11 Ways Weed Affects Your Sex Life

Wouldn’t it have been great if there were 420 ways?



Yes, marijuana is known for its ~mind-altering~ effects, but weed doesn’t stop there. If you’re a person who’s ever toked up and then gotten down, you know weed can have a… noticeable effect on your sex life. Here are 14 ways weed can affect sex, because I couldn’t quite come up with 420.

1. Doing it high once makes you wanna do it high a lot more times. An in-depth, qualitative study from the Archives of Sexual Behavior on how alcohol and weed affect sex found that some couples say crave “more sex after the first sexual episode on marijuana.” Or in other words, they so enjoyed sex on weed that they want to keep having sex on weed.

2. It can get your ūüėé vagina ūüėé high. In this, our modern world, weed lube exists. If you’re reading this post, you have probably heard of it. But if not: Welcome. Produced by a company called Foria, the lube is totally legal (if you live in California or Colorado) and contains THC oil ‚ÄĒ the active ingredient in marijuana that gets you high. One Cosmo writer described the vagina-high feeling as “a mellow high that felt like a warm and very sexual hug.”

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North Korea nuclear threat: should California start panicking?

As rhetoric between North Korea and the US ratchets up, should major cities on the west coast be worried about a missile strike? Experts say the answer is tricky

Unidentified rockets at a military parade marking the 105th anniversary of the birth of late North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung in Pyongyang on 15 April 2017.

Unidentified rockets at a military parade marking the 105th anniversary of the birth of late North Korean leader Kim Il-sung in Pyongyang on 15 April 2017. Photograph: Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

In test blasts, military parades and propaganda videos that show San Francisco and Washington DC in ruins, North Korea has broadcast its intention to be a world nuclear power. Less clear, experts say, is how close the secretive nation is to realizing its ambitions to threaten the mainland of the United States.

As rhetoric between the two nations has ratcheted up in recent weeks, residents of major west coast cities such as San Francisco, Portland and Seattle have begun to ask out loud: should they be worried?

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The Real Housewives of New York S9 E3 “Hag Harbor”

Image result for the real housewives of new york city season 9 episode 3

When you talk shit about someone, you need to stand tall and stand behind YOUR shit. ¬†Sonja is still mad about Dorinda”s disinviting her to a tea party at her home in the Berkshires last year. ¬†Sonja has a lot to say about Dorinda, going hard on her on Twitter, calling her a liar! ¬† Sonja is not a person who confronts unless pushed into a corner. ¬†Dorinda says Sonya has a hard on for her (please don’t ask me what that means) and Dorinda says she has one for Sonja (again please!) ¬† ¬†Apparently in an Interview, Sonja said, how she doesn’t want to go to Luann’s wedding and then talks trash about Dorinda’s man ,John ¬†(No body talks about JOHN and lives!) and Dorinda has receipts. ¬†Including full color pictures of Sonja on the floor ah-being “doggy styled ” by a strippa ! ¬† ¬† ¬†Its gonna go down, and could be bloody, Dorinda is NOT da one!

Quick Random Stuff

Sonja has a fresh ear in Tinsley. Tinsley listens to the Dorinda Saga, offers good advice. The two sort through Sonja’s panties . ¬†Carole is staying with Bethenny in the Hampton’s for the weekend. ¬†Carole is stressed over the election. ¬†They go to Bethenny’s acupuncturist, while Bethenny is being stuck and cupped. Carole stresses over some fungus on her feet. ¬†Luann, her daughter Victoria and Dorinda goes for a sail on Luann’s boat and talks about Sonja. The three, later have lunch at a Vineyard.

Hello Again! 

Last night was the first time some of the women has seen each other since the reunion.  Its fall of 2016, and the Presidential Elections is a few weeks away.  There are a couple of Trump supporters  (yes in New York) and passionate Hillary supporters who predict gloom and doom should Trump wins.    With the exception of Sonja and Tinsley the new housewife, they meet for Dinner.

Fasten your seat belts tight, for the RAMONACOASTER!

