be hyper aggressive and perhaps Carole is over it.

 As Bethenny says, Carole likes someone who can be around all the time, and with her businesses and child, Bethenny hardly is that person. I just can’t wait for this to turn into a full-on fight.

Were not done

(the fight continues next week)



Canada: Trudeau under fire as Trans Mountain pipeline opposition grows

Trudeau under fire as Trans Mountain pipeline opposition grows

Indigenous leaders and environmentalists march in protest against Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline in southern British Columbia [File: Nick Didlick/Reuters

Canadian PM vows to push through a $5bn oil pipeline project, but indigenous leaders say it ‘will never be built’.

By: Jillian Kestler-D’Amours\Al Jazzera

Montreal – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been widely criticised for vowing to get a multibillion-dollar oil pipeline project built in the face of widespread, indigenous-led opposition that is mounting across Canada.

The prime minister said on Sunday that his government plans to hold a “formal financial discussion” with the proponent of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Texas oil corporation Kinder Morgan.

“We are going to get the pipeline built. It is a project in the national interest,” Trudeau told Canadian media.

But that pledge was immediately shot down by indigenous leaders who have emerged at the forefront of a grassroots campaign against the Trans Mountain project.

The pipeline is proving to be the biggest challenge to Trudeau since his 2015 election, when the now-prime minister ran on promises to protect the environment and build a new relationship with First Nations based on reconciliation.

“[Trudeau is] on the public record saying that governments provide permits and communities provide consent,” said Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, president of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs.

“Clearly, the indigenous community, as well as the citizens of British Columbia, have not provided consent or social licence for this project to proceed,” Phillip said at a press conference this week, reiterating his opposition to Trans Mountain.

‘The answer is still no’

The $5bn Trans Mountain project would twin an existing 1,150km pipeline, allowing it to ship up to 890,000 barrels of oil a day from the Alberta tar sands to the coast of British Columbia (BC), in western Canada, for shipment to Asia and other markets.

Trudeau approved the project in 2016, saying it would bolster Canada’s economy and create new jobs.
Several lawsuits have been filed against the pipeline, however.

Opponents say it endangers waterways and marine ecosystems, threatens the health of communities, will actually lead to a loss of jobs, and violates indigenous land rights.

More recently, activists have been arrested for blocking construction on oil transport terminals in BC and thousands have protested against the pipeline.

Thousands march in protest against Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline in southern British Columbia [File: Nick Didlick/Reuters]

While Ottawa says the project was approved after a thorough consultation process, several First Nations along the pipeline route say they remain firmly against it.

“The whole issue of consultation is a red herring. It’s a distraction because … the legal bar has been raised to consent. There is no consent,” Phillip said.

“The answer is still ‘no’. The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline will never be built.”

Canada-wide debate

The pipeline emerged at the centre of a national debate this month after Kinder Morgan issued what many critics of the project viewed as an ultimatum to the Canadian government.

On April 8, the company said it would stop allocating shareholder resources to the project and suspend “non-essential activities and related spending” as it seeks “clarity on the path forward”.

Kinder Morgan specifically called out the BC government, which has been a vocal opponent of Trans Mountain, as the main hurdle in getting the project built. It did not mention active indigenous opposition, however.

The company said it would consult stakeholders and come to a decision by May 31.

In response, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr, reaffirmed Ottawa’s support for getting the pipeline built and echoed Trudeau by saying the project “is in the national interest”.

“This crucial resource project will expand export markets for Canadian resources and create thousands of good, middle-class jobs and no one should be standing in the way of those jobs and the families that stand to benefit,” Carr said in a statement.

Ottawa said it will seek to reassure Kinder Morgan of the economic viability of the project, but the government has not explicitly said whether it will offer the company financial support, and if so, how much.

“We are determined to find a solution. With all our partners, we continue to consider all available options. As our prime minister has said, this pipeline will be built,” Carr said.

Federal jurisdiction

Ottawa has also painted the problem as a struggle between federal and provincial jurisdiction. Under the country’s constitution, the federal government has the final say over national projects that cut across multiple provinces.

Trudeau said his government would consider tabling new legislation to reaffirm that the federal government has jurisdiction over these types of projects.

Provincial leaders, meanwhile, have emerged on opposite sides of the issue.

Rachel Notley, the premier of Alberta, home to Canada’s sizeable tar sands oil reserves, is unsurprisingly strongly in favour of the project.

“The federal government, along with the government of Alberta, has commenced discussions with Kinder Morgan to establish a financial relationship that will eliminate investor risk,” Notley said on Sunday.

For his part, BC Premier John Horgan has been a vocal opponent of Trans Mountain.

