celebrity apprentice: INSPIRED KRAZY GOOD



I’ve been a long fan of “The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice.  There is nothing on television as dramatic as the board room.   Its all about the board room and fighting for your life with Donald as the ringmaster.

After last season, I thought it was time for da Don and his good looking children to move on to infomercials,the people and the tasks had grown tired.

Then,NBC sent clips out to the media… let’s call them the krazy clips…   After I saw the clips with Gary Busey and NeNe Leaks from the “Real Housewives of Atlanta it was on.

On a resent “Wendy Williams Show”   Nene said, “she wouldn’t spit on Star Jones if she was on fire! So are we clear, there is no love for Star from NeNe.


Singers, Meatloaf, David Cassidy, LaToya Jackson, Dionne Warwick, Jon Rich and Rapper Lil Jon.     Actors, Gary Busey, Marlee Matlin, and Lisa Rinna.   Reality TV Stars, Richard Hatch and Nene Leaks.   TV Personalties, Star Jones and Mark McGrath.  Former playmate,Hope Dworaczyk (say that twice fast) Former baseball player Jose Conseco and model Niki  Taylor.


Witness the rebirth of Piers Morgan, Joan River and BRET MICHAELS.


The format was the same, men vs woman.   The men chose the team name “Backbone” and the women ASAP.    Project Mangers were Richard Hatch and Star Jones, this made sense as these two people are strong and if I were on either team, I’d like to see these two eliminated first.

Strong they were, they both took charge.    Hatch seemed to have a clear direction and no one questioned Star.

The task was simple, sell as many pizzas as possible and the team that  raises the most cash, lives on for another day.

Hatch was clear and focused.  David Cassidy has some mutterings and even at one point answered his cell phone and was physically pushed away by an annoyed Hatch.  Cassidy being pushed and ignored was witnessed by Canseco.

Note: Canseco and Cassidy get the Joan River’s  just say no to plastic surgery award (10 year old’s don’t have skin that tight)

Both teams had to completely prep the restaurants,  Make the pizza dough, cut and slice the veggies.


Project Manager Jones, designed the menus and promotion as the others are measuring the flour , cutting and pepping the pizza dough, which isn’t lost on Lisa Rinna, who basically says Star doesn’t get her hands dirty.   This is overheard by Miss Jones who checks Lisa.   hmmm

Star assigns the great,great,great,great (did I say great) grand mama Dionne Warwick to a cashier.  Dionne couldn’t figured out the new fangled machine and resorted to old school add six and take away 3. which slowed the line. Star uttered two fatal words ” calm down” and great grandma Warwick wasn’t feeling her and gave her a look – as to say(u betta move your ass b4 this grandma gives you a 60’s style beat down) and Star sashayed outta there.       People  finished their pizzas before they could pay for them,(gawd help you if you had one of those little plastic cards) minus 15 ,plus 4…….

She put the mouth that frightened( NeNe Leaks)  Atlanta and LaToya Jackson  on the street as hawkers.  Marlee Matlin and Lisa Renna  were put on delivery detail.    Niki Taylor was whipping out the pizzas.   Celebrity chef, Curtis Stone was ask to judge which team had the best pizza and deemed it was the ladies, who would win an additional bonus if  they could deliver pizzas to a firehouse before time expired.     Friends of  Star called with an forty thousand dollar pizza order. Star closed the restaurant two hours early to make the pizzas…..  The ladies were able to deliver the 40 grand pizza but were unable to deliver the bonus pizzas in time.

Meanwhile across town

Team Backbone’s project leader assigns………. Gary Busey, rapper Lil Jon and country star John Rich to design a marketing strategy.  (hello?)   Too Funny!       Meatloaf was charming um at the cash register (meanwhile Dionne is running out of scratch paper).   Gary is given a bag of pepperoni and is asked not to through the meat at people.  He is given an ill fitted suit and becomes the prophet of pepperoni wandering in and out of midtown traffic tossing meat at will.  The men had their hustle on…    Had to feel a little sorry for Canseco, his honesty (steroids) blew a huge hole in baseball and despite having two NYC teams he had no one to call to buy pizzas.   Cassidy with his celebrity status should have had friends but seemed focused on talking  to his actress daughter who brought in a grand.


Wasn’t close, the women smacked the men by nearly a hundred grand.


The women Lisa and Star make little jabs at each other but it doesn’t matter (for now).

Hatch, brash, rude (gimme a vowel)is being Richard.   David, already pissed, attitude on lock, starts winning, Richard was this to me, he pushed me.    Canseco joins him, becomes the prophet of truth and decency.  Richard punched him!  and there was a lot of anger direct at Hatch.  the temperature changed in the room (there had to be some editing)

Timing is everything, but Richard Hatch has never been on time, (spent time in jail for the Survivor money) he could have soften his tone as he seemed to have the respect of the team, but again this is Richard, who went after the little guy (Cassidy) calling him a little man, sensitive etc.  with those words he lost his team with Busey now saying fire him.

One of thing I like about la Don, is he likes fighters,scrappers.  In the final board room, he noticed Canseco fighting for Cassidy and Hatch fighting for Hatch( clearly at the end of the day no one like Hatch) but Cassidy didn’t seem to fight, he whined and la Don showed him door.


As you wake up and turn on this  morning drive time  Celebrity Apprentice is what they will be talking about .