Bridget the Midget is trouble for cop

Stoughton police say former cop...

Hitting up a strip joint while on duty to catch “Bridget the Midget” do her act was a “stupid decision” that has cost a Stoughton crimefighter his job and reputation, the repentant cop told the Herald yesterday.

That quick peek inside Alex’s gentleman’s club, along with other infractions, forced Officer Richard P. Bennett, 28, to hand in his badge.

“A part of me wants to say, ‘Where was the news when I pulled someone out of a burning car last year?’ ” said Bennett of Fall River. “You know all the good things you do, and I’m going to be remembered for one stupid decision. It just sucks.”

Bennett stepped down after five officers reported he left his patrol to ogle Bridget the Midget, a 3-feet, 9-inch tall porn star, Stoughton Police Chief Paul Shastany said. Bennett was also facing discipline for putting an unapproved laser scope on his gun and lying to investigators, Shastany said.

Bennett, who was honored by the department in June for his work in helping catch an accused killer, installed a laser sight on his department-issued handgun and then lied to investigators about it, the chief said.

“He modified his weapon without permission,” Shastany said. “And when he was interviewed, was untruthful. If an officer is untruthful, you do not have a place in this organization.”

Of the strip club visit, Shastany said: “He went there and left his beat and wanted to meet this person.”

“This person” was Bridget Powers, a 29-year-old adult film star who performed at Alex’s in June. Powers, known as Bridget the Midget, has been a guest on The Howard Stern Show and has appeared in several pornographic films, as well as some mainstream movies, including “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” and “8 mm.”

Powers could not be reached for a comment, but she is returning to Alex’s at the end of August for a three-day run with “two shows nitely (sic),” the club advertised yesterday.

Shastany said Bennett “resigned because he knew he would be terminated.”

The chief lauded officers who reported the alleged violations. The suburban department has been wracked by a widespread corruption scandal that led to the downfall of the previous chief.

“Officers in the department have been beat up and maligned by the actions of a few,” Shastany said. “Officers, no less than five, reported this. It’s an embarrassment and an affront to their efforts to rebuild this department. I applaud them, and this is an example where officers are working hard to hold themselves accountable and are not going to tolerate any wrongdoing.”