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I’m often astounded by what I read on social media.  Fights, vendettas, often very personal and detailed, all for the world to see.  Others use social media as a Doctor or  Therapist as a place to share their feelings.  Many are hurt and angered by the feedback they receive from friends,family.

These are actual posts from Facebook

My husband comes home drunk every other night I’m so tired of it.   I passed my test  at school yesterday and he didn’t care!!!!!    Oh he said!  I’m tired of his one minute erections.  I’m so tired of him acting all superior to everybody.   I hate every thing about him and home. I could be at school all day. ******  is a little pig, her room is disgusting. everything is a fight with her.  When she turns 18, she and her father can have each other.  I want and deserve a better life! 

Men are shit!  I’m tired of talking to these punk assessed mutha fuckers here in Atlanta. I am moving outta here and I’m going back home before I stab a punk ass. 

I hate my brother in law he’s always stoned. Y oh Y did my sister married him? She wasn’t knocked up.  I hate everything about him and his family.  His uncles wife made me a sandwich and I put it in the garbage. They say they are  Christians, but go to church on Sunday Mornings hungover and everybody knows it. 

Before the internet, there were diaries, close friends ,confidants and therapists.

These tools exist today.  Individuals who post personal information about others have told us, they lack self control.  Once they’ve pushed Enter.  They have not only humiliated friends and family resulting in irreparable damage to those relationships, they have exposed their character flaw to the world.

Its difficult to come back from public humiliation

If someone I knew posted personal information about anyone.  It would forever change our relationship.

I don’t have a PhG degree.  However, what I do know, if you’ve shared personal detailed information of love ones, close friends on social media, it say’s something about your character and in time, I will become a victim of that character flaw.

Once the author hits Image result for enter key  it is in the Universe forever.  More and more current and potential employers are using social media to vet future employees. While they can’t demand you friend them or share the contents of your social media.   Its not difficult to access your page.  As I learned a couple of summers ago.  You see the more friends an individual has,the easier it is to access his or her page.  It isn’t illegal.  Your page often tells us who you are as an individual. its tells us if your kind. messy or vindictive.

The sword cuts both ways

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I love social media, there are some really great people on social media, many read this blog. There are others, who’s sole purpose is to create mayhem online.   They ,bully and leave mean and insulting messages on your thread.

Pause before you enter.  If you need to talk, your often better served offline.  Using a trusted network (or one person ) of friends or therapist.   Find a quiet moment when you can talk to those you have issues with and calmly state your case.  Dare to listen without judgement.  At the end of the day, nothing may change, but you were heard.

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If you would be embarrassed , humiliated by your thoughts, actions, words appearing on social media, its possible the individuals your talking about may feel the same way.

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SNAPPED: Montana GOP Candidate Greg Gianforte beats up news reporter (audio)


The polls are open in Montana.  In a special election voters will choose the Democratic Candidate Rob Quist or Republican Candidate Greg Gianforte for Congress.

Last night, Gianforte attacked Ben Jacobs of The Guardian who went to a Bozeman Montana emergency room after he said he was “body-slammed” by the Republican candidate.

The question that made Gianforte snap?  Health Care -Congressional Budget Office’s report on the Republican health-care bill.

Within hours, the state largest newspapers in Missoula, Billings and Helena had rescinded their endorsements of Mr. Gianforte,  House Democrats quickly released a digital ad featuring the audio recording.

Gianforte, is being charged with misdemeanor assault.

Paul Ryan asked Gianforte to apologize.

Details at 11



The Real Housewives of New York: S9 EP8 “Return of the Bizerkshires

Group discussion: Dorinda listened as the ladies shared their concerns about Tom

Its early in the Berkshires and no one has been called a bitch, whore, or Fuck Face, but its early.

 I’m starting to like the trek to Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires.  Last year visit was an EPIC shit show.   If you haven’t seen it, see it!  Bethenny rode Luann like a cowboy riding a bull . Called her every name, twice!   Unfortunately for Lu, once again she is the star attraction.

This year Dorinda has a plan.  Instead of arriving at tame time, one group arrives a day ahead of the other groups  I’ll come back to this.

