It’s down to two choices Skippy or Jif

July 28, 2016


A LOT OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE COUNTRY ARE UNHAPPY WITH ONE OF THE TWO PEOPLE we have to choose from this November. If your familiar with politics this happens EVERY four years. Two basic choices, there are other candidates running for President, but the system IS rigged. Most Americans will choose Skippy or Jif. […]

Relationships 201t: Is It Ever Okay to Dump Someone Via Text?

July 27, 2016


Photo: Google Experts weigh in on tech etiquette for saying sayonara to a relationship. From You Beauty.Com “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me—” That’s how Berger broke up with Carrie Bradshaw via a Post-It note on an infamous episode of Sex In The City back in 2003. A decade later, he likely would have […]

Heartbroken in Philadelphia

July 26, 2016


He was someone who spoke to them , directly to them not at them.  Politicians typically direct their message to the tried and true,the middle aged and older voters who regularly participate in the process Young voters aren’t solid voters. They rarely come out in large numbers . They can’t relate to preserving social security, […]

Childless households are the new normal in Spain

July 25, 2016


Spain is in the middle of a never-before-seen demographic shift, as the population gets older and more and more households include no children at all. By: Jessica Jones/The Local Spain’s demographics are changing dramatically. At the end of the 20th century, most homes comprised of a couple and their children. Now, half of homes are […]

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When One Donut Isn’t Enough

July 23, 2016


Everything is better when its fried. Twinkies, potatoes, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on ( Ok I’ll stop). Sometimes there is nothing better than a Donut.  The feeling hit you, usually early morning when they are fresh or when your me, late at night.   In […]

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“Sweetie Darlings” Ab Fab Splashes in Sacramento on Friday Bringing Style and Panache to The Tower Theater

July 22, 2016


Originally posted on SACRATOMATOVILLE POST:
Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley At the American Premiere of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie in New York,  Monday at the SVA Theater Sex in the City was bawdy they drank, they swore and there was nudity.  Not one of those ladies could hold a candle to Edina and Patsy. Drug Abuse, drunken brawls,…

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