See you at the next funeral

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Ain’t no drama, like family drama, cause family drama, don’t stop!

Color me hopeful.

My father died when I was six years old and my brother is nearly a generation older and didn’t appreciate my existence. There was one man in the family who took me under his wing, my Uncle. He would take me fishing and camping and include me in his family events.

This was nine billion years ago when fake wood Station Wagons roamed the earth. It was back in the day, when department stores had a husky department for chubbinel or fat boys. My uncle had a bushel of kids all near my age. They were like my sisters and brothers. I would take the bus, some 17 miles away to his home, a place I felt welcome. My cousins and I would dance to the latest 45’s records on their Sears Silvertone Stereo.

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He was the most important male in my life. I wanted to be like him, have a house full of loving children. I think my love for station wagons and minivans today is due to my admiration of this man . As I grew older, cracks appears in the relationship with my uncle.

Whisper’s from family members hundreds of miles away. He would interview me about the cost of my clothes and this news made its way to the Pacific Northwest. I learned that I was spoiled,took advantage of my mother. At thirteen, I was larger and taller than my uncle. When I was 18, he did something unthinkable to my side of the family. When I challenged him, he hit me in the chest. (my body didn’t move) I didn’t hit him, but I think this scared him.

From this moment forward, I became a pariah.

All contract between me and my grown cousins ended. It was like a death. Then the rumors began…….. My uncle created a number of false stories about my life. It didn’t matter he didn’t know I where I lived or what was actually happening in my life.

From that point forward, my cousins and I only saw each others at funerals. At the meetings, I always felt a spark of days gone by at the sad events, leaving me hopeful . But it wasn’t meant to be.

Days, years, decades. Marriages, Divorces, Children, Grand Children.and of course Death. None of our parents are alive.

Last summer, I learned about the death of one my cousins. The last time we’ve seen each other was at the funeral of her mother. I called her older sister to get the date and time of the funeral. She said, she didn’t know. Other relatives from out of state asked if I had information, because they wanted to attend. After a couple of un-returned calls, I Googled her name.

I learned the services was being held at Funeral home less than three miles from where I live. We actually lived an hour from each other. The downside, the services was taking place the very next day. I contacted my niece and and asked her if she would join me. A grandmother, she was a teenager the last time she’d seen this side of the family.

While it was a sad occasion, I was actually looking forward to seeing this side of my family, my niece brought her son.

Entering the building, I noticed the elder sibling. As children she and I were close and I was greeted with a smile. From there it was downhill. Our reception was chilly. Nice to see you and why are you here!

Although, the services began at two. Most of the people arrived after three. I could feel the divisions within the family. Children, and Grandchildren. Not the loving family, I remembered. Perhaps it was all in my mind back then or perhaps we all too young to develop resentments. Even though I was an unwanted guest, I was happy being with my family.

Forever hopeful, I exchanged telephone numbers with the family and announced that we should make an attempt to stay in touch. I could feel my niece and her son giving me the side eye, like please!! The two of them teased me in the car! A couple of weeks later, I contacted a couple of the cousins and Melba Toast had more moisture than the conversation. It takes two people to have a relationship so…….

Guess, I’ll see you next funeral.

I think its normal to hold on to those special times/memories. However, those memories, moments in time that can cloud our realities. Forever hopeful, we sometines stay in fruitless and sometimes painful relationships too long because of a memory .

If my uncle was alive, I would tell him about the positive impact he had on my life. Those memories make me smile today. At the end of day, we have to accept what is. Not what could be. It takes two to build a relationship. Angry, I’m not and resentments are a waste of time.

My uncle was highly regarded by his children which is to be expected. What he said about me may have irreparably damaged any possibility of relationship with my cousins. My love for them is there and that has to be enough.


Half of Indians could be infected with coronavirus by February

coronavirus, Half of Indians, infections, coronavirus, February,
India has so far reported 7.55 million cases of the coronavirus and is second only to the United States in terms of total infections.


At least half of India’s 1.3 billion people are likely to have been infected with the new coronavirus by next February, helping slow the spread of the disease, a member of a federal government committee tasked with providing projections said on Monday.

India has so far reported 7.55 million cases of the coronavirus and is second only to the United States in terms of total infections. But Covid-19 infections are decreasing in India after a peak in mid-September, with 61,390 new cases reported on average each day, according to a Reuters tally.