It’s dinner, Carole, Bethanny, Luann and Ramona. ¬† From the moment Ramona sat down she started in on Bethanny. ¬†Still pissed that Bethanny didn’t tell her about adopting two puppies, Biggie and Smalls.

Turn One

Ramona brings up a soft core porn movie Bethenny did when she was young struggling actress in Los Angeles.  The story was in a Tabloid.  Bethenny calmly defends her role in the movie.

Hold on, Sharp Left

Ramona asks Bethenny if people were talking to her six year old daughter about the soft porn movie?   A quick scacastic ,Bethenny says, yes Diane Sawyer was just talking to her.   Ramona then asks if she was going to tell her daughter about it.  Its clear, Ramona has an agenda and Bethenny is on to her ,yet remains clam

Bumpy Section

Ramona, is sharing and talking about the pictures of she and her daughter with the ladies. ¬†Luann says, they’re beautiful. ¬† Bethenny looks at the pictures. “Don’t you think were beautiful? Ramona demands! ¬† ¬†She talked about¬†hanging out with her daughter and all of her sorority sisters and says, ‚ÄúThey think of me more as a friend than they do a mother.‚ÄĚ

Meanwhile on the Platform

Carole and Dorinda are talking about the election and what it will mean if Trump wins. ¬†Ramona is still pissed about the way Carole spoke to her at the tea party and isn’t sure she wants to go to Carole’s election party.

A scary but familiar steep drop!

Ramona goes all in, on Bethenny and brings Luann in for the ride. ¬† She says the friends should be able to be honest with each other and says Bethenny is being nasty. ¬†From the platform, Dorinda tells Bethenny to ignore Ramona but Bethenny is annoyed. Ramona and Luann (who are within inches of Bethenny) continue to talk about her as if she weren’t ¬†sitting at the table. ¬†Bethenny: ” You know, I can hear you?”

Bethenny hits the Emergency Button!

She want’s off the ride. ¬†Its been fun but its time to go! ¬†Ramona and Luann thinks ¬†Bethenny is rude and only wants to talk about herself. ¬†They say she is ‚Äúwicked‚ÄĚ and a ‚Äúwitch‚ÄĚ . The witch was done and she walks out on da bitches!

The ride is closed, it wasn’t about this, it was about that.

This isn’t over. While Bethenny doesn’t know where this is all coming from. ¬† Bethenny’s tongue is like a sharp ganzo knife. At full strength it can slice and dice the largest man in seconds. ¬†She can be relentless and mean. ¬†Last year in an EPIC episode, Bethenny ganzo’d Luann in the Berkshires forcing the woman uncharacteristically smoke on TV. ¬† Luann isn’t over it. ¬†Ramona and Bethenny were close, she supported Bethenny through some hard times. ¬†Now Bethenny has boyfriend and there are some hurt feelings. ¬†It’s all gonna take a minute.

Next week, It’s going Down in the Hamptons…



Oakland Didn’t Have a Chance Keeping the Raiders and that’s a good thing!

Image result for oakland California skyline 2017

On the East end of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge is Oakland California, the home to over 400,000 citizens ¬† ¬†It has long been in the shadow of its glitzy neighbor across the bay. ¬† In the last few years the city has changed and it is rapidly becoming the place to be in the Bay Area. ¬† Downtown Oakland ¬†once a ghost town is a midst of a Renaissance, ¬†i’ts nearly century old movie palaces, the Grand Lake,¬†The Fox and the Paramount are popular venues for concerts. ¬† Oakland had more jazz venues then any city in bay, ¬†The Sound Room, Yoshi’s and The Piedmont Piano Company are just some of the Jazz venues in city. ¬†The neighborhoods like Temescal and Rockridge are filled with original shops and art. ¬†Then there is the Gem of Lake Merritt located downtown

Lake Merritt panorama


Image result for oakland raiders

In 1960, the Oakland Raiders was founded. They played their first games at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, they shared the field with the San Francisco 49ers.

The Oakland Raiders is synonymous with this blue collar city. ¬† After early years of playing on small fields and in Stadiums on both sides of the bay, they finally had a home. ¬†In 1966 ,the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum complex opened. The team shared the Stadium with the Oakland A’s

In the late seventies, many Stadiums at taxpayers expense began adding luxury boxes to their venues.   National Football league,teams must share a portion of their ticket revenue the funds help teams in the smaller markets.  Luxury boxes are exempt from this agreement and is very profitable.

