Bloomberg is # 2 and Channel 13 goes retro: Just sayin for Nov 3,2010

While all the other stations 3, 10,40 went  high tech with touch screen computers, channel 13’s reporters used a marker to color in states as they turned red- and she stayed remarkably within the lines.

Speaking of KOVR, the skyline used at the opening on the news looks more like Philadelphia than Sacramento, the shot last less than three seconds,  the giveaway is the freeway running between the tall buildings.  Perhaps it’s one of those retractable nighttime freeways  .

California rejects another millionaire/billionaire self financed candidate, Whitman joins, Huffington and Simon.

Move over Bloomberg, there is a new sheriff in town-    Each vote  cost Meg Whitman $184(160 million)  in her bid for the Golden States highest office.       Last year Gov New York’s Mayor Bloomberg  spent $174(102 million) per vote in his re-election bid.   Jerry Brown spent $11.00 per vote (40 million).

Christine O’Donnell aka Samantha Stevens can return to her normal life.

One toke over the line until 2012.

Construction of the Green Line to Sac International slowly creeps along-the very narrow 7th street to Richards Blvd where there is absolutely nothing but dirt.  At this pace, RT should arrive at the Airport at the same time as the flying cars.

Just Sayin

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