Hotel Confidential: The X Files

A few days ago The Marriott Corporation announced  that it will Ban Porn is all of its new properties that will be opening in the next few years.   The Texas based Omni hotels stopped offering porn in 1999.


Most of the Major hotels offer adult movies it is a major source of revenue for the industry.   Hotel charge as much as $14 to view an adult movie in your room.  Many of the larger hotels offer as many as 20 adult channels 24  hours a day.    Simply change the channel and after 2 minutes your credit card is charged.(Note: if  your traveling with children asked the front desk person to turn off all pay channels before going  to your room)


Opps we didn’t know!

Its late night, your walking down a long corridor to your room and pass by a room who’s door is partially open, in the room two people are clearly having sex..  Error? maybe…..

ex·hi·bi·tion·ism noun \-ˈbi-shə-ˌni-zəm\

1.a : a perversion in which sexual gratification is obtained from the indecent exposure of one’s genitals (as to a stranger)b : an act of such exposure
It begins with a knock on the door “housekeeping” Followed by another knock on the door ” housekeeping” then a pause, and then she opens the door with supplies in hand.   As she enters a room-she discovers a  fully nude male lying on the bed with an erect penis.
She quickly exits the room and tells her supervisor.  Who returns with her to an vacant  room.
Exhibitionist come in all shapes and sizes, they are laborers, professionals they range in age from 25 to 75.    They never speak or touch the workers.
One such guest scheduled to stay in an  area hotel for two months exposed himself to housekeepers every day.   The housekeeping supervisor tried calling the room to see if it was vacant and when that didn’t work  she called management.  The guest  (in his early thirties ) told management that he was hard of hearing and he would make it a point to cover himself.
By day four, the housekeeping staff refused to clean his room .  One of the housekeepers suggested taking a front colleage with her.
Day Five:  Knock Knock Housekeeping! Knock Knock Housekeeping! She opens the door and her six foot four 360 pound black male colleague discovers the man amusing his penis on the bed.   Started, the man quickly wraps a sheet around himself and later checks out of the hotel.
Female guest aren’t as aggressive as male guest.  They may come to the lobby late night, wearing sheer clothing or come down to the front desk wearing only loosely tied robe making small talk.
2: the act or practice of behaving so as to attract attention to oneself

11:40am (check out time is at noon) a couples love making, draws the attention of passerby’s on the first floor, screaming -moaning, sounds of items hitting the wall- most people passing the room smiled or chucked, however their neighbors were outraged, demanding something to be done!

After several phone calls to the room the Assistant Manager went to the room knocked on the door a few times with no success. He returned  with a heavy flashlight-knocking on the door “this is the front desk manager” again with no response.

He returned to the front desk, after a discussion with the hotels General Manager they agree to wait…



12.30pm  The General Manager calls the room-no answer…   He  then walked to the love nest (room 128) the door was open, the room as vacant.    He said the room was perfect, the beds were made and the used towel folded in the bathroom and on the table was a ten dollar tip for the housekeeper.

I won’t tell……

It’s not uncommon for front desk employees to get an invitation for dinner or a drink in the guest room.     The  weary traveler just wants to have someone to talk to….    I’ll leave the door open…..

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