Oakland wanted to be apart of this movement, however taxpayer expense. In addition to the luxury boxes, the team wanted additional seats.

 See Ya Oakland, Los Angeles is the place to B!

In 1982, the Raider moved into the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. ¬†Opened in 1923 the stadium was much older and larger than the Oakland Coliseum. ¬†For a game to be shown in the local market requires the stadium to be sold. ¬† The Memorial Coliseum with a capacity of nearly ninety thousand meant ¬†many of the ¬†games weren’t televised in Los Angeles, the nation’s ¬†second largest market.

The Raiders wanted a new venue in Los Angeles.

 In 1995, Raiders majority owner Al Davis agreed to build a new stadium at Hollywood Park in Inglewood.  The agreement was sealed with an handshake between the Chairman of Hollywood Park and Davis.  As the agreement was being finalized, Davis shocked the Chairman and the City of Inglewood by asking for 10 million dollars.  City officials initially thought Davis was joking, after all he was able to get 10 million dollars from the small city of Irwindale back in 87 and Sacramento was prepared to give him 50 million in 1990.  Everyone was laughing in Inglewood  at the council meeting except Al Davis.

Los Angeles, has been indifferent to football. ¬†For many in LA, there are two teams. ¬† The ¬†LA Dodgers and the Lakers. ¬†Public money wasn’t forthcoming so Davis looked north.

The Oakland Coliseum and PSL Magic 

By 1995, Oakland gave Al Davis everything he wanted.  Luxury boxes, 10,000 additional seats and built the team a training facility and paid for the teams moving cost.  The cost to the citizens of the City of Oakland and Alameda County was over 220 million dollars in addition to the current loan.

The Raiders and the NFL believed the 220 million would be recouped through the sales of Personal Seat Licences (PSL)

A personal seat license, or PSL, is a paid license that entitles the holder to the right to buy season tickets for a certain seat in a stadium. This holder can sell the seat license to someone else if they no longer wish to purchase season tickets.  However, if the seat license holder chooses not to sell the seat licenses and does not renew the season tickets, the holder forfeits the license back to the team. Most seat licenses are valid for as long as the team plays in the current venue. (1)In Oakland, the cost for the PSL ranged from $250 to $4000. 

The first year was a disaster, the cost of tickets and parking was much higher than before. Many of the early games weren’t blacked out because the Raiders were unable to sell out in the enlarged stadium . The PSL strategy was a dismal failure.

Because games rarely sold out, fans who bought leftover tickets on game day wound up sitting next to other fans who had paid a premium for a right to sit there.  The Raiders sued the Oakland Coliseum Authority. The team claimed in its lawsuit that it was misled by the Coliseum authority with the false promise that the stadium would sell out.  A Jury awarded the team $34.2 million dollars.   By 2005 both sides ended the PSL program. (2)

Adding insult to injury ,the Raiders received a substantial discount on the deal they paid the county.   The top section of the expanded stadium known as Mount Davis was later covered in tarp, and not used.

Raiders majority owner Al Davis, died in 2011 and his son Mark Davis took the helm.

Oakland Coliseum Old and Dingy 

With the lease expiring in 2013, the Raiders wanted a new state of the art stadium in Oakland, funded largely with public dollars.  The cost of building football stadiums have skyrocketed.

In 1975, 79,000 seat Louisana Superdome opened at a cost of $150 million dollars (nearly 600 million dollars in 2017).    The 80,000 AT&T Stadium in Texas, home to the Dallas Cowboys cost 1.3 billion dollars.    With Football Stadiums costing a billion dollars, the NFL has encouraged teams in the same market to share a facility.   The New York Giants and the New York Jets share the Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The 1.2 billion dollar Levi Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers was built with two NFL teams in mind. ¬†The stadium has an extra set of locker rooms. ¬†Mark Davis, was never open to the idea. ¬† He didn’t like the location in Santa Clara, 30 miles west of the Coliseum. ¬†Didn’t liked the layout.