“Our mathematical model estimates that around 30 per cent of the population is currently infected and it could go up to 50 per cent by February,” said Manindra Agrawal, a professor at the Indian Institute for Technology Kanpur and a committee member. The committee’s estimate for the current spread of the virus is much higher than the federal government’s serological surveys.

55% of Israelis think recent lockdown was politically motivated

The survey also highlighted the lack of trust in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to manage the coronavirus crisis.

By: Maayan Jaffee-Hoffman/Jerusalem Post

A poster of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a puppetmaster, Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, September 10, 2020 (photo credit: MIRIAM ALSTER/FLASH90)
A poster of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a puppetmaster, Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, September 10, 2020(photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90

More than half of Israelis believe politics and not health was the motivation behind the current national lockdown, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI).

When broken down by party, more than one-quarter of Likud voters (26%) agreed the considerations behind the decision on the holiday lockdown were mostly or only political. Some 81% of Blue and White voters and 51% of United Torah Judaism voters said they felt the same way.

The survey, the 13th of its kind since the start of the pandemic, also highlighted the lack of trust in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to manage the coronavirus crisis.

Some 63% of Israelis have “little” or “no trust at all” in the prime minister’s ability to lead the effort against the coronavirus, the survey found. While this is slightly less than the previous survey, it is much lower than during the first wave. Then, some 57.5% of the public reported trusting Netanyahu to manage the crisis.

The public does still express faith in coronavirus commissioner Prof. Ronni Gamzu (61%), the survey found. Also, close to half (45%) say they trust MK Yifat Shasha-Biton, the head of the Knesset Coronavirus Committee.

The survey was conducted on the internet and through telephone calls between October 12 and 14. However, it was published the same week that tens of thousands of haredi (ultra-Orthodox) yeshiva and elementary school students returned to their classrooms against the law.

More than half of the public (69% of Arab-Israelis and 53% of Jews) believe that the ultra-Orthodox violated the regulations of the lockdown.

On the other hannd, only 1% of haredim believe their community broke the rules, according to the survey.

Five reasons English speakers struggle to learn foreign languages

Five reasons English speakers struggle to learn foreign languages

It’s no secret that English speakers struggle to learn foreign languages but there are good reasons to explain their woes that can’t just be put down to the fact that all young Europeans speak English. Linguistics expert Michelle Sheehan looks at five of them in this article from The Conversation.

According to a recent survey co-ordinated by the European Commission 80% of European 15-30 year olds can read and write in at least one foreign language. This number drops to only 32% amongst British 15-30 year olds.

This is not just because all European young people speak English. If we look at those who can read and write in at least three languages, the UK is still far behind. Only 8% of UK young people can do what 88% of Luxembourgish, 77% of Latvian and 62% of Maltese young people can do. 

So what are the difficulties Britons face when learning other languages? Here are a few of the basics. 

1. Objects have genders

One of the most difficult and bizarre things about learning languages such as French, Spanish and German – but also Portuguese, Italian, Polish, German, Hindi and Welsh – is that inanimate objects such as chairs and tables have genders, so they are masculine (he), feminine (she) or sometimes neuter (it). 

There is no real logic to this – milk is masculine in French, Italian and Portuguese, but feminine in Spanish and German, but it still tastes and looks the same. In Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, gender is usually indicated by word endings (-o and -a), making it easier to learn, but sound changes in French have made genders rather opaque, and a real challenge for second language learners. 

Interestingly, English used to have grammatical gender too, but this was basically lost in Chaucer’s time. There are still some remnants of it in English, though: the pronouns he/she/it__ are masculine, feminine and neuter, but he/she are now only used to talk about living things, not tables and windows (as they were in older stages of English). 

Contrary to what you might think, languages don’t actually need gender. The gender-neutral singular pronoun they, has been much dicussed of late, but many languages lack the equivalent of he/she, having only they(among them Turkish and Finnish). Other languages, notably Swahili and related languages, have many more genders – up to 18. French gender is easy by comparison.

