Local Drama: Is He “Tretheway” Lying or Confused?

Sorry Sacrementians, there were no Grandmothers jailed for slapping a foul-mouthed granddaughter, no shortchanged customers jumping out of their PT Cruisers attempting to tase Wendy’s employees, maybe next week.


This weeks local drama involves District 1 councilmember  Ray Treathway , representing downtown and Natomas.  His seat is up this year and for the first time he has not one but two creditable challengers.  Efran Gutierrez and Angelique Ashby.     Ashby  has collected a few major endorements  including the Sacramento Officer Associations, Firefighters Local 522 and the Sacramento Bee.

So…….  A couple of days ago Tretheway told the Bee, he was approached by Mayor Johnson, who asked for his support for the Strong Mayor initiative, the Mayor in turn would endorse Thetheway.

IN a news conference wednesday, Thetheway accused the six most powerful men in Sacramento (Michael Heller, Mark Friedman, Steve Goodwin, Steve Ayers, Jon Bagatelos, Jeff Dorso of pressuring him to support the mayors strong initiative.

Hours later he said  was confusing people.

Later still, he said it was only Steve Ayers.

Ayers, basically said Thetheway was out of his mind.

Steve Goodwin and Jeff Dorso ,denied pressuring Thetheway.  Jon Bagatelos took it a step further saying he would take a lie detector test.

With June 8th looming, is this a poor attempt to get an extra fifteen minutes or a hail mary toss?

More to come…we hope