Really? “Bravo’ Really?

Bethenny and Million Dollar Listing star Frederick will have a spinoff  about Real Estate in New York. Bethenny is selling her apartment.   Frederick is the salesman THE END!

Carole, the parents and Ramona goes downtown

In the land of weird sightings .  Carole goes shopping with bf Adam’s parents.   Weird?  Carole is closer in age to Adams parents ( I promise, I’m not throwing shade) . She tells us how great she is with parents and parents love her.   I don’t think Carole’s mom has met Adam.  He may be good with parents too.

(I’m throwing Shade here)  Ramona is a super snob.  She bathes in her snobbery.  If its not the upper East Side or the Hampton’s, she’ll take offence.   A few years ago she escaped Pennsylvania by private plane, she probably found the clean air offensive.

So why would she go downtown to visit Carole.  why ? And not  be offended sitting on that ripped sofa.  I’m thinking Carole’s goal is to live alone and to become a cat lady.  Why would Ramona Singer travel downtown?   Oh yes, to talk shit about Tom. Ramona,tells Carole about her friend “Ann” who apparently was groped or almost groped by Tom recently. Meanwhile Carole tells Ramona that a friend of Luann’s insinuated that the Countess is having doubts about Tom.

Tinsley’s Ashy Momma

There are certain things that makes you pause.  Tinsley’s momma “Dale”‘ in town, so his her dad.  Her mom tells Tinsley to say hello to her dad.   Did I mention her dad is dead and is in a box, that Dale carries around.    Apparently dad is rarely left alone. I bet she ‘s a hoot at cocktail parties. “Say hello to my former husband” Mommy ashy, wants Tinsely to date, someone about 50.   We wont tell Dale, Tinsley was  just french sucking nachos out of the mouth of an early twenty something last week. Dale is a southern women with southern hair. She wants grand babies stat.  She wants Tins to be gracious to Sonja for sharing her home.

Back to the Main Event “The Berkshires”

Dorinda is gangsta about Christmas

Dorinda Invites the ladies over in groups. First night is Ramona and Sonja, with Tinsley arriving a little later.  There is never too much about Christmas, this is Dorinda’s Holiday,  and she wants things done of certain way or she will go gangsta on your ass as the ladies learned when they were just going to throw lights on the Christmas tress.    Dorinda will cut a bitch for doing it wrong.   Sonja said ‘Can’t she just have a lady throw the stuff on and then she plugs it in?” 

Three Blondes and a fire

Perhaps she’s is keep her home cool for Christmas or maybe’s she cheap.  The ladies are attempting to start a fire.  Sonja is my go to girl for humor.   As  Ramona and Tinsely are crumpling of news papers to start a fire, Sonja opens up a newspaper and says “Ooh look-There a sale.

Two Blondes and Connor 

There’s drama in the East Side Townhouse so the Berkshires is the perfect place for Sonja and Tinsley to have an argument that should have stayed in New York .   Sonja went to the deep end about her assistant Connor over Connor signing for a delivery of some hats for Tinsley.   Hats? Sonja has some serious issues with Tinsley.  Tins had more freedom in Jail.

The next group to arrive is Carole and Bethenny.   Bethenny seems to be laying low however  there is more talk about TOM.

TOM, TOM, TOM!!  Fucking TOM! 

Luann is the last to arrive and frankly after last year, it would be completely understandable if she’d past of the Berkshires, but she’s on a reality show.  Unlike last year Dorinda is in complete control.  She decides to talk with Luann about Tom.

Apparently nearly everyone has heard something about Tom. One lady actually tried to stop Bravo from airing last weeks episode after her on camera slip about Tom.

The Rumor mills is on overdrive about Tom’s dalliances with women  and despite the information, Luann is determined to marry him.

Luann has told the women to back off and that she is very, very ,very ,very ,very Happy!  However the ladies are determined to rescue Luann.   The single voice of reason is  Sonja Tremont Morgan who has fucked Tom (booty call central) said leave Luann alone.   However, it looks they’re not gonna leave Lu alone.  Ramona who seems to be whacked out this season is leading the charge. As we go into part two of the Berkshires.