Davis shopped the team to  San Antonio, San Diego and Las Vegas.

Good Bye Oakland, Vegas is Mortgaging The Farm and Grandma’s Teeth

Las Vegas a metro area of 2.3 million, long wanted  professional sports. The area has been a form of kryptonite to professional sports due to gambling.

Last year, the National Hockey League announced Las Vegas won the expansion franchise and the Vegas Knights Golden Knights owned by Bill Foley and the Maloof Family (former owners of the Sacramento Kings) will play their first season this fall at the New T-Moblie Arena.

Too Much Greed for a Billionaire

Sheldon Adelson Billionaire and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation was the reported architect in bringing the Raiders to Las Vegas. ¬† ¬† Adelson who’s wealth is estimated at 32 billion dollars agreed to invest 650 million towards the Stadium. The Raiders would in invest 500 million and $950 million dollars in public money the largest taxpayer subsidized stadium deal in history. Adelson reportedly persuaded Goldman Sachs to finance the stadium.

With the exception of approval from NFL owners, every thing was in place for the Las Vegas Raiders.

The new stadium would be shared by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas football team and would host other events in the city.

Adelson, with holdings worldwide learned the Raiders were negotiating without him.  In the lease the Raiders would pay one dollar a year and annual rent. The could restrict scheduling for UNLV footballs games.  Other proposals and revenue streams benefiting the Raiders caused Adelson to pull out.

¬†In a Statement Adelson said ‚ÄúIn addition to being discouraged by the surprise submission, I was deeply disappointed for the disregard the Raiders showed our community partners, particularly UNLV, through the proposed agreement,‚Ä̬†
The Raiders eventually received the funding they needed to build the stadium

 Las Vegas Raiders 

¬†Football is a business, ¬†Mark Davis, made a tidy profit, a billion dollars, Oakland didn’t have a chance. The Citizens of Las Vegas are on the hook for $950 dollars. The money will come from the hotel tax, any shortfalls will come directly from taxpayers.
The Raiders will play in Oakland until the new stadium is completed in 2020.  Fans are not likely to make the five hundred and fifty mile drive on Sundays to Las Vegas.
Related image
The Vegas Market is considerably smaller(40th) and less affluent than Oakland’s (6th) The question becomes will Las Vegas Tourist help fill the stadium, will the Vegas fans support the team as Oakland did?
Mark Davis, has little to concern himself with for now.  He has a billion dollars, its not likely that he would received that amount of public money from any medium or large city.  Few cities are willing to take the risk Las Vegas has.

Worst stadium business deal in the world ?

The Business Insider (4/2/17)¬†says Las Vegas made the worst stadium business deal in the world . ¬†Clark County taxpayers will contribute $750 million to the new arena, a record for a sports facility‚ÄĒabout $354 per resident, taken from an increased tax on hotel rooms.¬†That tax currently pays for schools and transportation, in addition to tourism-related expenditures.¬†
Some cities forgo future property tax revenue for a pro¬†stadium, or issue tax-free bonds paid off by the teams themselves, or contribute complimentary infrastructure like utility work or a nearby train station. But Las Vegas will pay for the thing itself‚ÄĒand¬†with a tax on hotel rooms,¬†something it already¬†has.¬†(Bonds will be repaid over 30 years with the tax revenue.)

Half the room tax goes to support state schools and county transportation. So if the new tax on hotel rooms directed to the stadium does drive room prices down, the money comes out of schools and buses. In fiscal year 2015, a quarter of the tax paid for Nevada education, another 14 percent for the Clark County School District, and 9 percent for Clark County Transportation.


‚ÄúSo much of this action was premature and rushed through,‚ÄĚ Chris¬†Giunchigliani,¬†the lone dissenting official on the Clark County Commission, told the¬†Las Vegas Review-Journal¬†after the measure was approved in November. ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs bad public policy to take public tax dollars, especially the largest subsidy (for a stadium project) in the United States, and claim it‚Äôs going to benefit economic development.‚ÄĚ


Image result for crying oakland raider fan


A Billion Tears

Oakland is unique, no other city in recent memory has lost  the same professional team twice.

