Pick a brand any brand we have what you need.

I can tell your a non smoker said the man who gave me the key to my apartment.   There is a new non smoking policy at this complex and we are so happy to that your a non smoker.

Shortly after getting my keys to my cottage style apartment, I meet some of my new neighbors..  Two very nice ladies, one by the dark tone of her voice is a pack a day lady.    During the day, as I walk up and down the stairs I meet more neighbors….most seem to be smokers….I introduce myself and quickly excuse myself to the cool of my new apartment.

As the evenng begins… I notice a gathering in the central square of  the apartment complex, neighbors talk about the day, and gossip about other neighbors in the complex.  The majority of the crowd are smokers, eagerly lighting each others cigarettes.

It took five days to move all my belongings.  My neighbors meet in the square for coffee and cigarettes in the mornings  and for a smoke in the cool of the evenings  Complaints about management, up to date gossip about fights, loud sex, personal traffic and news of day are all part of the daily ritual. 

I am one of the youngins in the plex. unlike many of my neighbors I go to work every day.   I know in the future I will be one of the topics.  For now, they know I work and have children, the rest is name, rank and serial number.

Number 28 moved out a couple of months ago, he and his wife had enough of the gossip and were moving to a nicer and quieter apartment in Citrus Heights.

I like my apartment and my neighbors, they make me feel safe downtown, I feel very welcomed and  when the gossip begins I slowly break from the group and head upstairs.  I generally like all my neighbors and they seem to like me.

If there is a negative its the smoke.   There is a lot of it…  Having said that, my neighbors are respectful, you dont see cigarette butts or discarded matches, the plex is very clean…

Smoking is the deal breaker for me, you can’t in my home, car.  I have friends and family who smoke, I spend little time in their homes…   I simply hate the smell of cigarette smoke.

A new tenant moved into 28, there was an army of helpers and within hours he was completely moved in.   Ryan had previously lived here in # 6 and was very popular.   That evening he joined the other neighbors for their evening chat and smoke.    Huh?  no more smokers!     His  wife smoked so did her girlfriends who smoked.   They smoked on the stairwell…….The smoke made its way into my apartment (its interesting how smoke doesn’t know its place).  

Most of my windows are closed, I often walk through the square and chat (at a distance) with my neighbors some of those chats about random stuff , last unitl the AM.  Sometimes I get the feeling they want to offer me a cigarette, the choices are many mild or strong.  Slims or Camels.    I think they know as my position in the square is determined by the wind.

A new tennant moved into # 12 and yes he’s a smoker.

Looking forward to opening my windows to the sound of raindrops.