See ya next week


Romance hit by a wrecking ball in the modern world

Love, it is said, is a many-splendoured thing. But in its modern avatar, it seems to have got jaded, conscripted, hashtagged, abbreviated to something a mite less grand. Tks luv

By: Bikram Vohra\

When we were young we went to the beach and wrote love letters in the sand. No one does that now. Instead, they put up three sticks and play cricket with a softball.or they send messages in abbreviation. Not much romance in that.

These days the priorities are different. Wealth, a steady job and income and everything in situ are vital for romance to flourish. Not so long ago, a man and a woman started out to make a life together. They climbed up the stairs from a sublet to find room at the top over the years. It was fun. Now it all comes pre-packed. You have to tick all the boxes. Do you have a house? What is your earning power? Car? Fridge? Medical insurance? Prospects? How far away do your parents live? Cupid cannot be like the Emperor, not wearing any clothes. He had better polish his wings and show some style. And a decent bank balance to boot. And she had better pull her weight.

Both men and women have lost the stamina for the long haul, they want it all on Day One. What, you haven’t got me a diamond ring? You call this love? And what about the down payment on the flat? No way am I sitting in this toy car.

All marriages that end on the rocks at any level of society are doomed by material demands. Over property, over land, over money, over the ‘why can’t I have what they have’ overriding sentiment.

Most importantly, we lose out because we get bored so easily. A generation or two ago nobody got bored. We had imagination and our minds were ours, not sold to the digital store and downloaded. If we did any downloading it was from the mind, our minds. Consequently, we were so busy inventing games, ideas, things to do, reading, we never had time to get bored. Now that we have surrendered our minds to third parties and they control us in a not so remote fashion the same mind has rusted over and has nothing to do. Hence the boredom.

This state spills into all relationships but impacts most devastatingly on freshly painted marriages. The couples get jaded. So trained are we to respond to fresh stimuli that the novelty wears off and the effort to make it work is just that. too much of an effort. We often blame the woman for being the wicked witch. Like he was a wonderful son and brother until she came along and ruined him.

Not always true. He wanted to be ruined, that was in his DNA, maybe she just pushed it along but don’t let him off the hook.

Imagine in today’s grab-and-grasp world if the Titanic was hitting an iceberg.

Rose: Jack, I think we have hit an iceberg.

Jack: Hmmmm… yes, the boat is tilting a bit.

Rose: We will have to go down together.

Jack: We.lll, you know about that, I was thinking, maybe we should wait a while, like I am taking the next lifeboat, if you get one, catch you on shore.

Rose: What, you would leave me here to drown?

Jack: You can swim and you have a life jacket. You’ll be fine. Toodle-oo then! Here’s a wave; did you get it? A wave, like that one over there about to break over the bow?

The only wooing one hears about is politicians doing it to their electorate. In the old days people sang songs below balconies and shoved daggers into their heart, made major gestures of undying love. Remember Sir Walter Raleigh? He took off his silken cape and flung it across a rain puddle and the Queen walked over it and was so impressed she gave the old chap a whole fleet of ships to go wreck the world.

Give it a shot today.

She: What are you doing, Mani?

He: Taking off my Dh4,000 branded suit from Italy, my love?

She: Whatever for, have you gone nuts?

He: To fling it over that flipping pool of mucky water forming around that leaky pipe, that’s why, my chickadee.

She: But why would you do it? That’s the one my mother bought you. Don’t you have any respect for her? I know you don’t like her but ruining a perfectly good suit.

He: I am doing it so you can walk over it in your unwashed sneakers, poppet.

She: Why would I want to walk over your silly coat over a silly puddle? Have you gone bananas? Mother! Mani’s ruined the gift you got for him.

In days gone by, men burst into poetry when they spotted the beaming light of their lives. Don’t quite get the same result with ‘Hey’ or ‘Howdy’ or ‘See ya’ or any of those abbreviated forms of greeting we abide by these days. You can’t leap into shining poetry from a ‘yep, dude, my bad, cool.’ And in any case, pretty foolish you’d look erupting into poetry with everyone watching.

He: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

She: Be quiet, will you.

