‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ back with a vengeance

If the good Lord made a television viewing pleasure guiltier than the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” he must have kept it for himself.

This show is such a H.A.M. (hot a** mess) that I’m not even sure where to begin. The Georgia peaches came roaring back in their first episode looking good and bringing the drama straight out of the gate!

First, allow me to give kudos where kudos are due: The fake hair was oh so together for the start of season three. Sheree looked amazing and even Kim appears to have stepped up her wig game. And other than NeNe’s back fat spilling from that ill-conceived notion of an evening gown, I thought the ladies looked great.

NeNe and Kim’s “reconciliation” was a bit much for me, and I for one am so tired of this frenemies story line. I haven’t seen so much fake “love you girl” smooch-ness since high school. Kim should know better after all this time.

Instead, she needs to be focusing on her 13-year-old daughter’s love life and the fact that she even has one at her age. Their whole conversation about the boy her daughter wants to “plant one on” made me feel all types of skeevy, and at one point I think I shouted at the TV, “How are you going to even go there Kim, given how you got down with Big Poppa?!”

But the big blow out was between NeNe and Dwight, who appears to be running around town spreading the word that he has money to burn. Sheree didn’t appreciate his claim that he sunk $30K into her fashion show, and NeNe got up in his face about his claims that her husband tried to borrow $10K.

I expected Dwight to let NeNe have it, but he seemed cowed by her and her loud accusations at the party he attended with new cast member Phaedra. Speaking of Phaedra, I’m not sure what I think of her yet; I was too distracted by the “Southern belle” from Athen’s extremely shiny lip gloss to be able to form an opinion.

And are we going to pretend like Lisa was never a part of the show, or will her absence be explained? I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Sheree’s “acting” career and I’m happy that Kandi is dating again after the loss of A.J. Kandi’s also got her career on track with a new single “Leave U” and an upcoming tour with another singer who’s had some love life issues – Fantasia.

What did you think of the “Housewives of Atlanta” premiere?


I am a huge fan…Nene Nene Nene -Cityfella     She isnt fake and if she is pissed….WOW

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