I am a life long Raiders fan, the team in my blood.  I went to my first game in the seventies. My older brother worked for General Motors and would give me game tickets and I would often go alone to games.   Like many Raider fans, I am passionate about the team, win or lose.   When they moved to Los Angeles, my heart was broken.

Today I have a greater understanding of the business of sports.  Fan loyalty ranks a distance second to the all mighty dollar.

Many cities enter into fragile financing schemes that leave the local budget vulnerable to shortfalls.  Forcing many cities, to make cuts in police, fire ,schools and other services to make up for the shortfall.  Taxpayers obligated to pay for these buildings, after the teams leave.   One City, St Louis, Missouri is fighting back, they are suing the NLF, they believe the NFL defrauded the city.


Professional Sports Costing Taxpayers Billions

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¬†All over america there are heartbroken fans after teams leave they’re city for greener pastures.The Citizens of Oakland should be proud of Mayor Libby Schaaf and other area leaders as ¬†they could have paid the ransom the Raiders wanted (for now) and mortgaged the future of the city.

At the end of the day, Oakland couldn’t compete with Las Vegas’s offer. ¬†Few Cities could. ¬†Some cities like Seattle and the Milwaukee area have closed the loophole that allow leaders to mortgage the city without public approval.

Unfortunately, Oakland isn’t done. ¬†The Golden State Warriors Basketball Team are returning to San Francisco in a few years and the Oakland A’s Baseball Team wants a new home and there are other cities like Las Vegas, ready ¬†and willing to mortgage the farm.


Congratulations San Diego

Image result for san diego skyline 2016

San Diego you dodged a bullet.  You could have redirected your cities tax dollars to an entity that wanted money from you virtually giving nothing in return.

A man/corporation who chose money over 56 years of loyalty.

You saw through the smoke and mirrors that city leaders use to convince citizens all over the United States subsidize billionaires just to hear a sport personally mention your cities name.

Pat yourselves on the back in your beauftiful sun kissed city.  San Diego avoided  the fate of many cities, who sipped out of the same bottle of Gatorade leaving citizens financially  obligated for decades to a professional organizations who  turned their backs on loyal fans for green richer pastures.

A Recent Look Back (this could have been you)

 St Louis Missouri

Image result for edward jones dome For nearly 50 years the Rams played a couple of hours north of you in Los Angeles. Profitable, the Rams left the Memorial Coliseum for a newly expanded Angels Stadium in Anaheim.

Los Angeles wouldn’t fund a new stadium for the team and relocated to the open arms of St Louis.

Opened in 1995, the Dome cost 280 million and the Rams received every thing they wanted including 100 luxury boxes.  In the last 20 years forty million dollars was spent in renovations.

St Louis, politicians agreed to a ludicrous lease the required that the Dome was required to be ranked in the top tier of all NFL stadiums through 2015.

This meant the Dome had to have the proper fan amenities and other features found in modern NFL stadiums. If the building wasn’t ranked in the top tier, the Rams were free to break the lease and either relocate without penalty or continue to lease the Dome on a year-to-year basis.

And that’s what happened……..

The Rams were allowed to relocate to Los Angeles  where they will once again play in the Memorial Coliseum until the 2019 season.  The Edward Jones Dome no longer has a tenant and the good people of City of St Louis as well of the Citizens of the Great State of  Missouri are on the hook for one hundred and forty four million dollars.

St Louis Fights Back 

On April 12th,  City of St. Louis and the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority (RSA) to sue the NFL and all of its teams.

The lawsuit, alleges that the NFL and its teams breached their own contractual commitments in how they assessed relocation plans. In doing so, the plaintiffs insist, the NFL defrauded the city and the RSA of over $100 million.
To be clear, the plaintiffs,  are not demanding the return of the Rams to St. Louis. Instead, the city and RSA request that the court award them disgorgement of NFL profits that have been generated by the relocation and impose unspecified punitive damages as well. In other words, St. Louis wants the many millions of dollars that the NFL has gained from relocating the Rams to L.A., plus other money to reflect a stiff punishment for team and league officials allegedly behaving as frauds.

