Review: Aura Ultra Lounge (Silver Legacy Casino) Reno

Before the late 1950s, Reno was the gambling capital of the United States.

Long before the economy started to fade Reno as gaming destination was on the skids.    Many familiar names, Hilton, Virginian, Comstock, Sundowner ,Fitzgerald and  more have closed.,others like the huge MGM resort changed names.

Indian Casinos are all over Northern California.  Most are within 90 minutes drive from any city  in the state and  fewer people are making the drive over the Sierras  to Reno.    With room rated starting out at $25.oo, breakfast for  $2.oo and steak dinners for $5.00.  Reno is difficult to beat.

Three hotels, with nearly 4000 rooms  Circus Circus, Silver Legacy, Eldorado hotels offer entertainment for the entire family.  The hotels are connected by skyway’s that offer protection from Reno’s cold and dry evenings .

The designers of the “Aura Ultra  Lounge  inside the Silver Legacy attempted to create an intimate lounge in a mega resort.  For the most part they succeeded.   As you enter the lounge, the dance floor is center,  to the rear of the dance floor are tall panes of frosted glass, behind the glass is seating.  To the left it the bar.   What doesnt works was a roped off section to the right, which forced traffic on the floor

The bar features premium liquors and extensive martini menu, where you can match your own aura, to an exotic martini like red passion or orange rush.

The music is urban top 40 with a live and very verbal DJ with several(excessive)shout out (birthdays, announcements etc).  The crowd is dressy casual and the venue was extremely clean.

Aura had all the necessary(music,settings, multiracial crowd)  ingredients for an enjoyable night… Aura Ultra Lounge, Reno…..      Pull over, and stop here.

(Note: Lines to enter are not uncommon-there was a line at 1pm)

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