The BC government recently proposed a measure to make it more difficult to transport oil through the province, and mayors, federal parliament members and other officials across BC have also voiced their unequivocal opposition to the pipeline.

“The prime minister has failed on this project. He is blowing this into a national crisis because of his mishandling of this file,” said Kennedy Stewart, an MP in Burnaby, BC, which recently hosted a march against Trans Mountain.

The government of Quebec even waded into the fray last week, after a minister published an open letter that criticised the Trudeau government for attempting to impose its will unilaterally on the provinces.

Opposition to other pipeline projects has been particularly strong in the past years in the French-speaking province, which has historically been a staunch defender of rights at the provincial level.

‘Our rights haven’t been honoured’

But for indigenous peoples, the Trans Mountain pipeline is just one example of the deeper problem of various levels of government in Canada bulldozing over their rights.

“This land was given to us by our ancestors and it is our responsibility as elected leaders to protect that land for our children and their children,” said Khelsilem, a spokesperson for the Squamish Nation Council in BC, on Monday.

“We have rights as a nation that have not been met or honoured,” he said.

A protester listens to speeches at a protest rally against Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline in southern British Columbia [File: Nick Didlick/Reuters]

Chief Bob Chamberlin, vice president of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, said the Canadian government’s support for Trans Mountain also goes against its commitment to respect the United Nations Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

Canada signed on to UNDRIP in 2016 and the declaration states that countries must obtain “free, prior and informed consent” before undertaking any actions that may affect indigenous peoples.

While the current focus is on the Trans Mountain pipeline, in particular, Chamberlin said the debate stems from a deeper issue.

“The underlying, fundamental issue for Canada is the fact that since the beginning of this country they have system disregarded aboriginal rights, aboriginal peoples, and exploited the lands and resources that our own peoples for others’ enjoyment,” he said.

“When a company from the United States declares that May 31 is the drop-deadline to go forward, this is an ultimatum to the Canadian government to run over and disregard the human rights of aboriginal people in Canada,” Chamberlin continued.

“I want to believe that Canadians find this unacceptable.”

‘Painkiller pills turned me gay’ claims man who ditched his girlfriend after breaking his foot


Scott Purdy, 23, described himself as a hot-blooded heterosexual who enjoyed dating women before he started taking painkiller Pregabalin

From: UK Mirror

A 23-year-old man has claimed that painkillers he took after a go-karting accident unexpectedly turned him gay.

Scott Purdy, 23, described himself as a hot-blooded heterosexual who enjoyed dating women before he started taking painkiller Pregabalin, also known as Lyrica.

He believes the drug caused him to lose his sexual attraction to women and prompted him to dump his girlfriend because he realised he was attracted to men.

Scott was prescribed the drug after breaking his foot earlier this year.

He said: “I noticed my libido for women had gone and I was wanting male attention.

Scott was prescribed the painkillers after he broke his foot earlier this year (Image: SWNS- Cambridge)
Lyrica is manufactured by Pfizer – the pharmaceutical giant which also makes Viagra used to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women (Image: SWNS- Cambridge)

“I was with a girlfriend I had been with for around six months. I had never been interested in men. When I was younger I was a little bit curious but…

“A couple of weeks after I started taking it I turned around and said I didn’t find her physically attractive anymore. She knew I was taking Pregabalin.

“I said to her, ‘I don’t really know what’s happening to me and I told her I like men and I just can’t be with you.’

“She was relatively understanding, as understanding as you could possibly be.”

Pregabalin or Lyrica is a medication used to treat epilepsy, pain associated with the brain, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Its documented side effects include loss of libido and mood swings.

Scott Purdy with ex-girlfriend Sarah in February this year (Image: SWNS- Cambridge)

Scott added: “I just think people should know about this.

“If anyone gets prescribed this in the future, I think they should know what this medication can do.

“It took me a while to realise what it was. I stopped taking it for a few weeks and that desire for men just left.”

“But I’m on it now; I’m very happy. I want to keep on taking it because it makes me feel happy about my sexuality. It’s made me feel very open. It’s liberating.

“Pregabalin is also used to control paranoia and anxiety. It’s made me so open and not bothered what people think or say.

“I had been taking it for a few weeks and I have come to the realisation that when I take it I want males.

Scott said he was a hot-blooded heterosexual before painkillers turned him gay (Image: SWNS- Cambridge)

“It did come as a shock to people. I posted it on Facebook . I didn’t tell them the reason why but I just said to them, ‘I’m open; I’m gay.’

“Currently I’m talking to this lad on Plenty of Fish and in a couple of weeks I’m going up to see him. He’s in London.