It’s a Damm Shame!

There are cities all over the country victimized by the greed of professional sports.  Cities who paid ransom to billionaires only for those billionaire owners to abandon the cities years later to another city who will pay more.

Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves opened in Downtown Atlanta in 1997.  The owners of the park complained about location, parking.  Turner field is a relatively new field twenty years old.  However, many believed the central issue was the team had no control over the commercial development around the stadium. The trend for newer baseball and football stadiums is to include an Entertainment complex as the new home of the Rams/Charges will have in Inglewood.

The Braves wanted $350 million in improvements. The ballpark cost $220 million to build. ¬†The mayor said Atlanta couldn’t afford the improvements.

Earlier this month the Braves moved into its new home in Cumberland, 10 miles from downtown Atlanta.  The cost is estimated at six hundred and twenty five million. Cobb-Marietta Coliseum & Exhibit Hall Authority issued up to $397 million in bonds for the project.[The county raised $368 million through bonds, $14 million from transportation taxes, and $10 million cash from businesses in the Cumberland Community Improvement District. The taxpayers is paying for the stadium and the Braves are paying for the Entertainment district, a win for the Braves.

The good news for the taxpayers of Atlanta, the existing stadium will not become a white elephant.  Georgia State University will convert the stadium for its football program.

Most cities aren’t as lucky. ¬†From the Astrodome, to the 20,000 seat ¬†Memphis Pyramid Arena currently a Bass Pro Shop. ¬†Other cities have had to reduced school funding and cut other services to pay for Stadiums and Arenas .

San Diego, you dodged a bullet and if your inclined your team is a couple hours up the road.


Oakland’s Loss could be Hell for Las Vegas !




Real Housewives if Atlanta S9 Reunion Part One… “Waiting for the Sizzle”

Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion

Takes a while for the pot to heat up.   Part one ,of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion took nearly 30 minutes to heat up. After watching last nights Real Housewives of Atlanta its gonna take longer.

As with Beverly Hills, viewers get see the ladies as they prepare for the show.  In Atlanta, it was all breasts.  There was a lot of tape, especially with Porsha Williams who looked good in short hair, however if she sneezed,  there would have been an International incident.  The only one who seemed covered up was Sheree Whitfield in a nice but ill fitting dress.  Cynthia, was regal for an opening act in Las Vegas.   Kandi Burress Tucker with showroom new breasts was a complete snooze fest.  Kenya Moore short wig looked good and she passed.  Phaedra Parks, hair was good, but the make up or last minute freshening (face lift) made her look odd.

Speaking of Breast, the first topic is breast and camel toes,, apparently that’s a thing. Phaedra says you purchase camel toes on Amazon.  Moving quickly along.


The Lake House at Lake Bailey,  Porsha’s Palace, Moore Manor and Chateau Sheree.   It sucks to be Sheree.  In Atlanta, there are  blogs dedicated to the progress and news  on Chateau Sheree, they know every lien, every violation, everything about the former Neverland.  

 Kudos to Sheree you’ve done it. Now sell the shit, before its taken away and get yourself  a nice Condo in Midtown Atlanta befitting a single women like you.  Before the Chateau  kills you. !

Kenya says no one lives in Chateau because of every times she passes by, the light are out.  The two starts their typical arguments bout mortgages and liens.

While Sheree built the Chateau on her own, she wouldn’t give Kenya the same honors.  She and Porsha insist’s an Nigerian helped Kenya with the house.  Porsha, knows all the details about Nigerians, cars and trickery.      Kenya denies it, but even it were true, who of the two ladies are likely to keep their home?

At the end of the segment Kenya congratulated Sheree for a beautiful house When asked about well publicised liens, a stumbling Sheree said the contractors who deserved to be paid, were paid.  One wonders how many unpaid contractors watched last night.

A Spark of Drama!

Phaedra was given recognition for her charitable work.  Kandi was a bit pissed because someone in Phaedra’s office indicated Kandi’s contribution was $500 to the Flint Camp, when it was actually $5000 Phaedra said it was a misprint.

