Screams and Whispers: The Pastor Eddie Long Scandle

Last Fall Pastor Eddie Long and his supporters vowed to fight against allegations of sexual  misconduct.

Those Screams may become whispers as both sides have agreed to mediation.

Pastor Eddie Long and his accusers Maurice Robinson, Jamal Parris, Anthony Flagg and Spencer LeGrande  have agreed to mediation.   Should the mediation fail the matter could go to trail later this year.

A mediator is a neutral third party who guides the two sides to a mutual resolution while remaining out of the public eye. If the parties agree, the resolution remains confidential.  Mediation is not an unusual step in civil cases. It is used in divorce cases and to help settle disputes between neighbors, businesses and customers or between employers and employees.

For both parties it can mean avoidance of costly litigation and both parties must accept the final resolution. It the cases goes to trial, the outcome becomes less certain.

The absence of a trial maybe disappointing for Pastor Long’s followers and could possibly lead to more questions.

Stay Tuned


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  1. shame, shame, step down and stop pimping for mon3y. tragedy that your pride outways
    Gods’s plan. stop showcashing and show boating. your wife and kids deserve better and best. God would never– neva require denial of yoh discretions but a submission for forgiveness. u will forgiven…..take


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