Dress Flip Flops and 100% Cotton Shorts…. Sacramento Style?

New Yorkers bathe in black sophistication. San Franciscans are always appropriately dressed for the occasion.

A few years ago someone gave me tickets to a Gala here, I don’t remember if it was for the Ballet or the Symphony. While I was thankful, I remember going into a mild panic. What to wea?r.. In San Francisco, it was very clear, rent a tux. Galas are huge in San Francisco, it is the red carpet, its not unusual for Hollywood A listers to appear at these events. Even the street people dress up around the Opera House.

Relatively new here, I scoured the Magazines… ( there isn’t a society page in the Sacramento Bee) the only people who seem to be wearing tuxedos where the musicians. Relieved, I chose a gray pinstripe suit and a white shirt and gray tie.

At the party, there were several elegant women wearing formals a few men in tuxedos and there were men wearing sports coats and shorts. Some wearing long socks. From what I could tell, there wasn’t a “style” .

Due to are hot summers, tee shirts shorts and flip flops or casual shoes is the standard. Its not unusual to see tee shirts,shorts and flops during the winter months.

You do see coordinated outfit worn by mature patrons leaving the matinees at the Music Circus and Community Theaters. Occasionally you will see very stylish groups of gay men at the evening. But many of the patrons of the arts are in tee shirts ,jeans or shorts, even at the Magnificent  Mondavi Center.

At the clubs, its a miss mash from, over dressed and under exposed at Harlow’s and Ma Jung’s, To who’s the “ho” at Avalon and Empire

So does Sacramento have a style or is it flip flops and shorts?

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