So tell us how you missed a woman hanging on to the front of a minivan traveling 100 an hour again?

The Carroll’s of Manteca, had a very nasty fight last Friday night.  Christopher Michael jumped into the family’s minivan to leave (the word in is very important here)he had enough of the fighting.   Mrs Carroll said no, I don’t think so, we have NOT finish talking and you are NOT leavning!   To make her point , Mrs Carroll jumped on to the hood of the minivan.Mr Carroll said fine (we weren’t there, so this is just for dramatic effect) everybodies going for a ride.

Undanted by his wifes act, he drove through the streets on Manteca (not sure if he or his wife waved at the locals as they drove by) then on to Hwy 120, merged on to Hwy 205, drove through the  Tracy , merging again with Interstate 580 over the Altamont pass (gawd lets hope she had her pajamas on)  going through Livermore and finally coming to a stop in  Pleasanton, Ca  35 miles away.

Mr Carroll often drove the minivan over 100 miles per hour with his lovely wife on the hood,gripping the windshield wipers.Eventually, Carroll slowed down the vehicle and his wife was able to climb off the top of the van. A driver following Carroll took her to a local hospital where she was treated for hypothermia. After the joyride, CarrollNew Hero: California Woman Survives a 35-Mile Ride on the Hood of a Minivan returned home, where police arrested him for attempted murder, kidnapping, and domestic assault.

Soooooo, Manteca PD or CHP splane how you missed a woman on a minivan?

Imagine cruising in your Plymouth and casualy glancing in your rear view mirror and seeing a woman on the hood on a minivan.   I’m  sure the sight of a woman passing you prompted quite a few calls.

Manteca police said Wednesday it was possible police were just in the wrong place at the wrong time as they attempted to locate a minivan with a woman on the hood as it traveled from Manteca to Pleasanton.

Although witnesses called police, reporting the bizarre situation, Manteca police spokesman Rex Osborn said it was possible by the time officers were in position to see the minivan, they may have already been out of position.

“At 100 miles per hour, if the last phone call was at “x”, they could be past Pleasanton by now. Our guy (the driver) was off the road; they (officers) may have been looking beyond that point. I’m confident they were looking, but no one was at the right place at the right time,” said Osborn.

California Highway Patrol said it had units involved in the search. However, a spokesman said his agency wouldn’t comment on the incident. He said Manteca police would be responsible since it was a Manteca case.

The woman said she did her best to be seen by other cars on the freeway that night.“I’m trying to, if they’re on the right side of the vehicle, where my head was, I was trying to move my hair so they’ll see my hair floating in the wind. If they’re on the left side of the vehicle, I was kicking my left foot, so they’d see me moving, because he did not have his lights on, so they couldn’t see me on there,” she said.The woman said she did her best to be seen by other cars on the freeway that night.

The woman didn’t want her name used in this story.