Michael Lyon Pleads GUILTY: Prominent Millionaire-Denials and Whispers comes to an end

After months of Denials and Whispers, Millionaire philanthropist Michael Lyon, well known in Sacramento social circles pleaded guilty yesterday to four counts of electronic eavesdropping charging that he secretly taped interactions with prostitutes.

In November, Lyon’s attorny William Portanova insisted his client never secretly taped anyone.

The initial criminal investigation was triggered by a stash of material Kimarie “Kim” Lyon reportedly had taken from her husband in 2006 – including electronic surveillance equipment in the attic that was monitoring the guest bedroom and bath. its is believed the equipment is worth between 500 -600 thousand dollars.

However, even though he was told in August he was being investigated Lyon continued filming, one of the four charges was the September tapes.

Law enforcement believed, Lyon has been secretly taping friends, workers and guest for the last two decades.

Lyon cut a deal with prosecutors, two years prison sentence that was suspended and replaced with a one year sentence.  Experts predicted he will get house arrest with a monitor.  Followed by five years probation.

Is it over for Michael Lyon?   The scandal hurt his real estate business, with many key employee leaving the company.       His nasty divorce with his wife Kim was finalized last year.  However , he is now in the middle of a child custody battle over his teenage son.

He was being n civil court by a former employee and a family friend who, according to a federal investigation, were recorded on video as teenagers in bathrooms at his homes 14 years apart.

The Guilty plea could just the tip of Michael Lyon’s Iceberg.