Women-Ladies-Girls-Stop Being Stupid!

I’m addicted to the judge shows, not sure why, I like the micro-dramas and usually in the end the bad guy gets it…     I am also amazed by the silly cases.    People who want their entire cost of their wedding refunded because of crack in the wedding cakes icing or because the d-jay didn’t play the songs in correct order.

Of the judge shows My favorites, are Judge Judy and The Peoples Court with Marilyn Milian.

Recently both judges have made  comment’s about women giving money to men… or opening cell phone accounts for boyfriends who had credit issues.

Judge Milian said, in the 10 years she has been on People’s Court, she have never had a male sue a female over an unpaid cell phone it has always been the woman stuck with the bill.

Judge Judy seems to agree, it women who turn over their  hard earned dollars to men who aren’t worthy.

But this is TV…….

A very smart educated 24  year old woman received a $3700 AT&T bill a couple of days ago.    Last summer she added her boyfriend to her account, an Iphone and Ipad.

In September, he asked to her if he could get an I-phone for his younger sister (for her birthday) she agreed.

The total phone bill averaged $410 a month and he always paid on time.   In December, he and his family traveled to Cancun and in January the bill was just under a thousand dollars, her boyfriend gave her six hundred dollars and said he would pay the balance a week later.

After two weeks, wanting to protect her credit, she paid the balance, the boyfriend said he would pay her in later in the month.

Late January, her boyfriend’s uncle died and he needed to help family in Ohio.  It was clear to her that he was having a difficult time because every time she called, she could hear the stress in his voice.     He was in Ohio for a little over a week.

Looking over the $3700  AT&T bill, she discovered most of the calls originated from Barbados, there were several calls from his sister’s to his phone,also originating from Barbados.  When she questioned him, he said there had to be a mistake.    AT&T confirmed all calls (with Roaming charges) were correct.

Out of desperation she called her boyfriend’s sister, the person who picked up on the other end was not his sister, the person identified herself as his girlfriend and she confirmed they were on vacation.

I am the father of two adult females…. I know the young lady above and her family.

We all have hope, and we do have to trust people, but the before you part with your hard earned dollars or credit, stop and think.

There is a reason this person has poor credit, there is a reason why no one in his or her family refuses to loan them money or help them.       It takes and awful lot for a family to abandon you and a history of not repaying or being overall flaky will do it.  Pause.. ………  If they didn’t repay their own (don’t get caught up in the details) family….how likely are they to repay you?

Don’t loan unless you can afford the loss.   Do not co-sign anything or rent a room or car for anyone,unless your financially sound enough to absorb all costs…

.   If your concerned that the friendship/relationship ending  then you never truly had a friendship or relationship….. Be wise,be smart Turn down the heart valve and use your head.