2. Agreement is vital

Once you have memorised the fact that house is feminine and book is masculine, the next step is to make sure that all the adjectives, articles (the/a), demonstratives (this/that) and possessors (my/his) describing these words have matching gender and also indicate the difference between singular (one) or plural (more than one) ma belle maison(my beautiful house) but mon beau livre (my handsome book). Linguists call this “agreement” or “concord”, and it is very common, especially in European languages – but nonetheless quite tricky for English speakers, simply because they don’t really have it (any more).

Once again, English used to have this, but it has been almost completely lost. They still have a little bit of it left though: “this sheep is lonely but these sheep are not”, and we know that partly because of the word these, a “plural” demonstrative.

3. Just being polite

French has tu/vous, German has du/Sie, Spanish tu/usted, Italian tu/lei, but, in English, we just have plain old you. Linguists call this the “T-V distinction” (because of Latin tu/vos) and this politeness distinction is found in many European languages and well as in other languages (Basque, Indonesian, Mongolian, Persian, Turkish and Tagalog). 

Essentially, there are two different forms of you depending on power dynamics, and every time you strike up a conversation, you need to choose the right pronoun, or risk causing offence. This poses obvious difficulty for English speakers as there are no hard-and-fast rules about when to use the formal or informal form. 

In fact, usage has varied over time. In the past, pronouns were often used asymmetrically (I call you vous, but you call me tu), but western Europe increasingly uses pronouns symmetrically (If I call you tu, you can call me tu as well). In recent years, the polite forms have become less used in some western European countries (at least in Spain, Germany and France). That might mean that these languages could eventually change, but in the opposite way from English. `

English also had thou/you until Shakespearean times, but the informal thou was eventually lost (and retained only by some dialects, for example in Yorkshire). Thou was also the singular form, just as tu/du are – used when addressing just one person. So, when English lost thou, it also lost the difference between talking to just one or more people. Languages like to fill in gaps like these, and many dialects have created novel plural forms: y’all, you lot, you guys, youse. 

What’s interesting is that these forms are often themselves regulated by politeness. So, many people would use you with parents, you guys with friends and you lot with kids. When it comes to language, politeness is always there but, in some languages, it is a little more in your face. Once again, French, Spanish and German are not actually that complex in making a simple two-way distinction. They are nothing compared to languages like Japanese, which have bamboozingly difficult “honorific” systems.`

4. Keeping track of case

Where German has der/die/des/dem/den/das, English has only the – and this poses considerable challenges for English speakers learning German. So why does German have all these different ways of saying the? This is the German case system which spells out the article the differently depending not only on whether it is singular or plural (see above), but on its function in a sentence (subject, direct object, indirect object, possessor). 

English has case too actually, but only with pronouns. “I love him”, does not (alas) mean the same thing as “he loves me”. It’s not only the word order that’s different. I/he are the subject (nominative) forms and him/methe object (accusative) forms. They are also different from my/his, which are the possessive (genitive) forms. Once again, English used to be like German but it has lost most of its case system.

Articles, demonstrative and adjectives all inflected for case in Old English, so English speakers a few hundred years ago would have found German pretty simple. German is not alone in having case. Many European languages have case and it is also found in many unrelated languages (among them Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Dyirbal and many native Australian languages). In a sense, case gives us another way of keeping track of who is doing what to who. English speakers use word order for this function, but this is by no means the only option.

5. A matter of mood

This takes us to our final challenge, verbal inflection. Where English regular verbs have just four verb forms jump/jumps/jumping/jumped (which can combine with auxiliary verbs in certain ways as in “I have been jumping”), Spanish has a hefty 51 (I won’t list them all here). So Spanish (like Italian and German and to some extent French) is a richly inflecting language. 

Verbs in Spanish (Italian, and French) change depending on tense (as in English), but also depending on aspect (the duration of an event), mood (the nature of the event) and person/number (the kind of subject they have). 

This poses notorious problems for English speakers, especially when it comes to mood. The dreaded subjunctive indicates that something is not being asserted as true and this turns out to be difficult to learn when that is not an important distinction in your own language. 

Once again, though, English itself used to be more like Spanish, French, Italian and German in this respect. Old English verbs also inflected for tense, person/number and mood. In fact the subjunctive remains an option for many speakers in examples such as: “I wish I were (or was) you” and: “It is vital that you be (or are) on time.” 

