Holy Moley Alexandra Wallace is from the Sacramento Area,Just Saying for Sunday March 20,2011

Wow, how did  I missed that one…..

After watching her viral video, I assumed Alexandra Wallace was from some afluent Orange County Community where there were few people of color.     I was half right.  She’s from an affluent community,who would have “thunk” it was  Sacramento suburb of Fair Oaks.

Alexandra graduated from Bella Vista High School in 2008.

According to the Bee, her father John Wallace is a local retail developer.

Alexandra has received hundred of death threats at UCLA.  She has apologized.

I am sure she has received hundred of media requests.   If she and her parents are smart, they wont accept any of them. as anything she say now, any apology will simply insight.

She as has said enough to last a lifetime.   If I were her father, I would pull her out of school, she is not safe and will forever be the girl….  I would suggest she take a year off, let her hair return to its natural color and possibly, start over in a school outside the state of California.

Is she a racist? I don’t know

Did she make a racist statement?  Absolutely!

We live in a world where your last movement is recorded.   A world where people choose to tape an event of someone in harms way instead of helping.

Here on Sacratomatoville, I post videos of restaurant fights. There are several angles of the fight but no one is stepping in to end the fight.

Students may pause and think before uploading a video or posting to twitter as a result of Alexandra postings….   Or may not..    We may continue to  have a cases of women taping the fight of her two daughters and posting it on net.

For now lets hope Alexandra has learned.





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