“It’s really what I’m craving right now. I want to be with him right now.”

Scott had been taking Codeine until January this year, but has been experiencing negative side-effects, so his GP prescribed him Pregabalin.

He says that it was only after taking Pregabalin that his sexual preferences changed.

Scott split with his girlfriend after discovering he was attracted to men (Image: SWNS- Cambridge)

He said: “I feel if this has happened to other people and I’m not the only one I would be outraged but in a sense not be because if I had known this was a side effect before I would not have taken them but now I’m happy.

“I’m not angry because it’s made me who I am.”

Scott is unemployed and currently lives with his housemate in Louth, Lincs.

Lyrica is manufactured by Pfizer – the pharmaceutical giant which also makes Viagra used to treat sexual dysfunction in men.

A spokeswoman for Pfizer said: “When prescribed and administered appropriately as per the approved label, Lyrica® (pregabalin) is an important and effective treatment option for many people living with chronic neuropathic pain, generalised anxiety disorder and epilepsy.

Scott with former girlfriend Sarah earlier this year (Image: SWNS- Cambridge)

“The clinical effectiveness of this medicine has been demonstrated in a large number of robust clinical trials among thousands of patients living with these conditions. To date, the worldwide exposure to pregabalin is an estimated 34 million patient years.


“If you are taking a medicine and experience any unexpected side effects, we recommend that you immediately report these to your doctor or to another healthcare professional, such as a nurse or carer.

“The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) can also be contacted through its Yellow Card reporting system (

“Patient safety is, and will always be, Pfizer’s utmost priority. We work with regulatory authorities around the world to continuously evaluate and monitor safety for each and every Pfizer medicine through ongoing clinical research, analysis and surveillance.”

Robotics to take-over doctors in the UAE?


Artificial intelligence can achieve what man cannot achieve, in various aspects in the medical field.

More hospital in the UAE are now turning to robotic surgery to perform some of the most complex and dynamic procedures. But will advanced artificial intelligence in the medical field soon replace the hands of real-life doctors in the country?

“Robotic surgeries have more control over the precision of the incision, minimal blood loss, less risk of infection, faster recovery and less pain for the patient,” said Dr Shabeer Nellikode, Managing Director, Universal Hospital.

He told Khaleej Times that artificial intelligence can achieve what man cannot achieve, in various aspects in the medical field.

Dr Nellikode said that Universal Hospital was one of the first to use robotic pharmacy dispensing back in 2012, which allows error-free drug count – something that a human may not always be guaranteed to do ever-so precisely.

Moreover, the hospital is also launching a child-sized robot this year, which Dr Nellikode said will immensely help children with autism.

“There are a lot of children with autism spectrum disorder in the UAE. The child-sized humanised robot will be able to play with children with autism and support them.”

He pointed out that autistic children will interact and feel closer to the robot than with humans, because the robot will carry similar characteristics to them.

“The children will be interacting with ‘people’ who do not have a taboo to play with them.”

Dr Nellikode stressed that although artificial intelligence and robotics are taking center stage in the medical field, they will not necessarily replace doctors.

“But a doctor who is using artificial intelligence and robotics will definitely replace a doctor that doesn’t use them,” he added.

He said he is looking forward to more forward-thinking softwares that can help save human lives.

“The top causes of death in most countries are cancer, nerve related illnesses and cardiovascular diseases.”

However, he said that there is a clinical research conducted on artificial intelligence, which may help save millions of lives in the future.

“We will soon have a robot detecting hypertension, by simply looking at the eye of the patient.”

Moreover, he added that every year, millions of monograms are being done in the UAE, and to analyse, archive, evaluate and come up with a conclusion is impossible for a human, which is why artificial intelligence is necessary.

“A human interface is simply not strong enough to save data, with so much precision and error-free conclusion.”

Growing AI in UAE hospitals

Dr Jorge Guzman, Chief of Staff, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, told Khaleej Times that since its opening in 2015, the hospital has so far conducted a whopping 148 robotic cases.

In March this year, surgeons performed the UAE’s first robotic hysterectomy surgery, allowing the patient to be up and walking, just hours after surgery.

Dr Guzman said that the rise of robotics and connected devices has allowed doctors to treat diseases more effectively and monitor people’s health both in and out of the hospital.

He pointed out that healthcare technology continues to develop apace in the UAE.

“One of the most interesting developments from a patient’s perspective is connected devices. These allow us to monitor patients remotely and in real time.”

This device helps doctors by providing a large amount of data to help diagnose and manage the patient’s condition.

Moreover, Dr Guzman said that the clinic’s unique remote heart monitoring programme has helped save lives of patients.

