Big Girls Do Buy……

If you are a fan of American Idol or  Dancing with the Stars you didn’t see the Lane Bryant commercial featuring Ashley Graham.  Fox and Abc decided that the Ad was not appropriate for the viewing audience.

These networks, that brought you  Married with Children,  Cougar town,  Desperate Housewives and Family Guy felt the curvy lady in the red bra was too sexy to air during their highly rated shoes.

Women in Bra’s

They’re pulling our  legs…….Is there a family hour?   With the exception of children’s shows, women wearing bras is a common sight on network television.  From the soaps in the daytime, to the reruns in the afternoon, Comedies in the early evening and during prime shows and if the network has a policy, their affiliates aren’t following it.

The real and on going debates is about the absence of full-figured, plus sized individuals in the media.  The network has regularly aired scantily clad Playtex and Victoria Secrets model  during the family hour..

Their intial refusal to air the ad has made a star of  plus size model (size 16) Ashley Graham.  The 22-year-old from Lincoln Nebraska has appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” . The Lane Bryant ad went viral on You-Tube and she is appearing at malls all over the country.

Images are very important, there are few positive images for normal sized females, there are some in the media who believes that anyone over a size six is obese.  Using those standards  Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Raquel Welch and many others would be outside the current standard of beauty,.

In an interview, Ashley Graham was asked had the controversy, brought to light a certain double-standard?    Of course, it’s a complete double standard. It’s prejudice, it’s size-ist.  It’s sad that we actually have to talk about it, that it hs to be this big of a deal. But it’s also amazing that we’re talking about it. Because now we can get the awareness out that beauty isn’t a size zero.