Once again, then, English speakers a few hundred years ago would probably have been better linguists than Britons are now, as their language still had many of the features which pose difficulties for modern-English-speaking language students. Somehow I think it’s not really grammar that’s holding Britons back, though. With language, where there’s a will, there is always a way. The 2% of Britons who can read and write in more than three languages show that that’s true.

Author: Michelle Sheehan, Reader in Linguistics Course Leader, BA (Hons) English Language, Anglia Ruskin University

Time’s up: After a reprieve, a wave of evictions expected across U.S.

When Tenants Take On Landlords Over Bad Conditions: A Rent-Strike Explainer  | WAMU


By: Michelle Colin and Christopher Walljasper/Reuters

On Sept. 1, U.S. health officials announced they would suspend evictions across the United States to help stem further spread of the novel coronavirus. That was three days too late for Latrise Bean.

About 72 hours before the declaration by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Bean, 35, was ordered evicted from her Milwaukee apartment. She’d lived there for three years despite the sagging ceilings, smell of urine in the hallways and homeless squatters in the basement – because it was all she could afford.

Bean, whose hours as a fraud specialist at a software company had been cut due to the pandemic, tried to find a new place. But with the eviction on her record, landlord after landlord rejected her. She is now sharing an air mattress with her 5-year-old daughter, in a temporary unit in a neighborhood even worse than the one she left behind.

“I feel so unlucky,” said Bean. “I have really been through it.”

It has been a nightmare year for many of America’s renters. The local, state and federal eviction bans that gave them temporary protection in the spring began to lapse in early summer – ensnaring renters like Bean in the gap. September’s reprieve by the CDC, which protected many, but not all, renters will expire in January.

At that point, an estimated $32 billion in back rent will come due, with up to 8 million tenants facing eviction filings, according to a tracking tool developed by the global advisory firm Stout Risius and Ross, which works with the nonprofit National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel. The nonprofit group advocates for tenants in eviction court to secure lawyers.

In a typical year, 3.6 million people face eviction cases, according to the Princeton University Eviction Lab, a national housing research center.

Landlords, most of whom are mom-and-pop operators with mortgages to pay, say they, too, are under unprecedented financial strain, as many move into the eighth month of nonpayment. Many owners are “not generating sufficient revenue,” said Bob Pinnegar, CEO of the National Apartment Association. “This is not a high-profit-margin business.”

“Only 9 cents of every dollar return to the owner or investor as profit,” he added.

Unless Congress and the Trump administration move past their deadlock over the contours of a new COVID-19 relief package and include financial relief for tenants and landlords, January will bring a surge in displacement and homelessness “unlike anything we have ever seen,” said John Pollock, a Public Justice Center attorney and coordinator of the National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel.

The Democrat-controlled House passed a relief package that included $50 billion in emergency renter and homeowner assistance funds and a new ban on evictions and foreclosures for 12 months; the Republican-controlled Senate’s proposal contains no similar provisions.

More than 60,000 evictions have been filed since the pandemic started in the 17 cities tracked by the Princeton Lab. Health experts say evictions may contribute to a second-wave COVID-19 crisis, as the newly homeless are forced into shelters or tight quarters with friends and relatives, potentially exposing them to infection. The danger is particularly acute in the winter, when colder weather pushes people indoors.

Though eviction filings in many cities dipped considerably in the wake of the CDC’s temporary ban, they haven’t stopped completely. In some places – like Columbus, Ohio, Jacksonville, Florida and Gainesville, Florida – landlords are filing roughly as many eviction proceedings as they were before the CDC measure. In Richmond, Virginia, for example, there were 152 evictions filed the week of Oct. 4, well over the amount filed weekly during July.

That’s because the CDC order is open to interpretation by judges and still leaves plenty of room for landlords to evict, by saying, for example, that a tenant violated the terms of a lease, engaged in criminal activity or didn’t abide by a stipulated payment plan. At least 25% of renters with small children are unable to pay their rent, according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau survey, completed September 28.

Meanwhile, on Oct. 9, the administration of President Donald Trump announced policy guidance that property owners are free to start the eviction process while the federal moratorium is active. It also stipulated that landlords are not mandated to make tenants aware that the eviction ban exists.


The CDC reprieve was just that. Come January, renters will owe back rent.