“We’re now able to monitor our heart patients’ vital signs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving them peace of mind and allowing us to intervene much earlier if they begin having symptoms.”

From a surgical point of view, in addition to robotic surgery, 3D printing has already helped doctors plan and prepare for surgeries.

“We can print a 3D model of a patient’s heart based on detailed scans that allow our surgical teams to plan exactly how the operation should go.”

“This means shorter operations and fewer complications in the operating room, improving outcomes for patients and meaning that we can treat more patients.”

Furthermore, technology now enables doctors to see and manage their patients remotely via telemedicine. Patients are increasingly able to receive care from their doctors at a distance and at their own convenience.

“Technology has had a positive impact on people’s lives and health. This is especially important as we contend with rising levels of lifestyle diseases.”

High costs holding-back robotic surgeries

Dr El Zaqui Ladha, Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Bareen International Hospital, said he is looking forward to witnessing the growth of robotic surgeries in the UAE.

“Today, a doctor in Dubai can operate on a patient in Oman,” he said.

However, he stressed that the cost of a robotic surgery is extremely high.

“This is the big factor that is blocking us from moving forward to robotic surgery.”

“I don’t think the hospitals are using robots at the full capacity, because the learning curve is difficult, and it still needs a doctor to conduct the surgery.”

Dr Ladha said there also needs to be more improvement in softwares.

“The softwares need to be more intelligent and able to analyse the emotions of people, as well as their status at work and at home, because so much is linked.”

“When a patient has a health issue, this issue can be related to various factors in his life.”

He stressed that as with any technology, the risks in using robotic procedures are alive.

“There are risks of having a robot breakdown due to the software system during an operation – just like how your computer might suddenly breakdown while you are in the in the middle of work.”

However, Dr Ladha does see robotic surgeries growing in the UAE’s future.

“Robotic surgery will certainly be our future, because that’s where we are heading towards now.”


Geezer Logic

Image result for mark zuckerberg

It sucks to be Mark Zuckerberg these days.  Facebook’s data breech, the Russians, fake News, his company has failed America.   His punishment is appearing in front of the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees.  He has to sit through hours of requests and questions and not appear to be condescending or superior to members of the Committee.   From individuals who know very little about Facebook and technology in general.  Hours of questioning and not laugh out loud. We have a few of their questions for your entertainment.

The average age of  members of the Senate  is “63”. Mark Zuckerberg is 33 (he could pass for 16)  like most men his age, he has been exposed to computing and technology his entire life.    While there are many honorable, intelligent men and women in the US Senate. Most of them have very limited knowledge of computing and get by with assistance of their staff .  Some cant turn their machines on or off without assistance .

Image result for facebook

Facebook is fourteen years old

The median age of the current US Senators in office is 63.

(they were 49 years old when Facebook began)

Mark Zuckerberg’s Punishment

Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Orin Hatch of Utah, Richard Shelby of Alabama,  Jim Inholf of Oklahoma,  Pat Roberts of Kansas, Barbara Mikulski of Maryland,  John McCain of Arizona are all in their eighties.   

Senator Hatch asked with Facebook being free, the Senator wanted to know how it made money?

Its Unlikely, these Senators can turn their PC.’s off without unplugging them 

17 Senator are in their Seventies

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida asked, “What if I didn’t want ads for chocolate?” 

Image result for hershey

This silly question, took Zuckerberg by surprise. When  Vermont’s Senator Patrick Leahy asked ” These unverified divisive pages are on Facebook today *gestures to print out* are you able to confirm whether they are Russian-created groups?  Yes or No?”

Related image

Zuckerberg wasn’t able to answer this question because.  He obviously isn’t familiar with every single piece of content currently on Facebook. The act of printing out a handful of specific Facebook pages and asking Zuckerberg to identify whether they are co-ordinated by Russians is simply silly, though it did lead to some clarity from Zuckerberg, who explained people running ad campaigns will now need to verify their identity on the site. 

38 Senators are in their Sixties

South Carolina Senator, Lindsay Graham asked “Is Twitter the same as what you do?”

Congressman Billy Long of Missouri, asked “What was Facemash and was it still up and running?”  Facemash was an early Zuckerberg project in which users compared two photos of women and picked which was hotter. But Zuckerberg started Facemash from his dorm room 15 years ago and Harvard shut it down within days.

Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri said, ” My son  Charlie (13) is dedicated to instagram so he’d want to be sure I mentioned him while I was hear with you. 

West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito asked, “Would you bring fiber because we don’t have connectivity” 

Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter asked, “Did you know that the Motion Picture Association of America is having problems with piracy and this is challenging their existence?”

