See you at the next funeral

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Ain’t no drama, like family drama, cause family drama, don’t stop!

Color me hopeful.

My father died when I was six years old and my brother is nearly a generation older and didn’t appreciate my existence. There was one man in the family who took me under his wing, my Uncle. He would take me fishing and camping and include me in his family events.

This was nine billion years ago when fake wood Station Wagons roamed the earth. It was back in the day, when department stores had a husky department for chubbinel or fat boys. My uncle had a bushel of kids all near my age. They were like my sisters and brothers. I would take the bus, some 17 miles away to his home, a place I felt welcome. My cousins and I would dance to the latest 45’s records on their Sears Silvertone Stereo.

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He was the most important male in my life. I wanted to be like him, have a house full of loving children. I think my love for station wagons and minivans today is due to my admiration of this man . As I grew older, cracks appears in the relationship with my uncle.

Whisper’s from family members hundreds of miles away. He would interview me about the cost of my clothes and this news made its way to the Pacific Northwest. I learned that I was spoiled,took advantage of my mother. At thirteen, I was larger and taller than my uncle. When I was 18, he did something unthinkable to my side of the family. When I challenged him, he hit me in the chest. (my body didn’t move) I didn’t hit him, but I think this scared him.

From this moment forward, I became a pariah.

All contract between me and my grown cousins ended. It was like a death. Then the rumors began…….. My uncle created a number of false stories about my life. It didn’t matter he didn’t know I where I lived or what was actually happening in my life.

From that point forward, my cousins and I only saw each others at funerals. At the meetings, I always felt a spark of days gone by at the sad events, leaving me hopeful . But it wasn’t meant to be.

Days, years, decades. Marriages, Divorces, Children, Grand Children.and of course Death. None of our parents are alive.

Last summer, I learned about the death of one my cousins. The last time we’ve seen each other was at the funeral of her mother. I called her older sister to get the date and time of the funeral. She said, she didn’t know. Other relatives from out of state asked if I had information, because they wanted to attend. After a couple of un-returned calls, I Googled her name.

I learned the services was being held at Funeral home less than three miles from where I live. We actually lived an hour from each other. The downside, the services was taking place the very next day. I contacted my niece and and asked her if she would join me. A grandmother, she was a teenager the last time she’d seen this side of the family.

While it was a sad occasion, I was actually looking forward to seeing this side of my family, my niece brought her son.

Entering the building, I noticed the elder sibling. As children she and I were close and I was greeted with a smile. From there it was downhill. Our reception was chilly. Nice to see you and why are you here!

Although, the services began at two. Most of the people arrived after three. I could feel the divisions within the family. Children, and Grandchildren. Not the loving family, I remembered. Perhaps it was all in my mind back then or perhaps we all too young to develop resentments. Even though I was an unwanted guest, I was happy being with my family.

Forever hopeful, I exchanged telephone numbers with the family and announced that we should make an attempt to stay in touch. I could feel my niece and her son giving me the side eye, like please!! The two of them teased me in the car! A couple of weeks later, I contacted a couple of the cousins and Melba Toast had more moisture than the conversation. It takes two people to have a relationship so…….

Guess, I’ll see you next funeral.

I think its normal to hold on to those special times/memories. However, those memories, moments in time that can cloud our realities. Forever hopeful, we sometines stay in fruitless and sometimes painful relationships too long because of a memory .

If my uncle was alive, I would tell him about the positive impact he had on my life. Those memories make me smile today. At the end of day, we have to accept what is. Not what could be. It takes two to build a relationship. Angry, I’m not and resentments are a waste of time.

My uncle was highly regarded by his children which is to be expected. What he said about me may have irreparably damaged any possibility of relationship with my cousins. My love for them is there and that has to be enough.


10 Great Cities for Older Singles

If you’re looking for love, these spots might be where to find it

By: Stacey Freed,  AARP

You can find lots of lists of the best places to retire, often based on the quality of health care or low cost of living. But if you’re single and over 50, you might also want to know which cities may boost your chances of finding a partner or just be more conducive to dating.

Places that offer older adults more opportunities to find someone to share a meal, snuggle up, take in the sites, go dancing, stroll or have a cocktail may rate higher for those who are single and looking to make connections. While some of these activities are on hold due to the pandemic, the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine makes their resumption imminent.

“In many cities, there may be a lot of people aging in place, but with no place to meet each other,” says Pepper Schwartz, a social psychologist, professor and host of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight. “What you’re looking for are cities or towns that have both population and opportunity.”

Ryan Frederick, founder of SmartLiving 360, a real estate development advisory firm that works with entities across the country and author of Right Place, Right Time: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Home for the Second Half of Your Life, to be published later this year, says a good way to find the places with opportunities is to “look for areas that are growing and follow the millennials and Gen Zers. Where they are is not a bad spot for older folks because they tend to live where the economy is growing, where the cost of living may be more reasonable.”

Those younger generations are building families, starting companies and creating an optimism that tends to be infectious. But it’s important to look beyond data, too — while the number of seniors concentrated in a particular city might mean a larger dating pool, a place where a high percentage of the overall population is older “might not be as dynamic,” Frederick says.

To spotlight some of these cities, we examined livability scores from AARP and the number of older adults living there, examined city sizes and locations, and took into consideration access to health care and amenities to satisfy the needs of those 50-plus. In this list, “adults” refers to people over 18 and “seniors” refers to people 65 and older.

Though this list is a good place to start, choices are based on individual interests and circumstances: Consider your own lifestyle and what you like to do in order to meet the kind of person you’d date. Do you prefer big city lights or the small-town life? Do you hike, run, bowl, knit, watch films? Keeping all that in mind, here are 10 great places for older singles (listed by highest to lowest senior population):


1. New York City, New York

Population: 6,677,140 adults; 1,189,360 seniors

AARP livability score: 58

Possibly a cliché, but the amazingly diverse Big Apple truly has everything — walkability, public transportation, cultural venues, sports events, street festivals. “It’s full of places to congregate,” Schwartz says, and “there is a culture of getting out and about rather than being in your apartment.”

AARP’s Livability Score

This score rates the overall livability of a selected neighborhood, city, county or state on a scale from 0 to 100. It is based on the average score of seven livability categories — housing, neighborhood, transportation, environment, health, engagement and opportunity — which also range from 0 to 100. We score communities by comparing them to one another, so the average community gets a score of 50, while above-average communities score higher and below-average communities score lower.

And, according to AARP’s livability index, New York ranks in the top 30 cities in the nation and “has 59 initiatives devoted to improving the living standards of its older residents” including initiatives to increase healthy and affordable housing options, the number of Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities, caregiver support and to improve transportation. There’s also the Age-Friendly Neighborhoods Initiative with information on health services, cost of living, transportation options, as well as an interactive map of neighborhoods and what they offer.

