Hotel Confidental-Hysterical Blindness

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12:23 pm   A very friendly guest approached the counter.  Hey we would like to stay another night.   Sure, the agents says with a smile.  We want to move to a higher floor he says.   That wont be a problems, she replies, oh  wait a left a deposit. so we will  have to inspect that room first.  Okay the man replied.  I have to go out to my truck.

One of the housekeepers noticed a large dog in the room  as she passed by.     Hey Sherri there is a large dog in 107.   a dog ? she replied.  yes looks like one of those Rottweilers!    107 ? Sherri said to herself .. isn’t that the room that man was in.   Sherri walked to the room…. The guest was in the hallway.  sir, do u have a dog in your room?

No…he said, 

Just as he said that, a man with a large black Rottweiler returned to the room .  We’ll he’s not really a dog, he is a service animal.        Do you have papers Sherri asked in a sturned tone?  Yes, he said, there in the truck I’ll be right back,.  Sherri walked into the room, and the smoke was thick,  beer cans on the tables with cigarettes on top of them.      The man returned, holding on to the walls., I can’t see my blindness returned.  Sir you can see!  you were just fine a minute ago..   No it comes and goes….where are you he asked?    You know where I am.   Sir, we are a non smoking hotel…   No one smoked in the room.  Sir there are beer cans  all over the room, you were using them as ash trays.   I don’t remember that, and what if I wasn’t the one smoking?  I doesn’t matter we have to charge you the two hundred and fifty dollars.   What! he asked?  thats bullshit…  Oh now ,you can see she said… Yeah, we are keeping your deposit…. So you, your friend and the dog,gotta get out of here.   This is bull shit  he said as he walked down the hallwall

It was a mircle, Sherri thought to herself….his sight returned….

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