23 Senators are in their fifties 

13 Senators are in their forties 

Hawaii Senator, Brian Schatz asked “If I’m emailing within WhatzApp…Does that inform your advertisers?”  The senator didn’t know WhatzApp is a chat, not an email platform.  

Schatz follows up:  “Let’s say I’m emailing within WhatzApp , do I get a Black Panther banner ad?”   and then says “Come on my man, come on”

Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington asked, “Some people refer to ( Peter Thiel ‘s startup Palantir) as Stanford Analytica . Do you agree? ”   There are some who believe Cambridge Analyica’s data gathering was the brainchild of a Palantir employee, as recent media reports have said. There’s no particular reason to think Zuckerberg would know the answer to either of her questions, and he said he didn’t.

Tom Cotton from Arkansas at 39 is the youngest Senator.


Related image

As in all the hearings. There are some Senator’s who are genuinely concerned and have staff who help them construct intelligent questions.  Then there are others, who simply wanna tell that little punk off for their constituents in HD.  The Challenge for the majority of the members in the senate is understanding  technology.

Disclosure:  I’m a baby boomer in my sixties.  Many of my contemporaries struggle with technology.  For some  are forced against every thing we know as holy to use these contraptions.  Work, Travel, and god help us if we are unemployed and looking for work.  Are you Linkedin? Shoot me an e-mail.   Boomers are the ones who cant get online at the hotel or airport.   Once weve finally mastered the process, they change it.  The young celebrate changes in technology. Boomers go into shock, like what the fuck now.?    

I’m sure their were some who considered suicide, after Microsoft dropped its long running and popular Windows XP operating system.   I know of a few men who continue to spend big bucks to keep old Betsy running.  Hanging on to a twelve year old  HP laptop, because it’s familiar and serve their needs. 

 I have twenty something friends who keep me fresh.  They’ve threaten to re-arrange the pills in my daily case should I ask a lame question.  With their help, I’ve embraced technology , you tube is my friend. I’ve used their videos to repair my pc’s .  Many of my younger friends don’t own PC or tablets, their smartphones meet their needs.   

Facebook is for old people.  Its time to leave any site where your parents can friend you.   The kids have been trying to wean me from Facebook.   Now that my newly retired seventy something brother has embraced Facebook, I may be leaving.   As he comments on my every post.  #Mommy # Ihatemyfblife .  He insist we read everything he reads.  #blockinghimsoon  The lets make this go Viral posts” requests are  not coming from the kids, its coming from their parents and great, great,great grandparents.   #yikes #killmenow 





The Real Housewives of New York S10 ep2 “Running Yo Mouth”

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What are we 12?   Were into the second episode and the cauldrons are stirring..  It looks like Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires will be spared this season.  Ramona will have to destroy her own home this year.    All the shit is gonna take place in the Hamptons. The only question is, who’s home?

This is the second season for Tinsley and she is more confident and possibly more irritating.  Last night we find her having dinner with Luann.  Tinsely wasn’t taking men advise for the freshly divorced Luann.  It was like bitch please!  NO ONE IS TAKING ADVISE FROM YOU! YO EX HAS DONE EVERYONE IN MANHATTAN AND MOVING ON TO STATEN ISLAND.   Now after all that, Tinsley could have played nice, but nooo.   She called Luann on still calling herself the Countess.   Well, Queen Latifah calls herself a Queen! said, Luann (the former Countess)  

Later on we see Luann and Sonja together and the two bond over their hatred to Tinsley.  Like Luann, Tinsley once lived in Sonja’s Townhouse on the east side.  Unlike Luann, Sonja believed Tinsley wasn’t appreciative.

Sonja, isn’t done, she is now with Dorinda trashing Tinsley. Sonja claimed that Tinsley was a woman who moved to the city to have a man pay for everything for her and even went as far as claiming that Tinsley never paid for the gift card she gave her.

Bethenny has bought a new apartment and marveling at the renovations.  Ramona is still irritated with Bethenny over the location of a house she bought in the Hamptons.

Most of the episode is centered around Carole, who at 54 is running the New York Marathon for the first time.  Carole said she was more scared running the Marathon then she was when she covered the was in the Middle East for ABC News.   “Going over to Afghanistan, I felt exhilarated, excited. Now, standing at the start line is probably the scariest place I’ve ever been.”“It’s very different than other challenges I’ve had in my life. There’s no support. This is all on me,”    This was all very touching.

Next week, it may be Tinsley, vs Luann and Sonja and Bethenny vs Ramona and Bethenny and Carole might mix it up. All in the lovely posh Hamptons.

See ya next Thursday



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