Natasha Burns, whose hours at a Ross clothing store in north Milwaukee were cut due to COVID-19, owes more than $7,000 to her landlord, not including late fees and penalties. She has no idea how she will cover it.

“If it weren’t for the CDC ban, my kids and I would be homeless,” Burns said.

In Milwaukee, as in many cities, landlords are allowed to garnish up to 20% of an evicted tenant’s wages to claw back what’s owed. Judgments ordering payment of back rent can haunt tenants for years, because they carry interest rates of 12% percent and can attach to a tenant’s credit report. If they should ever come to own property, the landlord can attach a lien.

Joblessness, sickness, loss of a spouse – none of life’s calamities are a defense for eviction. Nor is a global pandemic, says Nick Toman, a weary and gravelly voiced Milwaukee Legal Aid lawyer.

Toman said he noticed a distinct change in his normal clientele in the COVID-19 era. The people reaching out weren’t individuals. They were families.

“I hear these stories from entire families who are on the side of the street,” said Toman, choking up during an interview with Reuters in his Milwaukee office. “These families have no place to go and no options, and I think it’s abundantly clear that the safety net is just not big enough to handle something like this.”

One client was so distraught he spoke of suicide, Toman said.

Though eviction filings have slowed since the CDC ban, Toman said he and other housing defense lawyers in Milwaukee are dreading the looming crush of cases.

“January is going to be a mess,” he said. “Nobody can get a new place because they have an eviction case pending against them – and they don’t have any money anyway.”

Michelle Conlin reported from New York, Christopher Walljasper from Chicago. Editing by Tom Lasseter and Julie Marquis

This Is the Worst Thing You Could Say to Someone in Bed



Sex is a healthy part of an intimate relationship but it’s also a highly vulnerable experience. Whether you’re in a long-term monogamous relationship with your partner, you’re just getting to know each other, or you know right off the bat it’s going to be a one-night stand, you need to communicate sensitively when you’re both laid so—ahem—bare. That doesn’t mean not being honest for the sake of pleasing or impressing your partner, but it does mean steering clear of words that can really leave wounds, whether intentionally or unintentionally. For guidance, we asked relationship, communication, and mental health professionals for their takes on the top pitfalls to avoid.

So, what’s the worst thing you can say in bed, according to the experts? “You’re doing it wrong.” Find out what you should say instead, and for more factors that play a role in your bedroom activity, science says Men With These Personality Traits Have the Most Sex.

Sure, maybe you’re not getting the satisfaction you had hoped from the experience. After all, you deserve pleasure, and it’s empowering to speak up for it. But phrasing it this way can only make matters worse, for both of you. “This statement can make everything go wrong as soon as you spit it out of your mouth,” says relationship expert Amy Olson. “I don’t mean you can’t communicate your needs or what you would like better. But don’t tell him or her that they are doing it wrong. It will make them feel embarrassed. Instead, just say, ‘Can you do it like this?'”

Want to know what else to avoid when you’re getting to know someone intimately? Read on for more tips from the pros about what you should never say to someone in bed. And for another phrase that should never leave your lips.

Calling someone by the wrong name.


Certainly using the wrong name is a big no-no that would be deeply awkward for both of you, and also likely leave lasting scars. “Sex is an intimate experience and many people have insecurities related to it,” explains psychologist Thomas DiBlasi, PhD. “Saying anything that refers to the person as being inadequate in bed would hurt.”

Besides, if you’re still pining for an ex, you might have some more work to do before you can move on healthily with a new partner anyway. Worried that could be you? Here are the Signs You’re Not Ready to Date Again, According to Dating Experts.

“Have you been tested?”

Sad man looking at his boyfriend lying in bed next to him

To be clear, asking about a partner’s sexual health history is important and fully justifiable. You should ask if your partner has been tested, and you are entitled to a straightforward answer. But this is a question you should ask far earlier. “This is a before discussion,” author and life coach Aidan Park says plainly. “Not an after discussion.” And for other questions to avoid in less vulnerable situations, here’s The One Question You Always Ask That Can Kill a Conversation.

“I’ve had better.”

woman shrugging, every day words

Comparing your partner to any others from your past can trigger lasting insecurity. “Saying something that undermines their security or sense of self is hurtful and damaging,” explains Cassandra LeClair, PhD, senior lecturer in the department of communication studies at Texas State University. “This type of comment reinforces feelings of self doubt and may lead them to question themselves in relationships going forward.”