2. Denver, Colorado

Population: 553,616 adults; 78,751 seniors

Denver gets high marks in access to and quality of health care, preventive health care, as well as transportation. It also has 245 sunny days a year. The Mile High city is known as a place for those pursuing an active outdoor lifestyle, but there are plenty of museums, music venues (including a symphony), restaurants and opportunities to catch pro sports. There are also several suburbs known for their large number of retirees.

3. Austin, Texas

Population: 741,176 adults; 81,322 seniors

AARP livability score: 57

“This is one of fastest growing places for younger people and also has one of the fastest growing 55-plus populations,” Frederick says. And, because it’s both a state capital and a university town, “there’s a vibrancy here.” There’s no shortage of great restaurants, places to hike and bike, music venues and, of course, weirdness. (The city’s slogan is “Keep Austin Weird.”) Frederick adds that there are no state taxes, “and although there may be high real estate taxes, if you’re renting you might not notice.” The city has an age-friendly action plan, as well as places for people to connect such as AustinUp.org.

4. The Villages, Florida

Population: 77,115 adults; 61,889 seniors

AARP livability score: 48

The Villages is a master-planned age-restricted community. It’s located in central Florida, about an hour north of Orlando. “There are a gazillion activities going on here 24-7. A thousand clubs — golf, volleyball, pickleball, painting rocks, a ukulele club … it seems like every village has a singles club,” says Christine Martin, 59, a software developer for a company in New Jersey, who moved to the Villages in March 2020. “Even during the pandemic there are things to do.” She met a great group of women friends in a singles group. She also joined a bowling league and met a guy who recently moved there, too. “He’s handy and he helped me install cabinet hardware,” Martin says. “It’s nothing serious, but who knows? … I wasn’t looking for anything, and they say that’s how it always happens.”

Patrons sit at a restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on July 25, 2020, amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Population: 257,595 adults; 44,183 seniors

AARP livability score: 56

SeniorAdvice.com calls Pittsburgh a “notoriously senior-friendly town.” Located in Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh boasts affordable housing and plenty of museums, golf courses (125 of them), gyms, movie theaters, walkable neighborhoods, lots of great city parks and free public transit for older adults. There are myriad hiking and biking trails outside the city. And if you’re looking for companionship (and more) there are several singles social groups for those 50 and over listed on meetup.com. (Meetup is an online service where groups can post in-person and virtual events for people with similar interests.)

6. Sun City, Arizona

Population: 39,952 adults; 29,880 seniors

AARP livability score: 48

Technically, Sun City is not a city but a retirement community in Maricopa County (in the Phoenix metro area). But if you’re looking to meet people who were old enough to stay up to watch the moon landing, then this is a good spot. There are a lot of outdoor activities in and around the 21 square miles of Sun City, where the sky is mostly clear year round and the temperature ranges from 43-106 degrees. Within the community, there’s the singles social club, which schedules potlucks, game nights, billiards and golf get-togethers. There’s bowling, jewelry-making and pickleball — every kind of club you can imagine.

7. Madison, Wisconsin

Population: 210,210 adults; 28,516 seniors

AARP livability score: 66

Money magazine recently named Madison the No. 1 place to retire in America. The college town, located between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona, is not just affordable — it has bustling restaurants, great natural sights along the lake shore, an orchestra, contemporary art museum, cultural events and 38 retirement communities. The university allows residents over 60 to audit courses for free.


8. Arlington, Virginia

Population: 191,897 adults; 24,465 seniors

AARP livability score: 65

Actually Arlington, Virginia, is a county and not a city — the smallest county by land size, about 26 square miles, in the United States. But what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in places to go and things to do. With Washington, D.C., in its backyard, Arlington has access to world class restaurants, theater, music, museums and sporting events. Travel by bus and Metro is easy. There’s kayaking on the Potomac, biking on the C&O Canal towpath and through Rock Creek Park and hiking trails all around. There are dozens of meetup.com groups for people of every sexual orientation interested in everything from travel and camping to board games, religious activities, bowling, running, dancing, tennis, philosophy and more.

9. Springfield, Massachusetts

Population: 115,511 adults; 18,992 seniors

AARP livability score: 51

Only 90 minutes from Boston and a half hour from Hartford, Connecticut, Springfield makes both U.S. News and World Report‘s lists of best places to live and to retire. There is cultural and university life, and the cost of living is relatively affordable compared to other East Coast metro areas. As in every city, meetup.com offers lots of opportunities for senior singles to connect.


10. Palm Springs, California

Population: 41,654 adults; 14,790 seniors

AARP livability score: 47

Not just Palm Springs but “the whole Coachella Valley” is a great place for singles, Schwartz says. She cites the beautiful weather, lots of outdoor activities and places to go for dinner and drinks. “On Friday and Saturday nights a lot of people are out dancing at the Nest. It’s hot.”

Located about a two-hour drive west of Los Angeles, Palm Springs is a great place to be active with its more than 100 golf courses and walking and hiking trails, as well as museums, street fairs, festivals and shopping.

Derek Chauvin, the day after

Derek Chauvin's fate is now up to the jury as deliberations begin | Duluth  News Tribune

 A jury found former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter of George Floyd.

Tuesday afternoon, there was a giant sigh of relief thoughout the nation.  Millions of Americans of all hues rejoiced. 

Wednesday and Beyond

Nothing much has changed in America.  “Shoot to Kill” is still the policy of most law enforcement agencies. 

Terminated Police Officers due to bad behavior continue to be re-hired in other cities. Police Unions with deep pockets ,continue to have influence on City Councilmembers.

Few law enforcement agencies have included race sensitivity courses in their training.

Even fewer cities have created meaningful channels between its law enforcement agencies and its citizens.

  There is a segment of the population who believe the relationship blacks have with the police would end if they simply stop being criminals and stop resisting police because ineivitably those who fight with police will be killed.

Others believe the breakdown is poor parenting. Blacks should teach children to respect authority.  

There is a segment of the population who equates  “Black Lives Matter” with black looting and crime. Others who say it’s difficult to support George Floyd because protesters burnt Minneapolis to the ground.

These are just some of the comments on Facebook Tuesday evening.

Comprehensive Police Reform

In most communities Police reform is a concept on the to do list.

