Paget Brewster-Has a No-cal Stalker and She(The Stalker) Is Getting on My Nerves

Paget Brewster, Paget Brewster, Paget Brewster,  there is no one like her, did you know she lived in  the Bay Area and had a talk show?

No, and I don’t care.

But she has a fan….. a BIG ONE!

Paget Brewster is an actress on CBS hit show Criminal Minds.

she joined the cast last season and plays  Emily Prentiss.

FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent Emily Prentiss

Prentiss is the daughter of an ambassador. After Agent Elle Greenaway left the BAU, Prentiss showed up with papers stating she was the newest member of the BAU. At first it is implied that she pulled some strings through family ties to get her placement on the team. However, it is later revealed that FBI Section Chief Director Erin Strauss placed her there to have leverage on a team member in order to later undermine Hotchner. She refused to do so, deciding to resign rather than help Strauss undermine Hotch. She decides to stay with the BAU, but refuses to help Strauss get rid of Hotch. She is a self professed nerd and is also well spoken in some foreign languages.   Wikipedia

(Oh Wow. sounds interesting-you find sooo many interesting people  on these shows I think I’ll tune in now-NOT!!!)
Paget Brewster Bio is filled with many low budget, didn’t quite make a full season wonders.
I thought I knew her from Andy Richter Controls the Universe
…but no…
She appeared on Friends six times…
She has been a guest everywhere at once.   (Perhaps the Secret isn’t working!)
And I found a gem… she was in the 2001 movie ” Skippy” – no its wasn’t a 90 minute infomercial on the spreadabilty( not sure if that’s a word)  of the peanut butter.

On the March 30, 2006 episode of  Late Night with Conan O’ Brien, Brewster revealed that she had recently received a handwritten note indicating Hugh Hefner would like her to pose for Playboy. big woo ,  Hefner wrote me a similar note too  sister! (I think it was in line at a Hollywood AM/PM)  He assured me  that he could air brush all of my stretch marks and tighten my  manboobs.

He’s just a tease

Paget, this was all in fun….your working more than 98% of the actors…. Good luck-in Criminal Minds, break both legs.

Paget, this is news you can use…. If your ever in San Francisco, and you can sense a tall heavy breathing  girl is behind you… Carry small  bags of  Lucky Charms……. Toss a bag (this will distract her) then run fast and far.  she can run for about 45 seconds  tops…     I do this because we have Hef in common.

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