As the Donut Turns

My friend and I went to Colonial Donuts, a popular  late night donut shop near Lake Merritt in Oakland this was on a friday night.   The place was filled with people chatting, some brotha’s sitting in the windows were having this loud animated chess game going on..  A  homeless or street person came in and asked if anyone would buy him a croissant (ok-this is California) people ignored him.   There was a lot of  noise and loud chatter my friend and I had to lean into each other to talk.  The bars had just closed and the people coming in and out of the donut shop, increased 10 fold .  Suddenly the homeless man screamed “Somebody fuck me” AND for a few seconds……liquid froze in mid air, the chatter stopped…no one moved,  you could cut the thick silence. Finally one of the brothas playing chess…yelled ” man, you cant be saying that in here”  No one had any other responses…and yes, someone bought him a croissant.