So, while this might not be the partner for you, it’s not necessary to shatter their confidence for a future partner who might be a better match. And if you’re doing it less these days, here is The No. 1 Reason You’re Having Less Sex in Your Relationship, Study Says.

“Do you mind brushing your teeth?”

Good dental hygiene is important and healthy

Of course good hygiene is important, and you’d hope your partner adheres to a similarly high standard as you do. But halitosis isn’t necessarily a sign of bad hygiene. “Bad breath [can be] a symptom of digestive problems,” says Sandra Glavan, the founder of Super Sensitive Sandi, a website for helping people reduce and manage anxiety. “Even if the person brushes their teeth five times a day, they can still have bad breath in the morning. Most people who suffer from bad breath know it and feel very conscious about it. [Confronting them] can cause problems with their confidence, intimacy, and sex life.” And for other ways you may be offending people in your life, here are the Rude Things You Didn’t Realize You’re Doing Every Day.

Would free Gas (or electric charging) for three years Convert you?

Volkswagen ID.4 electric SUV revealed with free charging deal | Fox News

Six short years ago, not many Americans outside of California and New York knew Electric cars existed.

It’s about Range

Far and away the most popular electric car sold in America was the Nissan Leaf introduced in 2011 These, $33,000 cars had a paltry driving range of 75 miles per charge, not practical for most drivers.

Tesla introduced the Model S in 2012. The Model S was the first real alternative to petro cars . These cars had a driving range from 160 to 300 miles per charge. However the price, $60,000 to over $100,000 was out of reach for most Americans.

Enter Tesla Model 3 , with a starting price of 35,000 and a range up to 330 miles. The Model 3 is currently the best selling Electric Car in the world.

Unlike Nissan, Tesla was building its own nationwide network of charging stations that are exclusive to Tesla. Today, depending on the model, Tesla’s have a range from 220 miles to 400 miles per charge.

In 2019, unless you owned a Tesla, there were few places to charge an electric vehicle, usually at obscure locations behind car dealerships, industrial yards and remote locations in a few shopping centers.

Volkswagens (Dieselgate) Scandal

For many years, Volkswagen mislead the world. They claimed their Diesel engines were clean burning. The reality was, they installed software that could sense when the vehicles were being tested for emissions.

Countries all over the world sued Volkswagen. Part of the multi-billion US settlement. Volkswagen agreed to build a network of electric vehicle charging stations called Electrify America. Electrify America LLC based in Reston, Virginia will manage a 2 billion brand-neutral zero-emission vehicle infrastructure programs and marketing campaigns for the next ten years. 

Today, Electrify America can be found in Target and Wal Mart parking lots in metro areas nationwide. By the end of 2021, the company plans to have about 800 stations with 3,500 chargers available to drivers.

Electrify America will build a long distance high speed highway network consisting of approximately 50+ charging stations along high‐traffic corridors between metropolitan areas. These stations will focus on 150 kW and 320 kW DC fast chargers; each station will have 5 plugs on average. These chargers will represent state‐of‐the‐art technology with the fastest charging speeds available.

Free Charging for three years*

The ID4, is a compact SUV with 201 horsepower with a range of 250 miles. Sometime in 2021, a dual motor 4 wheel drive model with 302 horsepower will be available

Volkswagen will give new owners of their Electric Vehicle the ID 4, three years of free charging through the Electrify America network. This will give new owners access to over 470 charging stations across the US and a total of 2,000 DC fast-charging plugs Coast to Coast. *This perk is not available to rideshare drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft.


Not long ago (2019), there weren’t many places outside metro areas to charge Electric Vehicles This is my horror Story!

Click Link Below For Story



Volkswagen ID.4 First Drive Review

The world is playing catch up to Tesla. Tesla started building cars in 2005, today they are moving on to light and industrial Trucks. Tesla has sold more than one million electric vehicles and the company owns 17% of the global market and 81% of the American Market.

While automakers say they are committed to EV’s after nearly four years ,General Motors only has one vehicle and the Hyundai/ Kia Group has three.

Volkswagen electric cars: VW's EV range explained | CAR Magazine

Volkswagen says all four of these vehicles will be on the road, including that nifty Buzz van by 2022

Advantage Electric?

