The View from Sacratomatoville: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

First Impressions

I’m a late fan of the Housewives Franchise, beginning with the New York Housewives, Atlanta, the table turning Jersey Housewives, and Dc, I couldn’t connect with the the Original franchise Orange County,and I am stuggling with Beverly Hills.

First things first, are Californians superficial?

The women on both shows seem to be preoccupied with looks and status, more so than the other shows.   In the BH some of women look tragic. Some of the faces and lips have had too much work , no one will confuse any of the women with a twenty something.    A two word warning to the ladies ” Joan Rivers”

Their relationships with spouses seems detached Adrienne Maloof-Nasif, (our semi semi local girl) is married to a plastic surgeon. she seems to be a working women, the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Casino.   Perhaps she took the job to promote Maloof Enterprises, and Sacramento looked good on the premier show as she flew her BH pals to Sacramento on her private jet and took them to the Citizens hotel.

(Wonder how many will remember her opulent lifestyle  this when the Kings ask the Citizens of  Sacramento for a new arena?)

The other ladies are your typical Reality Star trainwrecks, with Camille Grammer being the worst as she discovers Kelsey has had an affair.    There doesn’t seem to be a likable character on this show anyone.   I’ll give it another week, but based on first impressions its a pass.