Buick: Grandpa’s new ride

Buick, grandpa’s car .

Grandpa liked Buick’s soft cushioned ride, he liked the soft sofa like seats and the simplicity of the controls….everything is where it always was   Many people in grandpa’s age group bought Buick’s all over the world.

Buick is currently the oldest American manufacturer.  In some countries, Buick status as a luxury car is higher than  Cadillac.  There was a time Buick was the car of choice for Kings, sultans and high-ranking  political figures.  Buick’s  relationship with China goes back to the 20’s where the cars where favored by the leaders of Shanghai China.

Today, China is Buick’s  largest market. Buick sells more cars in China than in the United States. Buick has sold more than two million cars in China.

Buick has a place in my families history,  I was brought home from the hospital  in a 50’s Buick Super, my mothers dream car was a blue and white 1956 Buick Century (purchased in 61).

My brother bought a Red 1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport with a huge 455 V8 and my wife liked the 1984 Olympic Edition Buick Century.

While Buick had a place in my heart, like many my age,  I didn’t like the soft ride and the numb steering and despite Tiger Woods smile, Buick didn’t make the short list.  I wasn’t alone.

The last of the  old guard, Buick Lucerne, 2010 is the last model year.

Grandpa liked Buick’s, but if you were under 60, you looked elsewhere. In 2008 , the average age of a Buick customer was 66 with Mazda being on the other end of the scale with the youngest buyer (43).

This year with the very successful Lacrosse

the age of  Buick’s customer is dropped to 58. One third of LaCrosse customers are trading foreign cars more good news for Buick.

Joining LaCrosse next year is the Regal,

this Buick is essentially the Insignia built by GM’s Opel subsidiary in Germany.    The Opel Insignia was the 2009 European Car of the Year.  The car is currently being sold as a Regal in China.  The first few models will be built in Germany and later in Canada.  What is significant about the Regal, its will be the first Buick available with a manual transmission in nearly 30 years.

For the first time in many years , I am looking at Buicks

Except to see a plug in Buick, a compact Buick and a convertible Buick in the next few years.

With the new entries expect the age of Buick’s customer to continue to drop…

Wouldn’t you really rather have a Buick?


Word to grand pa!    Get with the program!


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