Tolerance on Pause: Vallejo parent say’s Anti Bullying should not be mandatory.

With teen and young adults suicides in epidemic numbers in this country, who would object to an anti bullying video?

One parent  in the Vallejo Unified School District as well as other parents in school districts across the nation feel the video should not be mandatory.  The video entitled “Respect for Differences,” addresses all kinds of bullying, including homosexual harassment. ( watch a clip of the video)

Helen Marie Gordon, told the Vallejo school board ”  should “get clear information [about] when they are going to do this, so we have the right to view it and also that we have the right to opt in or opt out.”  Gordon says parents should be allowed to decide whether its appropriate for their children.

The viewing of the video was a settlement after the district received a complaint filed by the American Civil Liberties Union by a student who was bullied because of her  sexual orientation.  The settlement requires that every student watch the video.