He: Your eyes, like sapphires in the sky, no need to wonder why. Just one smile and I’ll walk a mile.

She: I don’t believe this, stop him someone, don’t ever call me again, ever, ever. I’m deleting you from my WhatsApp.

Fine, I exaggerate. Everyone is not callow and pathetic. But we cannot deny that the texture of romance has changed.

Guess it’s the era we live in. I mean, how much pure romance can you dredge from a WhatsApp message.

#luvu #pls 4giv# CFY#BC# TC#

Go figure.

Bowie producer livid over TV show portrayal

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David Bowie’s longtime producer Tony Visconti is angry over an upcoming episode of “Autopsy: The Last Hours of . . .” an ITV docudrama that airs on Reelz.

A casting call went out for a “balding Caucasion 50-to-70” to play Visconti, 73, who said, although he’s “been called worse things . . . I will certainly be seeking legal counsel” over the portrayal.

Visconti also posted on Facebook: “Sadly, this scum of a production company is planning one for Lou Reed too. I received a memo from someone near and dear to him asking friends not to participate. Duh!”

The morbid show previously dramatized the deaths of Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger, Joan Rivers and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The casting notice says some 20 new episodes will be shot by August for the show’s upcoming season.

“A lot of big names unfortunately passed away in 2016, so we’ll be working on some interesting shoots,” the Talent Talks casting agency ghoulishly notes.

Reelz, the US distributor of the show, did not return a request for comment.


Woman who sawed lover to death during sex escapes murder conviction

Woman who sawed lover to death during sex escapes murder convictionGabi P. cut her boyfriend’s throat with an electric saw while he was bound to their bed and blindfolded. But a Munich court on Friday delivered a surprise conviction of manslaughter.


Judge Michael Höhne determined in his ruling that the victim, Alex H., had been tied down and wearing swimming goggles covered in duct tape at the time of the crime, which took place in late 2008.

At this point Gabi P. twice pressed the electric saw against his throat and then pressed it against his chest, leading to his death.

The fact that the victim was both unsuspecting and defenceless at the time would normally be grounds for a murder conviction, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports.

But Höhne ruled that it could not be proved that Gabi P. planned to pick up the saw, which was lying in the bedroom after the couple had done some renovation work, or whether she had spontaneously reached for it during the sex game.

The court nonetheless handed down a 12-and-a-half-year sentence on the lesser manslaughter charge.

Prosecutors had demanded a life sentence, saying that the attack was premeditated. They cited Gabi P.’s diary entries, which recorded her tumultuous relationship with Alex H. and the demeaning sexual practices he thought up and which she let happen.

Investigators spoke to witnesses who recounted how Gabi P. threw her boyfriend out of the house after a huge argument at some point in December 2008. But shortly after, he was able to persuade her to let him move back in.

The prosecution alleged that it was at this point the young woman decided to murder him.

But her defence insisted that the act was not premeditated and called for a ten-year sentence for manslaughter. They argued that it was pure speculation that the victim was bound and blindfolded at the time of the crime.

Gabi P. told the court that she could not remember the events leading up to the killing, only that she had pushed the saw towards her boyfriend.

Alex H.’s body was only found in 2016, after Gabi P. buried it in the garden of their house at some point after the crime. His parents presumed that he had run away to Romania

What It’s Like To Love A Gay Man Who Isn’t Out (And Tells His Pals I’m A WOMAN)

dating someone who is not out of the closet

He told his friends my name was “Ashley.”

Ten years ago, I met the second love of my life. I say “second” because there have been three loves of my life. He wasn’t the first, he wasn’t the last, but he was the most influential. I don’t mean that to downplay the importance of the other two. However, he was the one I was with the longest and he was the one that I learned the most from. For the sake of his privacy, we’ll call him L.

I met L on a hookup website. This was not the kind of website that you go to find a partner; this was a place to meet someone, satisfy your needs fairly instantly, and then move on about your life. If you were lucky, you might land a friend with benefits, but it was mostly for one-night stands.

I saw his picture and was immediately into him. I instantly messaged him and anxiously awaited his response. He finally messaged me back and we ended up talking for 4 hours.

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