On June 25th 2020 the house passed HR7120- The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act The law would end racial profiling.Establish a national standard for the operation of police departments, mandate data collection on police encounters. Reprogram existing funds to invest in transformative community-based policing programs; and streamline federal law to prosecute excessive force and establish independent prosecutors for police investigations. In addition, the law……

Works to End Racial & Religious Profiling

• Prohibits federal, state, and local law enforcement from racial, religious and discriminatory profiling.
• Mandates training on racial, religious, and discriminatory profiling for all law enforcement.
• Requires law enforcement to collect data on all investigatory activities.
Save Lives by Banning Chokeholds & No-Knock Warrants
• Bans chokeholds and carotid holds at the federal level and conditions law enforcement funding for state and local
governments banning chokeholds.
• Bans no-knock warrants in drug cases at the federal level and conditions law enforcement funding for state and local
governments banning no-knock warrants at the local and state level.
• Requires that deadly force be used only as a last resort and requires officers to employ de-escalation techniques first.
Changes the standard to evaluate whether law enforcement use of force was justified from whether the force was
“reasonable” to whether the force was “necessary.” Condition grants on state and local law enforcement agencies’
establishing the same use of force standard.
Limit Military Equipment on American Streets & Requires Body Cameras
• Limits the transfer of military-grade equipment to state and local law enforcement.
• Requires federal uniformed police officers to wear body cameras and requires state and local law enforcement to use
existing federal funds to ensure the use of police body cameras.
• Requires marked federal police vehicles to have dashboard cameras.
Hold Police Accountable in Court
• Makes it easier to prosecute offending officers by amending the federal criminal statute to prosecute police misconduct. The
mens rea requirement in 18 U.S.C. Section 242 will be amended from “willfulness” to a “recklessness” standard.
• Enables individuals to recover damages in civil court when law enforcement officers violate their constitutional rights by
eliminating qualified immunity for law enforcement

While this law has been endorsed by more than an hundred civil rights organizations, including Amnesty International, NAACP, American Civil Liberties Union, the law never advanced to the Senate. It has been blocked by Republicans who believe the law was too extreme and the bill died.

The Republican version on the law, would introduce incentives for states and localities to change police practices (by limiting chokeholds and promoting the use of body cameras), it would not restrict the qualified-immunity doctrine, however it would not ban chokeholds or otherwise federally restrict police use of deadly force, and would not restrict no-knock warrants. 

Police Unions and other organizations representing police oppose the bill. Former President Trump, said the Democratic version “overbroad” and would “weaken the ability of law enforcement agencies to reduce crime.” Trump specifically opposed proposals to restrict qualified immunity.

The law was reintroduced this year and again cleared congress without any support from the Republicans. As it stands, the law would need 10 Republicans in the Senate for the bill to become law.

The Morning After

The verdict may have energized the Black Lives Movement. Many Republicans joined their Democratic counterparts supporting the verdict.

“There is no doubt in my mind that jury reached the right verdict,” Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina

“Today, the American judicial system worked once again,” Rep. María Elvira Salazar of Florida tweeted.

Not everyone. ” BLM has now proven itself to be the most powerful domestic terrorists organization in our country” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green on Florida, tweeted.

Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis says Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd because the jury was influenced by leftists to make him “pay for the sins of white people, collectively.”

Millions of Americans saw the bad man get his. Perhaps renewing faith in our Justice system. The Justice Department is investigating Minneapolis Police Department. Republicans is calling for Rep Maxine Waters head for inciting a riot. A young black woman was killed by police in Ohio. Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine that a police reform bill is in the works. It Wednesday.


Mexican women are sick of turning the other cheek. Who can blame them?

Women in Mexico City writing femicide victims' names onto metal barriers authorities had installed in anticipation of International Women's Day. Women in Mexico City write femicide victims’ names onto metal barriers authorities had installed in anticipation of violence on International Women’s Day.

Jesus would certainly understand the frustration Mexico’s women feel

By Sarah DeVries/MexicoNewsDaily

Oh no, I thought as I read the headline: “A new take on the Stations of the Cross: Feminists give Jesus a beating.” That’s certainly not the way to get anyone on our side.

Let’s face it: as righteous as a social movement might be, it’s still made up of humans, and humans are great at messing up. And as the underdog, you have to be perfect in ways that the dominant side simply does not.

They can keep pretending, for example, that the killing of 10 women a day is perfectly normal and acceptable, but if you spray-paint a building or break some glass or scream, then it’s all, “That’s it! We’ve had it with you ruffians!

Upon seeing the headline, I thought it might be one of those badly-thought-out ideas that tend to make their way even to the noblest of causes. You know, the way “defund the police” makes it sound like liberals just want police officers gone from the planet rather than the implementation of a list of very reasonable suggestions they have for things like demilitarizing it and some serious de-escalation training.

But no, thank goodness, this was not “the feminists’” idea. Instead, it was basically an act of defamation against the feminist movement by students at a Catholic seminary that was filmed live on Facebook.

Religious conservatives demonizing women’s rights? Well, color me not surprised.

Here’s the basic gist of what happened in the video: at the eighth station of the cross, as depicted in the Bible, the one where Jesus comforts the women who are crying for him, instead, the students dressed as Mexican feminists in black and purple — the current “uniform” for the women’s movement in Mexico — beat him with sticks instead.

While this happened, the speaker in the video (which has been wisely removed since) said, “2,021 years later, the Lord returns to find women very different than those he consoled, women trapped in an irrational collective, demanding rights by insulting and destroying everything in their path, fighting for feminism and respect for women when they do not even respect themselves. Violent women committing acts of vandalism, women who enter temples and profane the Eucharist, laughing at the Virgin Mary.

And, of course, some antiabortion stuff was thrown in there as well, because they just can’t resist condemning women in general without condemning the audacious idea specifically that they should be in charge of their own bodies. (Cue the inevitable hate mail; what-up, gentlemen?)

Y’all. This would almost be funny if it weren’t guaranteed to raise the level of contempt already felt toward women in general and feminists in particular.

So you want to talk about Jesus? Fine, let’s talk about Jesus. Easter just happened, after all.

While I don’t consider myself particularly religious at this point in my life, I did grow up in the Baptist church and attended a religious college with several related required classes. I know my way around the Bible, and even around books about the Bible.

My later contempt for organized religion — which I’ll admit lasted for quite a while — has softened considerably as I’ve aged. At this point, my feelings are more generous, with a “live and let live, whatever gets you to nirvana, great” philosophy as long as others aren’t trying to force the rest of us to live under the rules of their particular beliefs.

But back to Jesus. Jesus, who gave food and wine for free without lecturing poor people about how what they should be doing is working harder and wanting it more. Who let a woman who everyone else thought was a dirty loser anoint his feet and be his best buddy — which, as others surely warned him, was terrible optics. Who told the powerful guys that they were a bunch of freaking hypocrites and didn’t apologize for it later.

Did all those things really happen? Who knows; it matters little. As sociologist W. I. Thomas said, “If a person perceives a situation as real, then it is real in its consequences.” And if that’s not an easy illustration of the power that religion holds, I don’t know what is.

The stories of Jesus’ life and teachings have certainly been invoked in all kinds of social movements. The late representative John Lewis’ autobiography, Walking with the Wind, explains one of those connections well.

“Turn the other cheek” isn’t about passivity, he explained, but about radical love. It’s about refusing to give back hate and vitriol, even when you receive it, and trying to change hearts and minds instead. It forces the other side to hold up a mirror to themselves and their actions. Turn the other cheek, says Jesus, the radical-acts-of-love revolutionary.

