Ford is taking no prisoners

2010 is Ford year .

Ford overtook Volkswagen as the best selling name plate in Europe.  In the US, sales are up, (24% in April) its market share is the highest since 1977.      Sales  are up on nearly every model  except the Mustang.     The new Chevy Camero with its newer design and more powerful more fuel efficent engines leads the segment for sales.

The Ford Fusion

is Motor Trends 2010 Car of the year.   50 automotive jounalist from the US and Canada also Awared the Fusion Hybrid the North American car of the year and Ford’s Transit Connect  

it’s Truck of the year.  This was the third time in the 17 year history of the North American awards, that one manufactuer has taken both awards. And many of their vehicles are recommended by Consumer Reports Magazine.

Addressing  the horsepower issue , the company has two new engines and tranmissions to counter the Camero including the return of the famous 5.0 liter V8       that has over 400 horsepower. and return better gas milage then the Camero.


For decades,  automobile journalist would review a global car destined  for the United States and would later complain about the adjustments made to the car.   US vergions would have a softer ride, less power and handle differently from its European counterparts.         This is changing ,as GM and Ford are making fewer changes to the designs coming from Europe.     This fall, General Motors is simply removing the .Opel Insignia’s name and poof its now a  Buick Regal, in fact the early Regal’s will be produced in Germany.  The changes are minor, two domestic engines.  The new Regal will be the first Buick  manual Buick in more than 20 years.

Ford’s Transit Connect(introduced last fall) was  introduced to the world market in 2002, and its supesionion and engine traces back to first generation Ford Focus. Built in Turkey, this tall vechicle with a four cylinder engine is changing industry views on delivery vehicles

The 2012 Ford Focus

was a hit at the Detroit and New York Auto Shows this year.  The car is due to go into production in Wayne Michigan and Saarlouis Germany the fall of this year and will go on sale in the US and Europe early next year.  Later next year the car will be introduced in Asia, Africa, and South America.

The big news for Ford is the Fiesta,

its marks a US return of a poor selling  names plate in nearly 30  years.  The Fiesta marks the return of a subcompact in Fords US line up. The 2011/12 Fiesta was introduce in Europe in 2008, where are many versions of the vechicle including  a van, and wagon,   In the Us market, there will be a 3 and 5 door.   In Europe, this is a hot car  with many awards:  The Britsh Magazine “Auto Express” called the Fiesta “the new class leader”  In 2009, Britian’s “What Car?”  Magazine named the Fiesta car of the year. It also received The Scottish Car ofthe year in 2008′ at the 11th annual Association of Scottish  Motoring Writers.

Beginning with the Fiesta, Ford’s marketing strategy has changed…   These cars are being marketed to media savvy buyers such as the so called millennials  sometimes defined as those born between 1990 and 1995.  Ford is providing special training to dealerships to prepare there staff to sell the company’s  first subcompact in more the decade.

The special training, (nine months before the vehicle is released) includes teaching dealerships employees how to effectively reach  young buyers through social -media sites such as Facebook and You tube.   While Ford is providing the videos and other Web-based training to all dealerships, it has selected a group of 573 dealers in large metropolitan areas for an on site training

While Ford expects more than half of Fiesta’s sales to come from large metro areas. Ford expects 25% of all Fiesta sales to come from just five major metro areas: Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC.

Paul Anderson, Ford’s small car marketing manager ,said Ford rarely starts dealer trainer so early.  The training set the stage for Ford’s future cars.  The next car will be the all new Focus.

It’s clear Ford will not reley on SUV’s and trucks for profits…  While  Ford has not released pricing for the Fiesta, it is very clear these vechicles  will have rear view cameras, satelitte GPS and other amenities one would expect to find in a much more expesive car.

Ford is betting there will be a blue oval in your driveway in the near future.


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