It seems Sheree’s “Who’s gonna check me Boo” tee shirt out sold Kenya’s hair products.   When asked about it,  Kenya took a long walk down memory lane with a helping hand from Andy.   A few years back she gave $20,000 to the Detroit schools and  Andy asked if Nene did, nope.  Sheree reminded us she never answered Andy’s original question.

Andy asked, if any of the women’s relationships were repairable.  Phaedra response  was possibly in the future .  Phaedra ! Phaedra!  PHAEDRA! didn’t you watch your own segment when you said despite Kandi’s support and apology when Apollo’s girlfriend appeared at the Old Lady Gang Resturant.  And you said, Its over between you and Kandi?

Kandi kept it clear, BULLSHIT!

Kandi has always maintained there are two Phaedra’ one camera ready (butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth) and off camera (Yes they are all bitches!)

Divorce Party

Phaedra thought Kenya’s Divorce Party was disrespectful.  Kenya said, there was no ill intent.  Kenya said Cynthia told her she didn’t like the idea of a divorce party and said Phaedra could have done the same.  Phaedra went back to the texts between Kenya and Apollo that goes back several seasons.  ANYONE who has followed this tired storyline of two or three seasons  back had to say to themselves, NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN!  

  Kenya kept it real. Last year, Phaedra prayed with Kenya saying she wiped the slate clean, Phaedra lied.   This is all Phaedra has as a story line.  Defending a man she no longer wants, a man who has clearly moved on with a new boo. But Kenya, brought it back home.  The riff between the two ladies isn’t about Apollo. It was about their competing work out videos.

Porsha’s Anger Management Classes-No sizzle yet,      But the pan is getting warm! 

Think back, remember when Phaedra told Kenya that Porsha wanted to talk to everyone about her anger management?    We know how much Porsha and Kenya feels about each other and it went down hill from there.  With Kenya taking it too far and antagonizing Porsha..  Porsha walked away and Kenya followed her pushing all her buttons.

Kenya denies, pushing peoples buttons.  But ya do Kenya, Ya do! 

Porsha,surprised me by defending her friend after Phaedra clearly lied to her about telling Kenya.  This  wasn’t lost on Kandi who said, Porsha is quick to excuse Phaedra wrongdoings but hold grudges against everyone else.


Which answers a question for me. At the Divorce Party, Porsha receives a Text from Phaedra, a text that was clearly meant for Porsha.  But Porsha shares the text with everyone in the room including the Damming statement about Kenya.    I think Porsha needs this friendship and she doesn’t  want to share Frack with anyone.  


.Kandi keep it real buy saying yes, I’m a strong personality and if people didn’t leave her along she wouldn’t be fighting with folks. (Don’t start none-won’t be none!)  But Porsha and Phaedra like to drag up things from the past and pop off!

Kandi says, before this all started, she and Porsha were cool.  She donated five grand when Porsha was on the Celebrity Apprentice to support her friend.  Porsha dismisses the act and ACTS like Kandi was making a random donation to a charity.  Porsha says she cant be bought and Kandi thinks she can by people.

Loyalty goes a long way with me and Porsha should be done.  Kandi has been a supportive friend, how many other shows has Porsha sang in?


 One Done Three More to go!

Would like to hear your thoughts on Porsha and Phaedra ?

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Dance Moms,Abby Lee‚Äôs Nightmare! Miller Losing Two Jobs Because Of Fraud Prison Sentencing

Image result for abby lee miller weight loss

Is the former ‚ÄėDance Moms‚Äô star‚Äôs career officially over?

Things aren’t going too well for Abby Lee Miller lately. The former star of Dance Moms recently quit the show in a rage via an Instagram post, citing issues with the producers and overall misogyny. She felt she wasn’t being portrayed in a positive light and that she did not have the control she wanted over the dances and her students.

Some have speculated that Abby Lee Miller quit the show over her impending sentencing for fraud. Abby Lee Miller has pleaded guilty to hiding nearly $800,000 of her Dance Moms earnings and may face up to two years in prison. Although most speculate that she will, instead, be given parole, Abby did reveal that she was scared for her physical safety should she have to spend time behind bars.

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