And guess what? That’s what the SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) practiced, filing into “white” diners impeccably dressed, only to be yelled at, humiliated, beaten. And it was revolutionary and did change many hearts and minds.

After a while, though, a more militant and antiwhite style of protest emerged. And why wouldn’t it? People can only take so much.

I’d argue that we women have been actively practicing “turn the other cheek” for millennia too. How well has it worked? Have we charmed men into giving us some actual power and agency with our brilliantly subversive feminine wiles?

The answer, unfortunately, is no. I wish it had worked; it would be a hell of a lot easier than organizing gigantic protests and constantly looking over our shoulders, both at home and in public.

At some point, everyone is pushed too far. Some black activists eventually started fighting back. Women got mad and spray-painted some statues in their desperation. Jesus went into the temple and flipped over a bunch of tables and drove the moneychangers out with a whip, which I’ve always thought was super badass.

Everyone’s got their limits. The message is all the same: “That’s it. We’ve had it!”

The Mexican Holy Week processions can be extremely moving, elaborate and really a sight to behold. If only we could get that kind of emotion and fervor going about the very real femicides happening daily in this country.

In the meantime, I’ll pray as I always do for clarity, peace and the kind of renewal that makes even my wildest dreams for justice in this world feel possible. Happy Easter, y’all.

Sarah DeVries is a writer and translator based in Xalapa, Veracruz. She can be reached through her website, sdevrieswritingandtranslating.com.

9 Things You Should Always Do on a Monday

By: Juliana LaBianca/Readers Digest

From scheduling a surgery to buying a house, the first day of the week offers significant perks.

Gas pump refilling automobile fuel. Shallow focus.


Fill up your gas tank

If you drove a lot over the weekend and need to fill your tank, wait until Monday morning to hit the gas station. If you do, you’ll almost definitely get a better deal, according to research from Popular Mechanics. While the exact prices and “best days” vary by state, the overwhelming majority listed Mondays and Tuesdays as the cheapest days to buy gas. Of course, if you’re driving by the station later in the week and see a price drop, feel free to deviate from this pattern! This is the best time of year to buy absolutely everything.

Health heart diet food concept with blood pressure gauge


Start a diet

No matter how tired you are on a Monday morning, you’ve got to admit—the first day of the week provides a built-in opportunity to start anew. That feeling is particularly helpful when it comes to starting a diet, according to The Healthy. The trick is in not tiring of your new plan by Wednesday. And if you do fall off the wagon, don’t wait till the following Monday to restart. Jump right back in the next morning. Read more about the best (and worst) days to start a diet.

Overhead view of surgical instruments


Schedule a surgery

Researchers already know that the morning is the safest time of day to go under the knife. It’s when hospital staffs are most alert and least likely to make a mistake. That same earlier-is-better approach applies to days of the week as well. The risk of death after undergoing a non-emergency surgery is lowest on Monday and goes up every day of the week thereafter, according to a report in the British Medical Journal. But don’t panic if your surgeon has spots only on Thursday. The increase is a mere fraction of a percent—from 1 percent on Monday to 1.44 percent on Friday. We probably can’t help you get a deal on healthcare, but here are the cheapest days of the week to do anything.

Business Team Working Break Eating Lunch Concept


Gossip with your coworkers

The Monday blues are real, and scientists guess that one reason we get them might date back to caveman days. “Humans are social animals, and to feel happy we need to feel comfortable in our place in a ‘tribe,’ so to speak,” writes Mental Floss. “Even after just two days away, according to scientists, we need to make sure our place in our work environment is secure. Gossiping with your co-workers is an important part of gearing up for the workweek, and if you don’t do this, you might feel out of sorts.” It’s an interesting idea, and at the very least, you’ll value the catch-up time. Before you start sharing secrets, however, you’ll want to look out for the signs you can’t trust your co-worker.

house shaped key chain on the black slate


Buy a house

If you’re in the market for a new home, you’ll want to be strategic with the day of the week you close the deal. It could mean major savings—or major losses. Monday is the best day to close, according to MoneyWise. People who seal the deal then tend to get prices that are an average 2.3 percent below market value. Thursdays are the worst. Closing then will get you a price just 1 percent below market value. Experts say it’s because sellers are less likely to get amazing offers early in the week, which means they’re more inclined to consider mediocre ones. When you are ready to buy a house, make sure you avoid the 50 biggest regrets homebuyers have.

big pile of the money. dollars usa


Invest in the stock market

There are many things you need to know before investing in stocks, including that the key is to buy low and sell high. And it turns out, because of a slew of market factors, stocks have a tendency to drop on Mondays. That’s bad if you plan to sell, but if you’re in the market to add to your portfolio, you’re likely to snag a bargain.

close-up partial view of african american man washing in bathroom


Wash your hands

For one reason or another—and we won’t begin to speculate—Mondays are the most common day of the week for calling in sick. In fact, according to one British study, more than a third of all sick days take place on the first day of the week. It’s hard to say whether that’s because Monday is truly the day you’re most likely to fall ill, or because a stunning number of folks want a three-day weekend. Whatever it is, we’ll leave you with this advice: On Mondays—and every day—wash your hands.  You’ll also want to be sure to wash your hands immediately after touching these 10 things.

Fitness concept with dumbbells, water and green apple on dark background


Head to the gym

For similar reasons that Monday is a great day to start a new diet, it’s also the perfect opportunity to hit your goals at the gym. The Atlantic found that Monday is the most popular day of the week for gymgoers. And while that might mean you have to wait in line for the best machines, it also means you’ll start your week on a healthy footing. We can’t argue with that. Of course with Monday being the busiest day at the gym, you’ll want to be extra careful to avoid any faux pas. Steer clear of these 16 things to never do at the gym.ADVERTISEMENTADVERTISEMENThttps://3474f975719f8bf5440e59e36a7b0aca.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Blank notebook, coffee on rustic wooden background


Make the ultimate to-do list

When it comes to goal setting, what better day of the week to lay things out than Monday? Research published in Psychological Science suggests that we may be more likely to follow through with our professional goals if we start on a Monday rather than a Thursday. And while there are a ton of ways to make the perfect to-do list, we like this goal-setting idea from Peter Gasca. “I make it a point to set one new and aggressive personal goal for the week, such as trying a new exercise, reading a book, or learning a new song on the guitar,” he writes on Inc. “The point is to provide you motivation during your busy week to pursue an interest that you enjoy outside of work.” Now that you know what to do on a Monday, check out the 10 morning habits of all highly successful people.

Sweet Little Old Lady

So, sweet she wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Never a fly!

A Man yes , a fly Never!

This sweet little old lady was a serial killer. I live six blocks away from her home where she buried most of the men she killed in Sacramento.

There have been movies and specials about Dorothea Puente, including one this weekend on the Oxygen Network this weekend.

