Simon Who?

Last year the sky was falling?  Who would be the next Simon Cowell?  Would the show go on?

It does and its better than ever…….

Channel surfing, I paused and stayed.

For the first time since Fantasia (four or five years ago)  I’m watching and entertained.            The new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler has changed the tone of the show.        The tone of the old show was Cowell’s,  Paula challenged Cowell from time to time but it seemed like Cowell’s show.

His absence has freed the show.   J-Lo and Steven Tyler aren’t replacements, they are a breath of fresh air.  Randy Jackson has a new energy(now if  he could only give up on the tired “Yo Dog” ) the show would be perfect.

Steven Tyler is great, one moment he is the creepy funny lecherous old rocker and the next he’s is no excuses direct veteran performer.  J-Lo, is kind, and firm.

Okay,, I could do without the sad tales, the sick parent, the sick child, the kid who hasn’t eaten since thanksgiving living underneath a stone bridge, existing on crackers and his own urine to fulfill his dream of auditioning and going to Hollywood.

I still enjoy the train wrecks, the diva who is convinced  she sounds like Whitney or Christina..

This year, the talent is very good.     Take a look, you may be surprised.