Whitney Houston: Too Soon

Money makes the world go round, and Whitney or her management team should cancel whats left of her tour.   The clues were there in the beginning , her performances on the morning shows promoting her album was poor.   The nerves, the insecurities were evident.

Drugs, heroin and crack cocaine nearly destroyed Natalie Cole , before she sought help in 1983.  Part of the process of recovery is a gradual return.to a form of normality.  Her early post treatment performances did not have the confidence of the women who once had her own network special

M’s Houston return has been anything but gradual, its seems she went from rehab, to the stuido to Oprah.   Many years have past since her last tour.   The reviews from the current tour are in, her failure to hit the high notes, cutting songs short or forgetting them altogether are leaving her loyal fans with less than a warm feeling who have paid upwards of three hundred dollars per ticket.

From  Australia to her performance in London,  Sunday night was poor, with hundreds of angry fans leaving the arena. .  Her performances were  similar to those on the morning shows..  The nerves we saw on TV, people are paying hundred of dollars to see live.    Her return should have been slow, playing smaller venues allowing  her to regain her footing.

Whitney Houston’s voice is one of the wonders of this Generation.  Her life is well documented, her loyal fans wants her to succeed.  Her story is a common one, her struggle is simlar to those of people you know, the difference is she is in the public eye. Some performers never recover, others takes years.  It took many years  for  the likes of Bennett,Charles, Garland  to recover. .

The poor notices has to have an effect on her overall recovery.  At the end of the day, her the promoters and her fans will survive, the question is, will Whitney Houston?


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