The 2009 MTV “Music Video Awards——— The View From Sacrotomatoville

Djimon Hounson & Kimora Lee Simmons

Beyonce- Serving Legs
Lady Gaga                            Mae West
Amber Rose
(wasn’t she on Star Trek?)
Kanye West (Butching it up) with Amber Rose
“This is NOT a weave”
Yeah, I’m hott- Next Question?
Keri Hilson
Is Kate Perry A Zena Princess Warrior Fan?
Pink is his signature color
Tyson Ritter
Speaking of Pink…….

Lookin Good Pink……..but.
U betta open a BIG can of whoop ass
someone sold Shakira the same dress.
Look who shops at Sears
its me
Taylor lautner

Russell Brand
maybe this would look better up close?
No Comment
Buzz Aldrich and His wife Lois
Good Looking Bastard
“Gossip Girl’s”
Chance Crawford

Solange Knowles
“These are our Church Clothes”
P. Diddy and Dirty Money
Not sure why I’m here-thought this was a botox party.
Faye Dunaway
I wasn’t there but I am still fucking pissed
“No I’ll Stand”
Melody Thornton
Out of Mascara!!!!
Green Day
J. Lo you are so beautiful
but baby, that dress is jacked!
Did jall just come from rehab?
Taylor Swift
you look fantastic.
were gonna kick some Kenye ass-
“See I told ya we would blend in-we both look like we are in our late twenties”
Joe and Billy Perry
Joe is that you?
Jermaine Jackson
Lookin Good
Kristin Cavallari
” I was in the bedding department at Target and thought I would make me a dress”
Lauren Conrad
Clearly from the Upper East Side
Gossip Girl’s
Leighton Mester
Julie Henderson
Mae Madonna Mae
2009-0r 1983
Fashions and Hair Inspired by The Cosby Show
Vanessa and  Angela Simmons and Jessica Brown

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