First Look: ” Harry’s Law” (Note: To David E. Kelly whatever did Kathy Bates do to you?)

I’m a fan of David E Kelly, from his stint as  a writer on LA Law to The Practice ,Boston Legal and many shows in between “Picket Fences, Ally McBeal.

David E Kelly, could be called the king of the quirky.    He is extremely talented as he  specializes in humanizing the off centered  and placing them squarely into present day.   His shows are controversial, thought provoking and some just bizarre but always entertaining.

Enter Kathy Bates, she is that funny yet straight shooting aunt,sister, friend that america has come to love .    The Combination of David E. Kelly and  Kathy Bates seems unbeatable.


The premier episode began with a burned out   Harriett Korn ( Bates) one of the top patent attorneys  in the nation, leaning back in her chair, (looks like she is smoking a joint) watching cartoons with a full case of the munchies.   She is burning the holes into the Styrofoam cup.      Her boss comes in and she is fired.

A Cincinnati Lawyer

A wayward Harriet, is walking when a man falls on to her, cut to hospital-then cut to street where a man driving a Mercedes hits her.   These people are connected..   hmmmm?

With no rhyme or reason  she ends up on the wrong side of town….and opens a store front law firm shoe store ( yes there is an explanation) the show is filled with characters and  TV stereotypes  we have seen far  too often from Mr Kelly.

The show is shot on the same Fox lot as his other shows.

I lost count of the holes in the script, no one in the supporting cast is interesting, and then we have the star who despite the script is lovable.

The question is for how long.

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