The following story was written in 2009 (Click on the Link Below)



#dorothea puente from Sacramento Google Maps Street View
1426 F Street

No, Don’t have a nice day!

See the source image

In a loud voice he called her a fat wrinkly old lady! A stupid Bitch, and a person with such a low IQ that the only thing she could be in life was a supermarket checker!

Her customer was tall and in his thirties.

He picked up the wrong item. The item he picked up wasn’t on sale! He insisted the woman charge him the sale price for the wrong item. She offered to have someone bring the correct item but, he insisted she give him the sale price on the wrong item !

When she refused, the verbal attack began. He was mean and nasty and he seemed to enjoy it. I was very uncomforable, and guilty. I wanted to say something, as I worked with the public for many years.

Her neck was beet red. Something in her snapped! Lookin at him straight in his eyes, she took the two bags she filled for him out of his shopping cart and emptied them on the counter. Then locked her register and walked away. Her customer was dumbstuck! and as she walked away called her a “Fucking Fat Bitch” Then starting yelling for a manager!

When the supervisor or manager arrived , he demanded that the cashier be brought back to apologize to him! My stomached burned! In my mind I was screaming, oh hell no! as the supervisor or manager started apologizing, every checker! every cashier stopped! what they were doing to see how this was going to end. No one in line complained. We were all rivided!

Suddenly, this small woman wearing white glasses, came running from the produce areas, screamed Nooooooo! I’ve never seen her before. I thought to myself, Is she a manager? supervisor? ran over and said NO! she told, the customer to leave the store and never come back! She said, her store reserved the right to refuse service and she wanted him to leave!

He had words for her! He was going to sue the company and demanded her name and the corporate number. Please leave, she said. As he was walking out, he suddenly turned around and rushed toward her. Store employees and a male customer ran over to protect her.

He told the men, if they touched him, they were going to be arrested! As he backed away from the door and headed to the parking lot, there was Thunderous applause from the cashiers and the customers.

There is a segment of the population who seem to enjoy antagonising those in customer service. From waiters to Airline employees. Its an odd belief that says, as a customer, I am your boss! I am paying you, AND you must do as I say, and you must accept my abuse with a smile. It’s often sadistic! Did my calling you a “Fucking Loser Bitch” make you cry? Oh! boo hoo!

Often, the bad behavior is rewarded, managers give them what they want to make it go away.

A good manager or supervisor, does it sparingly, then communciates with her staff, “I did this because” A poor manager or supervisor, rubber stamps the behavior. This often affects the staff hurts moral. The rubber stamp often signals to the customer his actions will be rewarded at this location.

The Covid Effect

Many businesses of late are turning abusive customers away. Management is not allowing customers to berate the staff for doing their jobs.

Your seeing it on airlines and other areas of customer service. Thunder Valley Casino near Sacramento. Say they will ban patrons for a year for arguing with staff for not wearing masks in the casino. They are extending that policy for other infractions.

It’s unlikely, you’ll hear a staff member say ” Have a nice day” to bad behaving customers.


Army sergeant pushes Black man, demands he leave neighborhood in viral video


DeMicia Inman/TheGrio

Jonathan Pentland, 42, has been charged with third-degree assault following the incident in Columbia, South Carolina

A viral video of an army sergeant pushing a Black resident in South Carolina and demanding that he leaves the neighborhood has now resulted in criminal charges

Initially uploaded on Facebook on Monday, the three-minute clip has circulated various media channels before the aggressor was identified as Jonathan Pentland, a 42-year-old U.S. Army sergeant in Columbia, S.C. Pentland has since been charged with third-degree assault, Washington Post reports.

In the video, Pentland pushes, threatens, and verbally assaults a black man and attempts to force him to leave the area. The man, identified as Deandre, also lives in the neighborhood.

“Go away right now,” Pentland said to Deandre in the video. “What is it that you are doing here?”

Deandre tells Pentland to “call the police,” and a woman identified as Pentland’s wife responds, “they’ve already been called.”

Jonathan Pentland www.theGrio.com
Screenshot via Twitter

As the altercation continues, Pentland escalates his anger. He asks Deandre, “What is it that you are doing here?”

Deandre responds, “Walking.”

“Then walk,” Pentland shouts, as his wife adds, “well you’ve been here like 15 minutes now.”

“Do you need help, I’m happy to help you,” Pentland interjects and shortly after, pushes Deandre. “You better walk away,” and then yells, “You walk away. You’re talking to my wife right now.”

“You either walk away or I’m going to carry your ass out of here.

The Richland County Sherriff’s department issued a statement about the altercation through social media, calling the video “disturbing.”

“Sheriff Leon Lott will be meeting with elected officials and representatives of various organizations today to discuss the incident in The Summit. He will be updating them on the investigation prior to a public release,” the memo stated.

“Sheriff Lott realizes the importance of putting out correct information quickly as there has been a lot of incorrect information distributed through Facebook and other social media. We want to ensure the community knows this incident has been a priority for our Department.”

According to The Post and Courier Columbia, protestors gathered on Wednesday outside of the Pentland home shouting, “This is our neighborhood too!”

“This young brother could have been another hashtag instead of a living, breathing warrior,” said Jerome Bowers, CEO of One Common Cause: Community Control Initiative during the demonstration, according to the outlet.

Fort Jackson Commanding General Brig. Gen. Milford H. “Beags” Beagle Jr. issued a statement on Facebook. He closed his message with the hashtag #VictoryStartsHere.

“Fort Jackson officials are aware of the video taken in the Summit and it has our full attention. This type of behavior is not consistent with our Army Values and will not be condoned,” he wrote. “We have begun our own investigation and are working with the local authorities. “Thank you to the community for bringing this to our attention and we will get to the bottom of this ASAP.

On Wednesday, Pentland was charged and detained at the Richland County jail. According to online records, he has yet to hire a lawyer but he issued a personal recognizance bond. If convicted, Pentland faces up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.

The Man From South Carolina

South Carolina Map - Guide of the World

In his late sixties, he’s admittedly stuck in his ways.  He’s been in Sactown for four days working on a construction project.  He say’s he kinda likes Sacramento. Ya’ll got a lot homeless people here, I wonder why California don’t do more to help them”

He hates wearing masks and is convinced China passed the Corona Virus on to us. He complains that on each leg of his flight on American was full and he may consider Delta as they are leaving the center seat open until May first.

He has six Colon Cancer operations. He pulls up his shirt, to show his various scars. After the last operation, his doctor told him he had another year and until his next check up and so far he has been here three years. He says he couldn’t stay home any more and jumped at the chance when this job came up in Sacramento.

President Biden is responsible for the hike in gas prices for shutting down the “Keystone pipline”. A generation X’er in ear shot, corrected him as she lives in North Dakota. In detail, she explanied the Keystone pipeline is not in operation and that oil prices normally goes up in the spring. He wasn’t reseptive to the news, his face grew tighter and tighter as she spoke. His nose nearly disappeared into his chin during her explanation and after she finished ,he said well “Biden is going to mess up this country”!

