Mayor Kevin Johnson, (Soap City Part 2)

Will he throw a tantrum? Will there be new inductees to the enemies list?

Le Mayor has been in office less than a year. With the exception of raising much needed money for the arts… There isn’t any other checks in the done column.

After six months of research and 30 hours of meeting, the committee formed to find alternatives to Le Mayor’s “Strong Mayor” proposal basically thinks if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Le Mayor’s and his supporters wants the citizens to decide in June. When you consider, cost of this special election during these layoff-furlow-deficit times, one had to question his allegiance to the citizens.

For the Record….

He would like the Mayor’s office to have Veto power similar to the Governor’s office.

To have the power to appoint the City Manager with council approval and the power to fire the manager without approval from the council.

The power to appoint the City Clerk,Treasurer and the City Attorney,again with the approval with city conncil, but fire them without.

The power to appoint key department positions with council and fire them with out.

Finally, the power to submit the budget and the power to veto changes made my the council.

But the committee findings (all is well in the city) will not warm Le Mayor heart. The sides has been drawn…there are council members and staffers preparing for a fight,as they view his position as too strong.

Le Mayor is in the middle of “Mayor’s Tour” traveling to 15 cities acrostic the country getting insight. (Wouldn’t a phone call, or letter be as effective) He is visiting, San Diego’s Gaslamp district to get ideas for developing K,L and R streets.

One would think in light of the current economy(where is the budget for these trips?)  he would simply talk to  Redevelopment department,as there is and has been an official plan in place for those areas for several years.

I support Le Mayor.
Sacramento (like many cities across the country) is in a major financial crises. Homelessness is on the rise, school budgets have been slashed,retail continues to close-reducing tax revenues,effecting police and fire department. It would seem his time is better spent in Sacramento.

He plans to hold a series of town hall meetings (ah la Le President)beginning tonight.

One would hope that he would stop re-inventing the wheel and use his influence and contacts, to slow the bleeding in the city.

A few check marks in the done column, might give him the support and respect he needs.