The Ground Zero Mosque Controversy: Just Sayin for Friday, August 27, 2010

Fifteen years ago, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols blew up the Alfred P Murrah  Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  The blast killed nearly 170 people, injuring 680 others, it also impacted the lives of thousands who lived and worked near the federal building as other buildings near the blast  were destroyed.

McVeigh and Nichols identified themselves as Christians.

Opponents of the proposed Mosque say the building (two blocks away from ground zero)disrespects the families  those  who died in the attack.     Rarely  mentioned and often dismissed, many American born Muslims working in the towers were victims.

What was basically a local issue has become a international story.   Opportunistic politicians from all over the country are weighing in  hoping their constituents will remember in November.    Missing from the discussion is the existence of a Mosque four blocks away from Ground Zero and it’s effects on the families.

The site of the towers is ground zero.  The impact of those two, one hundred and ten story buildings the debris from massive towers  effected nearly  all of lower Manhattan, so where are the boundaries?

Early in his Administration the President went on an Arabic Television and told the  Muslin world  America was not their enemy.

Images of angry Americans on the international news networks is likely to have some impact on relations as it has in this country. Hysteria trumps Logic.  Few will see images of Americans who support the construction of the community center, negative news sells ask anyone who watches Nancy Grace or Fox News.

Some in the world can’t understand the fuss over a house of worship and how a democracy promoting religious freedom could even be having such a debate.


CNN’s Ali Velshi(Aug 18th) engaged in moral relativism on Wednesday’s Newsroom as he editorialized on the controversial planned mosque near Ground Zero. Velshi worried about the precedent that might be set if a government “assisted” in moving its site: “Timothy McVeigh was raised Catholic. Do we then entertain petitions of moving Catholic churches away from the Oklahoma bombing site?

Just Sayin For Friday, August 27,2010