Restaurant Owner in need of anger Management?

Your child is car sick and vomiting in the car, you leave the highway to the first safe place to stop and comfort the child.    That’s what Joseph Goodrich told the El Dorado County Sheriff Department did last weekend.

He pulled into “Dante’s on the River” a restaurant off  HWY50 just east of Polluck Pines because of the buildup of snow it was the only place he could find.

Shortly after pulling in the parking lot, the restaurant’s owner Kevin Cairns reportedly flung snow at the pickup Goodrich was driving and told him to leave.   When Goodrich confronted Cairns, Cairns called for his dog.  As Goodrich returned to his truck, Cairns hit the pickup with a piece of wood damaging the truck, he also waved the wood at Goodrich.

Goodrich reported the act to the El Dorado Sheriff department and Cairns was arrested for vandalism and exhibiting a weapon.

In 2006 he was arrested on suspicion of assault with an electrical device and making terrorist threats after he allegedly used a stun gun to attack a Georgetown man who had pulled into the restaurant’s parking lot to rearrange camping gear in his vehicle.

Cairns was eventually found not guilty of a single misdemeanor assault charge in connection with that incident.

He previously told the Mountain Democrat that non-customer motorists create a problem for his business when they stop to urinate, vomit and even defecate in his small parking lot.

“It’s awful,” he said then. “There simply aren’t enough public restrooms along the highway and people stop here, forgetting that we are a business that serves paying customers, not a rest area.”

Also in 2006, deputies responded to the restaurant for a call of trespassing after a young woman used the facility’s restroom without paying Cairns’ posted $5 fee.

When she did leave the restaurant, Cairns reportedly followed her outside and used his vehicle to keep the girl from leaving while he awaited deputies.



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