As Nightclubs growth in San Francisco and Oakland slows, Sacramento’s Nightlife Expands

Sacramento, was the place San Franciscans stopped to grab a bite and buy  gas on route to Reno/Tahoe .

In the last couple of years quite a few people from the Bay Area have visited Sacratomatoville.  They walked along side us in short pants(imagine wearing shorts in San Francisco)  on our 2nd Saturday’s, visiting our museums, art galleries and restaurants.  Staying in our hotels and returning with friends.

Here in the capitol city,San Franciscans can easily park his or her car within a few feet of their restaurant of choice and experience a wonderful meal ,and stay at an downtown hotel for about the cost of a night out in the city.

In the last few years Sacramento’s nightlife has exploded, not only midtown and downtown, night time entertainment is finding its way into the burbs.   Fewer Sacramentians are traveling west for adult entertainment.

Sacratomatoville has more Gay Nightclubs than Oakland,Berkeley,and San Jose combined  with a new dance club opening this spring.

This year many five venues opened, next month four new venues are opening.    San Francisco nightclub owner George Karpary(Ruby Skye) is opening two venues on K Street.  The Dive  Bar will feature a 7500 gallon aquarium filled with live mermaids and mermen.   Two doors down is District 30 dance club.  Four blocks away Splash will open.   A short walk to Lavender Heights you’ll find Sidetrax.

Of course San Franciscans will poo poo our venues, not measuring up to venues in the city.  To wish we say, I’m sorry- see you next week.

Opening January Dive Bar on K Street

District 30 on K Street

Pizza Rock


SideTrax will open this spring above Hot Rods