Channeling Lucy

Weekend in a small town visiting a close bud.

A free deluxe room in a small town with a whirlpool…

A large whirlpool….   I know there are Jacuzzis in heaven.

I fill the whirlpool with water……    Arrange, remotes, Gatorade,  within fingers reach…

Excited, I dive in the whirlpool….   Water being too hot, I dive out.

Cold water to the rescue.

Wiser, this time… I check the water’s temperature with my hand,before diving in…..

The controls for the whirlpool is on the far wall of the room.    I set it for maximum 30 minutes.  lower the lighting.

Heaven, I’m in Heaven and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak

I am never leaving this room, I say to myself….

As I lower myself in, the height of the water raises,  the jets are wonderful, then suddenly I noticed the water level dropping…..

I’m now being squirted in the face with one of the jets, the other jets is spraying water accoss the room,  water is on the ceiling hitting the lamp shades and the walls

Responding to this carnage ….  I stretched my body as far as I could and with legs, arms and other various body parts I blocked  most of the  jets….

It seems,  in returning to the tub, I stepped on this push kinda  drain….

With towels and hair dryer in hand,  I dried the walls and the lamp shades and carpeting… I was able to save myself from any embarrassment.

While I filled the whirlpool, I  did not turn it on for the rest of the weekend….