Consumer Reports whitepaper found that electric cars cost less to maintain and repair than internal-combustion vehicles—by an average of 50%, in fact. Electric cars offer lower ownership costs than internal-combustion vehicles that can “more than make up for an EV’s higher purchase price”

The ownership-cost advantage is particularly strong against the SUVs and pickup trucks American buyers are increasingly flocking to over traditional sedans. When comparing vehicles of similar size, an electric car can cost 10% to 40% more than a similar gasoline model, according to the study. But most owners will save $6,000 to $10,000 in running costs over the life of the car (measured as 200,000 miles), the study found.

For lower-priced models, ownership-cost savings usually exceed the higher purchase price of an EV, according to the study. As one example, a Chevrolet Bolt EV costs $8,000 more than a Hyundai Elantra GT when new, Consumer Reports noted, but the Bolt EV costs $15,000 less to operate over a 200,000-mile lifetime.

Home Run?

In its first shipment, Volkswagen registered more ID4’s last month in Norway, than any other Electric Vehicle. Per capita Norway is the worlds largest EV market. Where 3.3 percent of the total population owns an electric car. The United States is number two. Audi’s E-Tron has been the best selling EV in Norway for nearly two years fell to number 4, behind Tesla’s Model 3 and another new model, The Polestar 2 was the third best selling EV in Norway.( Polestar will be available in California before the end of the year)

The Volkswagen ID 4 will cost between 40,000 to 44,000, this is before the Federal Tax Credit (up to $7500.) and state tax credits. In California, up to $7000. Not available on Tesla’s or the Chevy Bolt. Which could bring down the price considerably.

Free Charging?

Could three years of free nationwide charging and Tax Credits convert you to an EV owner?

Volkswagen is excepting deposits of $100.00 (refundable) for the ID4.

Hmmm Thinking GIF - Hmmm Thinking WillSmith GIFs

Coming Soon…….

December 2020, Polestar 2

Here's The Polestar 2 In The Flesh From Geneva | Carscoops

Spring 2021, Lucid Air

Tesla competitor Lucid claims it has the fastest charging electric car -  Business Insider

Spring 2021, Ford Mustang Mach E

Ford Mustang Mach E: Price, release date, and more - Electrek


Murder Hornet gets loose and was recaptured

The imgaination runs wild……

An unsuspecting citizen opens the door and there is an insect with gun.

Not quite

Last week, scientists with the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA)captured a live Asian giant hornet ,known as “murder” hornets for their ability to decimate honeybee populations. The scientist used dental floss to attach a tracking device to its body, which “worked quite well,” said Sven Spichiger, WSDA’s managing entomologist, during a news conference on Monday.

When scientists released the hornet into the wild onto an apple tree, they were initially successful in tracking the insect, but after some time they were unable to locate a signal when it flew into a heavily vegetated area and then quickly darted away thus evading the scientists.

“We did get an initial direction of the flight,” he said. “We were able to meet with several of the property owners and get a few more eyewitness accounts of seeing hornets earlier the week before or earlier in the summer, and so we are starting to narrow down exactly where the hornets’ nest is.”

This isn’t the first time the state has tracked a live giant hornet. The team did so earlier this year, but the tracker fell off the hornet due to gluing issues.So far, Spichiger said there are at least two Asian giant hornet nests in Whatcom County in Washington, with a possibility of a third.Once a nest is located, the plan is to vacuum out the hornets and use carbon dioxide gas to knock out any remaining hornets in the nest, he said.Asian giant hornets are the world’s largest hornet, as they can become up to 2 inches long, according to the WSDA. What makes them so dangerous is that they can destroy a honeybee hive in a matter of hours, killing the bees by decapitating them.If the hornet becomes established in the state, it will negatively impact the environment, economy and public health, the WSDA said.Since the preliminary reports in 2019, there have been 18 confirmed Asian giant hornets found in Washington, but there have been even more additional sightings.

A live Asian giant hornet is affixed with a tracking device using dental floss on October 7 before being released in a photo provided by the Washington State  Department of Agriculture.
The captured Asian giant hornet on the apple tree.
This one looks pisssed!

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Voter Suppression: CAILFORNIA Phony Drop Boxes (Coming to a state near you?)

