The best and the WORST

Pinky up, I can honestly say, I don’t buy any of those tabloids, The National Enquirer, The Globe, that line the checkouts. I would never waste my cash my hard earned Robert Denerios.

But, I have spent many minutes reading them in the checkouts. from time to time I have stepped out of line to read the Enquirer.

I am particulary drawn to the best and worst bodies.

The truth is I really don’t care about the best bodies,  I want to see the train wrecks, those supreme bodies that hasn’t aged well.  Arnold ‘s manboobs made me proud, his wiggle in the middle made me giggle.

It’s tough to be a celebrity in Miami, LA and New York,  you just have to know, when you pick your nose, its gonna make the pages.   A tug on your ass and your a Star in Star magazine.  A dribble of ice cream on your shirt or blouse will be the topic on the morning radio show.

They might consider moving to a low profile location.   If you have a hankerin for fried chicken (like Liz Taylor) you should live in Bend, Oregon.   if you have truly let yourself go, Wyoming..

While Sandra Bullock has a home in LA, her principle residence is in Austin Texas, under the radar.   Other stars Harrision Ford, Jim Garner, live outside the major centers so those candid photos are rare.

I know is wrong, its classless, my mother would not be proud and once again, I have never ever bought one of these rags. Never, but I look.

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  1. Oh I am so guilty of buying those mags!!! And reading them start to finish in about 10 minutes and wondering why I wasted my money… But the train wrecks make me feel better- yes, god damn it, they do as I think celebs are just like me, good and bad days.

    Love your blog! x


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