Missing in Action- A Jazz Club in Sacramento

Arco Arena and the Memorial Auditorium are good places to see sporting events.  They are also fine places to see your favorite artist when you under 35.  Thousands of People, horrible sound and pricey….     The Community Theater’s sound isn’t bad..but with over two thousand seats its not what one would call intimate.

What is missing in Sacramento is a imitate Jazz club.   There are few Jazz clubs in the country, Arco, the Auditorium and the Community theater is too large for artist like Michael Franks, Nancy Wilson and other Jazz Artist.      If you want to see these artist you have to drive to the Bay Area

With just under 400 seats, this is my favorite concert Hall…..  Its a Jazz club and restaurant, located below a large parking structure in Jack London Square area of Oakland…  Last year they opened a club in San Francisco.  Attendees travel from the Napa Valley in the North, Sacramento and San Jose.

I was hoping the new Cosmopolitan on K street ,would bring a variety of concerts, but for the time being “Forever Plaid” is the choice

When I visit Yoshi’s I stay at the Courtyard downtown Oakland..   The Cosmopolitan is within a block of the cities largest hotels.     Perhaps the owner will get tired of plaid.