Two dads try to rob store while kids wait in car

Sacramento police arrested two armed robbery suspects in the process of attempting to rob a convenience store today.  The police responding to a 911 call heard the robbery in progress 12.33pm  at the 4000 block of  12th Ave .  After the arrest  The Police found two young boys in rear seat of the getaway car.


This is Carlos Castenada 27, he is the father of the 2 year old


This is Jamone Paiva 25, the father of the 6 year boy.

Both men,were arrested on suspicion of  robbery,child endangerment.  Mr Pavia for felony assault.  It seems Mr Pavia tried to shoot the store clerk but the gun was empty so he hit the store clerk with the gun.

Sargent Norm Leong said the pair is also being investigated for earlier incident where shots where flying into the air near South Land Park Drive and Interstate 5.  Ammunition used in the shooting and ammunition found at the robbery site is similar.


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