Koran Burner: Terry Jones and his 15 minutes

In America, you can burn the American Flag, books you don’t like, like the Koran.    In America, anyone can get fifteen minutes and Terry Jones of  the Dove World Outreach Center located in Gainesville Florida is enjoying his.

Imagine being Jones, who’s Church has less than a hundred members, is one every television station, his actions making world wide news.   He is receiving calls from political figure, his interviews is reaching nearly every corner of the world.

The problem with fame is it has two side, and Pastor Terry Jones is enjoying this worldwide attention, even if the attention is negative…

Pastor Jones 58,has never read the Koran or knows little about the faith, he believes and preaches against the Islam.  He wrote “Islam is the Devil” and Regularly preaches about Islam and the inherent dangers in the faith.

He say he has received more than 100 death threats…..and is now walking around with a 40 cailber pistiol.

His small Gainesville church is headed by Jones and his wife Sylvia, a co-pastor.  The Smoking Gun has published a

The DWOC’s “Academy Rulebook,” which was created in November 2007 by Sylvia Jones. The document, which details the standards to which a prospective DWOC minister must adhere, addresses topics such as behavior, study, and communication. It is also filled with the kind of creepy directions that are often associated with cults.

For instance, students are directed to cut off most contact with family members. “Family occasions like wedding, funerals or Birthdays are no exception to this rule,” the rulebook notes. “No phone calls. Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances but only after receiving permission.”

The Joneses also barred “Singles” from having “romantic relationships to the opposite sex…Except work things, there is no need to talk at all, or even flirt!” Students were barred from “eating out in restaurants” and warned that they would be weighed “once a week to follow the tendency,” an apparent reference to a weight goal established by the Joneses.

The rulebook–which is riddled with misspellings and grammatically challenged–notes that students must “wash or shower at least once a day but not more then 2 a day,” and make sure to cleanse “Mouth, sweat areas, hair, feet hands.”

I want my 15 minutes too

Today ,The Gainesville Sun Reports ,Westboro Baptist Church, the small Topeka, Kan., church that pickets funerals of American soldiers to spread its message that God is punishing the country for being tolerant of homosexuals, has vowed to hold a Quran burning if Gainesville’s Dove World Outreach Center calls its off.

Dove World is one of the few groups to join forces with Westboro members, who have protested at funerals across the country.

In April, a handful of Westboro members picketed outside of the University of Florida Hillel, the Jewish student center, and Trinity United Methodist Church, and Jones and about 30 members of his congregation joined the WBC members outside of Trinity United.

Pastor Jones should Burn The Koran

Citizens is this great country are allowed to express themselves, that expression is guaranteed, acceptance isn’t.    The Fringe  Express is on the tracks, someone will burn the Koran in the next few days, weeks, months, the potential notoriety is too tempting.   I hope Terry Jones burns the book tomorrow as planned and while is actions will infuriate many in the world.    I believe his and other (there will be others) actions will galvanize this country.

We are starting to see  Evidence of  this as his proposed actions has united many religious  organizations in the  country.  Americans who are saying, do not judge us based on his actions.  We have a history of this and in the long term  his actions may result in a greater understanding of the people of Islam.