Review: MARKET CLUB unglamorus and straight foward-just good food.

The egg, easy,medium,hard,scrambled, sometimes poached and boiled. Difficult to ruin and the center of most breakfasts.

When choosing a place for breakfast, my friend and I prefer non-chain restaurants, where many of the items (eggs,potatoes,pancakes) is poured from a box and where the meat is sliced so thin that it can only be eaten with your hands.

Today’s adventure was the “Market Club” a restaurant in the center of warehouse area on 5th Street off Broadway. about a mile from the Tower Theater.

This morning I thought I wanted pancakes..and eggs and bacon. and that’s exactly what I ordered. However, across the counter from me was man eating two large pork chops,eggs,hash browns and tortillas. My I am watching my intake… But I couldn’t help staring at this huge plate of food.

My friend’s ordered  fried rice with egg,which is only prepared on Sundays.

There is nothing glamorous about “Market Club” it is straight forward. The service is friendly and pleasant, the patrons from what I could tell were regulars. There were smiles all around.

My egg was an egg, the bacon was bacon, but the pancakes where intense.. Thick and flavorful, my short stack (2 pancakes) was the equivalent of four pancakes at your average chain.

My friends fried rice was moist and the Zucchini was perfect topped with a buttery egg.

Market Club was a pleasant surprise and very much worth a visit. The restaurant is closed on Mondays…

On my next visit….I’m having the chops…

Market Club 2630 5th Street, Sacramento (near Broadway)
Hours 4:30 am to 2pm (closed Mondays)
If the see these trucks, your there.


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