May I touch your Breast ? (Straight Men acting Gay to meet women)

A few years ago, I read a short blurb in the Sacramento News and Review about men accosting women in Faces.

Earlier this evening I was talking to a friend of mine…  Two weeks ago she and her girlfriends went dancing at Faces, they often prefer gay dance clubs over straight clubs.    One man seem to fixated on the boobs of one of her girlfriends to the point that they were actually blocking him on the dance floor.

Is this a Sacramento phenomenon?

Apparently not, for years they have been some straight men who bravely venture into gay venues all over the world. looking for women..

So ladies, if you have ever straightened out a gay man….if very possible he wasn’t gay….

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One thought on “May I touch your Breast ? (Straight Men acting Gay to meet women)

  1. It's so true. I went to Faces a few years ago with Sam from the hotel and I distinctly remember being grabed by a man.


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