California Republicans allegedly tricking voters with fake ballot drop boxes  | The Independent

Unauthorized election ballot drop boxes have been found across California — in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties as well as in Fresno.

On Monday, California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Attorney General Xavier Becerra sent out cease and desist letters to the state Republican Party, which appears to own at least some of these collection boxes.

According to reporting from the Orange County Register, many of these drop boxes bear signs claiming that they are “official,” and are located at local political party offices and churches, as well as at candidates’ headquarters. In Fresno, the local ABC affiliate reported that in some instances, the boxes were simply cardboard containers without locks.

Contagious for the Win

Trump Boasts at Florida Campaign Rally of Feeling 'So Powerful' - Bloomberg

Coming to a battleground state near you.  A President without a mask.  An event filled with hundreds possibly thousands of supporters standing shoulder to shoulder without masks in support of the President in what could be considered a Superspreader event.

Superspreader Event in Iowa

NEW ROCHELLE – Iona College was locked down Monday. Its classes switched online for at least two weeks — after a single superspreader event among student athletes led to at least 65 positive COVID-19 tests late last week.In a news release from spokeswoman Diana Costello, the college said: “Late last week, Iona’s surveillance testing identified an uptick in positive COVID-19 cases among certain athletic teams. Iona immediately accelerated aggressive, widespread testing of all teammates and potential contacts. More than 800 tests were quickly performed. A total of 58 cases have been identified at this point.”

“I feel so powerful,”

The President said at rally at the Orlando Sanford International Airport yesterday 

“I’ll walk into that audience. I’ll walk in there, I’ll kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women … everybody. I’ll just give ya a big fat kiss.”


The press has been very critical of the Presidents maskless events.  Expect masks on his supporters directly behind him. Everyone else, party down!

As the world has broken a three-day record for new virus cases.  President Trump”s Doctor says he’s is no longer contagious.

The response from the Medical Community

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Bout Time? Megan Thee Stallion Speaks. Tory Lanez faces 23 years.

Tory Lanez Drops New Song & Album 'Daystar' Detailing His Side Of The Story  Of Megan Thee Stallion Shooting | Hot97

Megan initially said she didn’t name Lanez because she was afraid. A month later she named him on Instagram Live video saying he was making false claims about her.

“Yes!!! Tory shot me. You shot me and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lying,” the rapper said the Instagram video. “Stop lying. Why lie? I don’t understand.”

Lanez was initially charged with carrying a concealed firearm in his SUV on the day it took place. He was released after posting bail. No charges were filed against him at that time. Megan initially reported to have had a foot wound caused by glass.

Rumors, Confusion and downright head scratchin

Initially, the greatest controversy of the night before Megan Thee Stallion’s alleged shooting had to do with the fact that she and Jenner were even together, as PageSix reported. Megan Thee Stallion is known to hang around with Jordyn Woods, the shunned former best-friend of Jenner. Woods was kicked out of her friend’s life after rumors surfaced Khloé Kardashian’s ex Tristan Thompson cheated on her with Woods while Kardashian was pregnant with his child. 

Megan Thee Stallion and Jenner posted a poolside Instagram Live video on the night of the shooting, which caused a stir among fans who followed the saga. However, in the hours following the shooting, something tragic happened that put any past drama between Jenner and her old friend Woods on the backburner. 

Following Megan’s Instagram post, her friend Kelsey Nicole, who was the other woman found in the car, came forward on her own social media to also set the record straight. “I want to clear up the the rumors that I shot Megan. I WASN’T the one with the gun and would never do something like that . However I was present,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post.

July 27th Megan went on her Instagram Live about her surgery addressing the gunshot wounds in her feet.  “I was shot in both of my feet, and I had to get surgery to get the shit taken out, get the bullets taken out, and it was super scary,” she said while wiping away tears. Fortunately, she reported the bullets in both feet didn’t hit her bones nor break any tendons

Was Megan trying to protect Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods or someone else. Lanez said he didn’t do it. Chapter one of this saga begins October 13, 2020 in Los Angeles where Lanez will be arraigned

Social Media is filled with accounts of Lanez, beating up former girlfriends, but this is Social Media where everything can be true.

If Tory is charged, he faces a possible maximum sentence of 22 years and eight months in prison.


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