FEAR THE BEARD!!!! The 10 best beards in Sports

If  San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson taught us anything this Major League Baseball season, it’s this: Never underestimate the power of a great beard. His dyed jet-black facial hair helped propel the Giants to its first World Series Victory last week. But he’s not the only athlete rocking a bad-ass beard. TheBVX tracked down 10 of the best.

The Athlete: Tennessee Titans wide Receiver Randy Moss.
The Style: Homeless Chic
Why We Love It: Moss is in a contract year, so he’s trying to look as hungry as possible — both on and off the field. On has been a problem so far this season. But off? Well, just look at that thing. Someone give that guy a sandwich!

The Athlete: Los Angeles Clippers guard Baron Davis
The Style: Suge Knight-meets-Rick Ross

Why We Love It: When full, BD could hide a couple bags of peanuts, his cell phone and some light reading material in that thing, which would come in handy right about now considering he’s been riding the bench all season.after showing up to NBA training out of shape. But he seems to be favoring the shorter Suge-esque look these days, which is still a win in our minds. Hey, if you’re not gonna look good on the court, you might as well look good off it, right?

The Athlete: Dallas Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson
The Style: The Honest Abe
Why We Love It: Because when he grows it long enough, it covers his other Abe Lincoln. Yuuuuuck!

The Athlete: New England Patriots guard Logan Mankins
The Style: The Mountain Man
Why We Love It: Birds from New England don’t fly South for the winter. They fly into Logan Mankins’ beard. Seriously, what does he use to shave, a Gillette Mach17? Good grief.

The Athlete: Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth.

The Style: The Wolfman
Why We Love It: After a long night of drinking, we like to look at this photo of J-Dub. He looks exactly like we feel.

The Athlete: Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby.
The Style: The Oops, You Missed A Spot
Why We Love It: Okay, so this particular beard is actually not awesome. To be honest, it’s terrible. It looks like Crosby is 14 and hasn’t been introduced to a razor yet. But you know what? That makes us feel pretty good about ourselves. Sorry, dude, but you can’t be good at everything!

The Athlete: Oklahoma City Thunder forward James Hardens-Edge Special
Why We Love It: We’re pretty sure this is what Freeway would look like if he didn’t grow up in Philly.

The Athlete: Miami Dolphins running Back Ricky Williams
The Style: The Prop 19 Protester
Why We Love It: Thankfully, Ricky’s got the baldy going on right now. But it won’t be long before we see this patchy protest beard creep up again, will it? Personally, we’d (puff, puff) pass on growing facial if ours looked anything like this, but, hey, to each his own. Keep fightin’ the good fight, Ricky.

The Athlete: Milwaukee Bucks forward Brian Skinner
The Style: The Blond Satan
Why We Love It: If you’re gonna change teams more than you change your car’s oil (seriously, how many teams has this guy played for at this point?), you might as well adopt a trademark look so that people know who you are no matter what uniform you’re wearing. If that’s what Skinner was going for….mission accomplished!

The Athlete: MMA fighter Kimbo Slice
The Style: The Wooly Mammoth
Why We Love It: Kimbo has an ill receding hairline, but he’s got a beard that extends all the way to his chest. The man upstairs really does have a sense of humor, huh?

The Athlete: New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards
The Style: The Amish Deluxe
Why We Love(d) It: The troubled NFL star ditched his beard in late September after a DWI arrest to try and restore his reputation. But before that, Braylon’s beard gave him superpowers that allowed him to fly past defenders, catch touchdown passes and do the Dougie all over the end zone. Er, okay. No, it didn’t. But it didlook sweet. Right?

by Chris Yuscavagess the BVX

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