Married several times, he left his last wife, after her job transferred her to the extreme winter cold of Minnesota. “It was too cold so I left her and those dammed dogs”

With glee in his voice, it was important to tell me, “everyone is leaving Cailfornia for Florida and Texas”. “TESLA!! is leaving so is every other company”! I agreed and said yes they seem to be moving to Austin. I love Austin, it reminds me of San Francisco. ” I hate Austin and that liberal San Francisco, he angrliy puffed”.

“He is convienced, the last two gerations aren’t worth shit!” “They don’t know nothing and none of them can keep a job” He says he struggles , turning the phone on” I told him, ” I rely on the patience of the younger generation to help me navigate with the new technologies.. I believe these kids are on to something, in the last twenty years the world has been moving at a rapid clip, I like how they can quickly asorb new things. “Well ask one of them to make change” he said.

Trying to avoid poltics. The one thing we could totally agree on is the twist and turns of being older men . Peeing, eating and the aches and pains that comes with being older. After 30, minutes he was on route to Las Vegas. Gotta go now, “Sacramento is an okay town, that would be better if it wasn’t in California”.


Camping Fails That Will Make You Want To Stay Home

Camping is one of the best ways to get out of the house and reconnect with nature. You can do it by yourself for some much needed “you time,” and it’s also a great way to spend time with close friends. While camping always sounds like a good idea, it’s also a lot more effort than it seems. With all of the equipment and unpredictability of the wild, more things tend to go wrong than right. That’s what always makes camping interesting. Take a look at these people making a genuine effort to camp and failing miserably.

Protect Your Head At All Costs

It’s a fact, setting up and taking down camp — especially your tent — is one of the worst aspects of camping. It’s a lot of work when all you really want to do is go for a hike, sit by the fire, or get the party started.Protect Your Head Pinterest

Well, this guy decided to make his life easier and bring what looks like a display tent that you would see at REI. Granted, it may not be the most comfortable or protective form of shelter, but it seems to be working just fine for this guy. Plus, he doesn’t need to set it up or take it down.

A Little Too Close To Nature

Too Close To Nature Pinterest

Most people might opt to camp in an established and safe part of a natural park, but not this man. He wanted to get up close and personal with nature, even if that means coming face-to-face with one of nature’s apex predators.

Looks like he was relaxing and reading a magazine only to look up and see a fully-grown lion in his camp. At this moment, he’s probably wishing that his rifle was next to him and not on the other side of the lion. Maybe next time he’ll think twice about where he camps.

What Sign?

What Sign? Pinterest

This picture looks like it was taken at a music festival or some kind of event judging from all of the trash and the lack of care for the rules. We can assume that initially, one or two people decided to take their chances and break the rules only for hundreds to follow suit.

This probably wasn’t the worst idea because security might not have any trouble kicking out a few campers but wouldn’t have a chance rounding up an army of them. They probably just gave up and let people camp there anyway.

Modern Problems Require Modern Solution

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

For many people, camping always sounds like fun until they get there and realize they’re at the mercy of the elements. Unless you’re this person, there is no heating or air conditioning and you have to deal with whatever is thrown at you.

We’re going to assume that the last time this person went camping they were unbearably hot and vowed to never suffer like that again. So, they customized their tent and bought an air conditioning unit to keep their tent at their preferred temperature. Some people may say this is extra and others may say it’s genius.

Up, Up, And Away!

Up Up And Away! Pinterest

Even with all of your belongings inside and your sleeping area set up, you should always be sure to stake down your tent. Even if it isn’t windy outside, the wind could pick up before you know it and that could be your tent flying away in the sky.

We have pity on whoever’s tent this is because if the wind is strong enough they may never see it again or it will be stuck high in a tree. Hopefully, nothing important was in that tent…

Work With What You Have

Work With What You Have Pinterest

Something that a lot of people forget about camping is how expensive it can get. All of the equipment that you need does not come cheap and often takes years to acquire all of it. It appears this person is still saving up for their camping grill but had an old mailbox laying around.

So, they converted it into a grill and by looking at it, we can’t find a reason why it wouldn’t work. Not only will they still be able to have hot coffee and breakfast in the morning, but they also saved a nice chunk of change!

Camping In Style

Camping In Style Pinterest

Although most people usually bring a car and materials that they don’t care get dirty while camping, this person still wanted to show off his car at the campground. We’re sure this person got to the campgrounds in the blink of an eye, but we wonder how this car did off-roading because that’s not what it’s built for.

Surely this person could have afforded to rent something a little more practical, but we guess that’s just not their style. At least they won’t have any trouble finding their campsite.

Being One With Nature

Being One With Nature Pinterest

Going to the bathroom in the bush can be a dreadful business for most of us, but not this person. They must be really off the grid if there aren’t any public bathrooms around, or at least we hope they are for the sake of their neighbors.

If they are alone in the wilderness it makes sense to put your toilet outside so you can at least have a view while doing your business. We wonder if that attachment on the truck was built for this specific purpose or if it just worked out like this by chance.

A Neighborly Welcome

Neighborly Welcome Pinterest

When camping, it’s important to remember that you’re just visiting an area that all of the surrounding wildlife call home. You’re technically the intruder, so you can’t get mad at the wildlife if they cause problems. These people stepped away from their camp and the bears descended upon it.

They must not have followed the proper procedures to protect their food from bears because both of them look like they are getting into something that they can eat. Either that or one of them ate so much it decided to take a nap in the tent.

Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely Pinterest

When preparing for a camping trip, there are some essentials that you should be sure to bring, one of these is a tent. While they aren’t entirely necessary, it will make your experience that much better and much more pleasant than without one. However, when purchasing a tent, you’re going to make sure you get the right size.

If you’re going to invest in something, you might as well get the right one. Looks like this girl didn’t check the dimensions of her tent before purchasing and is now stuck with one that’s too small for her! At least she’ll be nice and cozy at night!

Keep What You Love Closest To You

Keep What You Love Closest To You Pinterest

We can imagine the prior events that led up to this scene. The guy in the tent probably wanted to keep the mountain bike in the tent “so it wouldn’t get stolen,” but most likely because he just wanted to sleep with it.

His girlfriend, already annoyed by him, probably gave him the ultimatum that “it’s me or the bike,” and this here is the result. That guy better keep an eye on his bike, not for fear of it being stolen, but for fear of his girlfriend sabotaging it after being forced to sleep outside.

Camping Etiquette Is Officially Dead

Camping Etiquette Pinterest

Unless you’re camping deep in nature or are on a backpacking trip, you’re most likely sharing a campground with numerous other campers. This means that you have to co-exist within the area with everyone else. That means waiting to get water, sharing a bathroom, being aware of how loud you are, and more.

