Sacramento Needs John Saca

Visionary: a person given to fanciful speculations and enthusiasms with little regard for what is actually possible. 2. A person with unusual powers of foresight. 3.airy: not practical or realizable; speculative; “airy theories about socioeconomic improvement”; “visionary

Sacramento has experinced tremendious growth in the last 10 years.  With most developments looking like the next.  If there was one developer who has left an visul  imprint on Sacramento, it is David Taylor.  From One Capital Center to the cool Blue Esquire Plaza, the Flatop US bank Tower, and the New City Hall, David Taylor and  Assocaites has left their mark on the skyline of Sacramento.

John Saca’s interest in real estate began in his late teens, his father Tony own Filco Electronics.  With each project, John Saca’s empire grew. Homes, shopping centers, but not a skyscraper.

In 2004, he announced plans for not one but two 53 story residential towers, one tower would include a hotel, the complex on Capitol Mall would include a Health  Club and shopping. When completed, Sac Towers would be not only the tallest building in Sacramento but one of the tallest Residential buildings on the west coast.

The proposed building brought international attention to Sacramento.


Not only would the towers have a dramatic effect on  Sacramento’s  Real Estate market, it would have brought notoriety to the city.  At 577 feet the building would be nearly 200 feet taller than the Wells Fargo Building.

There were many nay sayers who believed Sacramento could not support a  high rise condo.   Mr Saca, silenced the critics by selling out one of the towers.    Over night John Saca went from relative obscurity to the toast of the town, appearing on Sacramento powers list.

Projected at six hundred million dollars the towers would be the largest and most expensive private construction project in the cities history.


While many believed in his vision.   Some felt,  it was his inexperience that  lead to the collapse of the project,while he has experience in real estate, this would be his first skyscraper.      The property his company purchased at 3rd and Capitol Mall now belongs to Cal Pers and CIM group.   The city block hole is fenced in and awaiting a recovered real estate market.


Several months later, a different John Saca, introduced a new project at 10th and J , the Metropolitan this smaller condo project would be considerably smaller than the towers . However at 40 stories, The Metropolitan would be the tallest building in Sacramento.

Sacramento Spring 2010

The condition of Sacramento’s current Real Estate Market is poor, people are shopping for deals, homes are smaller in this market.     Currently there  isn’t  a  high profile residential building in Sacramento.   Currently most projects look like that last .   The highest profile residential building  ” The L Street Lofts”  these units are beginning to see some  activity,  other condos in the downtown/ midtown areas most have been converted into monthly rentals others are bank owned.

Sacramento Needs John Saca

David Taylor buildings are relatively safe,  nothing groundbreaking, or daring.   Being the first is challenging.    John Saca brought vision to Sacramento, he believed what others didn’t ,there was a market for large vertical spaces in Sacramento.   Like Lee Iaccoca, another visionary , I believe he will return stronger and Sacramento will benefit from his vision.

Sacramento is the capital of the eight largest economy in the world.  Thousands of companies and lobbyist travel to California’s capital to conduct business, many of those associations currently are located here and there employees live here, others  live in housing in and around Sacramento.

Sacramento is in need of a developer/visionary who will take the city to the next level with a bold design that defines the city.    Our own Trans america Pyramid,  McCormick Center, a building that says Sacramento.      The city needs someone who believes….

And that man is John Saca

John we are waiting …