It’s clear that the person who bolted out of this campsite had no regard for anyone else and their carelessness resulted in getting two different tents completely soaked in mud. That’s sure to ruin anyone’s good time.

Taking The Office With You

Taking The Office With You Pinterest

Usually, people go camping to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, especially work. It seems this guy doesn’t have any time to take off work, so he decided that he would bring work with him to the great outdoors. He must have a really good generator in order to keep all of that equipment running.

However, a piece of advice would be to put the electronics under the tent instead of himself because if it rains, he’s doomed. It’s also probably safe to say that whoever he went camping with wasn’t thrilled with his setup.

A Rude Awakening

Rude Awakening Pinterest

When camping, most people assume they’ll see typical wildlife like deer, squirrels, and maybe even bears. But horses? Not so much. This horse was probably just curious about the tent and decided to check it out for itself.

Hopefully, that tent wasn’t very expensive, because it will likely be obliterated by the time the horse is done exploring around. Whoever owns that tent is going to have a hard time getting that horse out of it because it looks like its having fun. Maybe they have some apples to lure it out.

Comfort Over Everything

Comfort Over Everything Pinterest

There are two types of people when it comes to camping. Those who are willing to “rough it” and sleep on the ground or go days without a shower, and those who refuse to sacrifice comfort just because they’re in the great outdoors. This is clearly someone who deeply cares about their own personal comfort, even if it means potentially breaking their tent.

That air mattress is bigger than most people’s beds but there’s still just enough room in the tent for someone to crawl in and sleep on that thing. Of course, they probably had to ask a friend if they could put their bags in their tent.

Nature Is Telling You Something

Nature Is Telling You Something Pinterest

Whoever couldn’t stay away from their technology while camping was taught a valuable lesson: technology and the outdoors cannot coexist. A lot of things can go wrong when camping and adding technology into the mix is only going to increase your chances of that.

Take this person for instance, whose phone was dry and working only to be found in a puddle on a chair not long after. When you’re camping, it’s wise to keep whatever technology you brought with you tucked away in a safe place until you absolutely need it.

They Found Atlantis

They Found Atlantis MJ Kim/Getty Images

At the end of the day, tent placement is everything. You don’t want to set up on a slope, on top of a bunch of rocks, or in a ravine that can easily become flooded. You’ll notice in the photo that all the tents that are flooded are lower to the ground whereas the spot above is totally fine.

The people whose tents aren’t underwater made the right decision. At least this guy has a good sense of humor and is making the most out of an otherwise awful situation.

Beware Of The Tide

Beware Of The Tide Pinterest

Beach camping is one of the best kinds of camping out there. You can sleep comfortably on the beach while falling asleep to the sound of the waves and wake up to the gorgeous sight of the ocean in the morning. However, one thing that’s crucial to take into consideration is the tides.

So, if you’re trying to camp as close to the water as possible, be careful or you might wake up to a wave crashing into your tent. Looks like this guy didn’t think about the tide and now his RV and truck are stuck deep in the sand as the water continues to rise. Good luck with that one.

All For Nothing

All For Nothing Pinterest

Whoever reserved this campsite thought that they were ahead of the curve and would have the best spot in the whole area. Well, it’s going to be quite the surprise when they pull up expecting a nice, dry, and clean area to set up camp.

Yet, it could have been worse and they could have already been there when the site started to flood. Their best bet now is to just turn around, go home, and roast marshmallows in the backyard.

The Cactus Won

The Cactus Won Pinterest

We’re not sure how this young man’s entire body ended up in the cactus, but what we do know is that he’s in a world of pain right about now. It’s a good thing that somebody called the paramedics because trying to get all of those spines out of you while camping would be a living nightmare.

Chances are if he ever ends up going camping again, he’s probably going to request that they camp somewhere far away from any cacti so he can avoid something like this from happening again. You have to look out when camping in the desert!

That Hurts

787dc4b18def2f1c05f7ce04c1df30ae-74628Stafford Outdoor Leisure/Pinterest

Well, good things don’t last forever. Somethings just don’t go according to plan and this is a prime example. We feel bad for whoever brought this roll of toilet paper because now they have to find something else to wipe with.

Wiping with things from the wild makes things a little more interesting. Are you using a big enough leaf? Will whatever you’re using rip as you use it? We don’t know, but it doesn’t beat a roll of tolilet paper.

Interesting “GoPro”

5d0fe061c6d6e4c044033b885cb4b550-29018Stafford Outdoor Leisure/Pinterest

Don’t have the funds to buy a proper GoPro? No problem, the owner of this bike thought of the perfect solution. All you need is some tape, a throwaway camera, and your instrument of choice that you wish to attach it to.

Okay, no way this is a good idea. This camera quality isn’t anywhere near acceptable, especially while moving at high speeds. This has to be some type of prank of some sort we hope.

Does Your Back Hurt?

face5d5196829895b96140f73349c04c-73603Stafford Outdoor Leisure/Pinterest

While this might not be the most practical way at getting some sleep while camping, it certainly is a way. However, we don’t think it will do any good for your back. We don’t even advise that you try this at home unless you want to wake up with a sore back.

This guy must be down on his luck or his tent vanished. Why would he voluntarily want to sleep in such an obscure manner?

Very Much Cramped In

cramped Abby Comery/Pinterest

Well, this isn’t the ideal way you want to go camping. If this many people are going to be on your camping trip and the group only has one tent, then maybe you should all reconsider.

Ending up like this isn’t a good look. How are they even breathing inside of this cramped space? Its probably hotter than the street in the middle of summer out in Palm Springs. No one deserves to go camping like this.

Talk About Priorities

e7c211236f0f98925ec02413bf456f1d-21045Funny Pictures/Pinterest

Well, we sure do hope these two aren’t in a romantic relationship. This guy clearly cares about the motorcycle more than any person. The least he could of did was put the bike in the trailer or near the others!

Making this young lady sleep outside is selfish and uncalled for. If they are in a relationship, we don’t think its going to last much longer. He needs to get his priorities checked before he finds someone else.

Now That’s What You Call A Fail


This is one of the more interesting fails we’ve come across. As it might seem like a good idea at first, overall is just isn’t very efficient. You can’t rely on this tactic because there aren’t always shopping carts in the wilderness.

You don’t just step into the wild and see a bunch of shopping carts ready for you to grill with. We’re sorry these people forgot their grill, not sorry they ended up on this list.


973c6876e0ca6e00676f8cf97285cbd2_large-57344Funny Pictures/Pinterest

Well, this might be the end of the trip for some folks. Spotting the shadow of one of the biggest spiders (not even sure that’s a spider) on top of your tent is horrifying.

It almost makes you not want to step outside anymore. The fear of one of these creatures creeping up on you can be too much to bare during your trip. The best thing to do is to set the whole camp grounds on fire (joke).

How Thoughtful…

i.chzbgr_largeAbby Comery/Pinterest

The idea of camping is to be out in the wild and for things to be as peaceful as they can get with nature. Fishing at the river, sleeping under the stars, and your random shouts from your neighboring tent.

The latter isn’t supposed to happen. No one wants to hear random screams while they’re supposed to be enjoying their time out. They may have put out a sign warning others there isn’t anything to worry about, but not others have to worry about their peace.

The Unhelpful Tent

derp-tent-59880Funny Pictures/Pinterest

As long as it takes and as hard as it might be, putting up the tent is one of the rewarding things about camping. It’s going to be your new home for the next few nights at least, so you have to get used to it.

However, we think it would be hard to get used to this tent. These are supposed to help keep things out, not invite them in. This person’s trip is over before it started.

Defeating The Purpose

gamer-kidsStafford Outdoor Leisure/Pinterest

When you’re out camping, the number one rule should be no phones unless for emergencies. That’s the bottom line. You won’t be able to enjoy everything as much if you’re busy paying attention to whats on your screen.

That’s why these kids sitting in a half circle are failing. Someone had to get a picture of this to show others what a camping fail looks like demonstrated by five youngsters. One day these kids will learn a thing or two.

The Air Mattress

air-mattressAngelina Anderson/Pinterest

Okay, whats going on here? We see a baby trying to escape what looks like a tent with an air mattress as a divider. Perhaps there’s more to the story. Maybe they wanted to sleep on the mattress.

Once they learned that the mattress wouldn’t fit, someone tried to take it out and then it got stuck. We don’t know the exact situation but it looks like one big fail to us. Someone get that baby out of there.

Somebody Help This Kid

tape-tree-34205Abby Comery/Pinterest

Would you call this a fail or a really good prank? We’re going to go with both because this kid had to have agreed to getting tapped up here like this.

They even gave him a cup of water to enjoy as he hovers above the Earth-walkers. Another reason why this is a fail because if something that can jump that high or fly comes by and he’s stuck like that, he might be in for a rude awakening.

Don’t Go To Sleep Too Early!

no-pants-98065Abby Comery/Pinterest

This is what happens when you go camping with either a group of strangers or a pack of friends that know you too well. Falling asleep early is never safe for anyone in any environment.

Let it be at a party or camping, something embarrassing is bound to happen to you depending on the group of friends you have. This guy happened to get his pants taken down in the middle of the day. How classic is that?

Baby Fail

camping-toddler-52485Funny Pictures/Pinterest

Have you ever seen your pet or another person’s pet run into the glass door? Well, that’s whats happening here. This baby didn’t know what hit them at this moment. We’re glad someone was able to get this all on camera.

The screen is meant to let you look out while you’re in the tent, but it doesn’t mean that it’s transparency is completely baby proof. At least it doesn’t hurt as much as a glass door.

This Is A New Way

9b2062e40a52cf70eeeb057420ebb5dd-50156camping survival/Pinterest

While not everyone has a set style on how they should camp, it goes without saying there are things you need to avoid. Trying to find wild life that can destroy you (bears, wolves, etc…), and jumping on fires are two hard nos.

This guy must have missed the memo on that one. We don’t know how much this hurt or if he even survived but we hope that he did. There’s no telling how much he got burnt.

We All Have That One Friend

drunk camperPinterest

We all have that one friend who always overdoes it. You know the type — the friend you can always count on to get way, way too drunk no matter what the occasion. This guy is that friend.

We bet he and his friends were excited to spend a weekend reconnecting with nature. They would sit by the fire, grill some burgers, and enjoy a beer or two. Unfortunately, by the looks of it, this guy enjoyed at least six of those beers.

Just Throw the Whole Thing Away


There is nothing quite like camping during a torrential rain storm to make you never want to go camping ever again. These poor campers were probably enjoying themselves at their camp ground — that is until mother nature decided to strike.

We can see it now: it started pouring and then came the wind. Before you know it, the tent was rolling and then it was airborne. When it finally crashed into this fence, it was too late. Now it’s full of mud. We recommend just throwing the whole thing away.

A Sea of Tents

too many tentsPinterest

If you’re a fan of music festivals, then you know that festival camping is just part of the territory. If you want to enjoy seeing some of your favorite artists in one place, you better be ready to camp among a sea of people.

To us, this looks like a nightmare. First of all, there is no shade. Since most music festivals are held in the summer, you know it’s hot. Second, camping is all about getting away from people. Not having 100,000 neighbors. Hard pass.

Don’t Fall Asleep First, Especially When Camping


An unspoken rule of life is to never, ever fall asleep first when you’re around your best friends. If you do, you’re going to end up covered in something unpleasant while your friends put up embarrassing photo evidence on social media.

This holds true when camping. Just because you’re in the great outdoors doesn’t mean you’re exempt from pranks if you fall asleep first. Take it from this guy whose friends did this to him.

The Sky Is The Limit


When it comes to camping, the tent is arguably the most important factor. Without a proper tent, you’re not going to be protected from the elements. You can also kiss having a good night’s sleep goodbye since you’re probably going to be up all night worrying about a bear eating you alive.

So we can only imagine how this man must have felt when he saw his tent blowing away. We just hope there wasn’t anything valuable in there!

Not a Childrens story: Elmo and the Home Inspector

Sesame Street: Elmo to Host 'Virtual Play Date' amid Coronavrius |  PEOPLE.com

Kevin Wayne VanLuven

Last month, fifty nine year old Kevin Wayne VanLuven was hired to inspect a home in the Detroit suburb of Oxford Township, just prior to the sale of the property. The owners let VanLuven and the buyer’s real estate agent into the home, then departed the residence during the March 12 inspection.

Some how Van Luven found himself in the nursery. The young homeowner had one of those webcam that detects movement that sends an alert to a cell phone.

When she opened her phone, she saw the home inspector touching himself (you know-touching, himself) then he picked up her childs Elmo doll and started pleasuring himself with Elmo, totally unware he was being filmed.

Naturally, the young homeowner was disgusted (poor Elmo) and called 911.

When the sherriff arrived, VanLuven told them he only moved the doll (poor Elmo) to inspect an electricial outlet.

When he learned that there was a Camera in the nursery, Van Luven dropped to his knees and called out for “Christ da Savior”. (not really-but that would have been funny)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is elmoinhand21.jpg

Charged with aggravated indecent exposure and malicious destruction (poor Elmo) of property under $200, VanLuven was booked into the Oakland County jail, where he is being held in lieu of $2500 bond. A judge has directed VanLuven to undergo a mental health evaluation, and has prohibited him from being alone in any residential property that he does not own. Additionally, he has been ordered to have no contact with the Oxford Township homeowners.

If convicted of the indecent exposure charge, VanLuven faces up to two years in prison. The property destruction count carries a maximum penalty of about three months in jail.

One wonders if this is his first offence? Has he violated any other Seseme Street Doll?


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